Scary Power of GLP Ban

Update: Today, this posting seems hypocritical – I ended up signing up for an account at GLP, paying the 10$ monthly fee. Mostly, the place is infested with shills, but there are some easter eggs to find for certain. So take the following with a grain of salt.   As I mentioned before, GLP banned […]

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The Council

In these matters they were well-informed. The council, after all – they were always well informed. They knew of the sins raping the people whose blood none shared. More importantly of the universe itself, they knew it was not a sham, but an illusion. Yes, the council knew of any and all things. The little […]

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The “PCCTs”

Warning: please use some kind of no script blocker while browsing this site as there is strong evidence of malware on it. Alternatively, you may want to run it in a virtualized browser so that it cannot infect your computer. You have been warned. a strange site has cropped up on the internet lately, and […]

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Don’t Forget– Wall Street is Counting on You– the “Average American Consumer” — to Spend Yo Dollas! This Holiday Season Here in America! (The world’s Eden, Inc.) ((this is what Christmas is about, remember? Spend dammit)) But really, what if you told all of your family and friends that you wouldn’t be accepting or giving […]

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Welcome to the cYbEr wAr

I was banned from the forum known as godlikeproductions today after posting my thoughts on this undeniably strange website that has some very interesting ideas at its core. I’ve been studying the thought behind the various ideas contained within this website for awhile….they are related to the codes beneath all things. At the time the […]

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Knot Me

This is civilization. Civilization…Civilization. This is civilization. A civil…ized? Nation. Where are you all going? So quickly In your cars to jobs, corporate or part time, the fast or slow pace of sick and stuck and sad. But I don’t mean to be the Debbie Downer. It’s a fine town. By which I mean it’s […]

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ExIt thE mAtrIx

the following is not my own words. This post was made anonymously by a user of GLP forums here. To OP: sorry but this really struck a chord and the anon UN ‘winner winner chicken dinner’ didn’t really give me much to go off I’ve never been a “religious” person, but I definitely believe in […]

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