Katy Perry Dark Horse – Clear Message?

This music video was released on 2/22/14, and it’s interesting to say the least. Some clear symbolism being used here. First and foremost, the color scheme used for the actors in the music video – red and blue. Red pill or blue pill (the matrix)? And one of the clues for that sons of the fallen website – 266, red and blue for union. Red and blue is used in bible code, too. So this bears mentioning.

You’ve got the obvious Egyptian theme going on, the cat/rabbit masks on the dancers. You’ve got a golden snake. Quetzalcoatl. Diamond. Pyramid, capstone coming off.

“So you wanna play with magic/Boy you should know what you’re fallen for/Are you ready to do this/Because I’m commin atcha like a Dark Horse

/Are you ready for, ready for/A perfect storm, perfect storm/And what’s in mind, what’s in mind/…”