The Nobody Meme: some facts/sources


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There is little information online regarding the meme made infamous on sites like Lunatic Outpost and Godlike Productions.

Although users of these sites are well aware of the meme, outside of the sites “The Nobody” meme has very little internet presence. I have no answers, but what I do know I will put available on my blog so that other researchers have no need to retrace worn steps in their search.

According to many, the origin of The Nobody legend begins in this post from GLP: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn’t refuse. The post itself is quite a doozy – spanning 2615 pages and lasting between July 1st 2010 until June 11th 2014. I was personally present at the time the thread was locked (a forum term meaning that moderators have closed the thread to further replies) and can attest to the presence of a page 2616, deleted by forum moderators at the time the thread was locked. Some argue this happened because “certain names” were posted. I know that I myself had posted about the ownership of Godlikeproductions on page 2615 and the research being utilized by the site. My post was indeed deleted at the time the thread was locked. The real reason for the thread being locked will likely never be known, despite numerous speculations.

The Nobody meme took off like wildfire on both GLP and Lunatic Outpost. Threads about this enigmatic character – said to be a man who saved the world from impending destruction by bargaining with the dark cabal – were so numerous that they led moderators to ban the discussion topic at GLP entirely, leading to the deletion of any and all threads in which The Nobody was mentioned. On Lunatic Outpost, discussion of The Nobody was limited to the meme that won’t go away discussion thread“, locked on page 3127 on January 2nd, 2014.

Intrigue regarding this meme sparked the appearance of a few dedicated webpages, many collecting tidbits of information and asserting inside information into the identity and agenda of this character.

The most well known of these spin off webpages is a site on Angelfire, a collection of tidbits from the original thread thought to be pertinent to the meme. FORUM EXCERPTS: SUMMARY “THE NOBODY”

A blog called New Age Dreamingis dedicated specifically to GLP and what the author calls “The Nobody’s true agenda – Satanism, Pedophilia and mind control”.

“The Fatima Movement”‘s webpage ( on The Nobody claims that this mysterious character is the head of The Fatima Movement, taking a decidedly Christian stance and at least implying that the owner of this site may well claim to be The Nobody himself.

The Nobody Mystery – From Hollow Mantras of Cracked Vision

The “Ashtar Command Community” has posted an article asserted to be a message from The Nobody: The nobody that received everything. Changing the rules, changing the game, has his OWN flame

Update 9/22/14: The Cross of Lorraine forum I have been recently alerted the presence of a new forum by a friend, and it appears to be an intriguing and useful source of information regarding ‘TN’.

Update 9/25/14: Much thanks to Spacey One for pointing out the CT cantina thread regarding The Nobody – “The Problem with the Nobody Thread” -I read the whole thread and it is definitely a highly recommended read for anybody curious to learn more and hear some intriguing theories regarding the meme, it’s purpose, and origin. (Update 3/13/17: CT Cantina is down and you can no longer access that thread. It’s horrible because it was an amazingly insightful one)

Update 3/13/17: I have a thread on my site about the nobody, it is indeed a resource.

This will probably remain open for later editing. Theories about The Nobody in detail to come in a later post ( or in the comments? )

Update 10/12/17: The Nobody Hub on the SCP foundation’s website is an entry on our humble nobody. thanks for Matthew from my forum linking this.