The Rabbit Holes

Perhaps you are an unfortunate internet user who has unwittingly tripped into the void, tapped a Rabbit Hole of the deep internet. Perhaps you are looking for some laughs. Perhaps you were hoping to get off. Perhaps you are looking for a secret.

the secret protects itself

Some say that if you have no guidance on your quest for knowledge, you may be led unwittingly into the fire. Here is one thing I have learned:

all of the stories are true


True ? you ask

I know you because I am you. I have sat where you are sitting with your arms crossed, scoffing at possibilities far beyond the horizon of my reality. Or I have been you, eyes pulled closer to the screen, some strange utterance on the tip of my tongue, if only I can unmask that last consonant. The process of knowing is not separate from the process of becoming.

If you are like me, you are a blooded seeker. We will learn. And Learn. And Learn.

But what will we do with what we learn?

Can we handle knowing truth if we must bear it by ourselves?