The Nobody Meme: some facts/sources


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There is little information online regarding the meme made infamous on sites like Lunatic Outpost and Godlike Productions.

Although users of these sites are well aware of the meme, outside of the sites “The Nobody” meme has very little internet presence. I have no answers, but what I do know I will put available on my blog so that other researchers have no need to retrace worn steps in their search.

According to many, the origin of The Nobody legend begins in this post from GLP: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn’t refuse. The post itself is quite a doozy – spanning 2615 pages and lasting between July 1st 2010 until June 11th 2014. I was personally present at the time the thread was locked (a forum term meaning that moderators have closed the thread to further replies) and can attest to the presence of a page 2616, deleted by forum moderators at the time the thread was locked. Some argue this happened because “certain names” were posted. I know that I myself had posted about the ownership of Godlikeproductions on page 2615 and the research being utilized by the site. My post was indeed deleted at the time the thread was locked. The real reason for the thread being locked will likely never be known, despite numerous speculations.

The Nobody meme took off like wildfire on both GLP and Lunatic Outpost. Threads about this enigmatic character – said to be a man who saved the world from impending destruction by bargaining with the dark cabal – were so numerous that they led moderators to ban the discussion topic at GLP entirely, leading to the deletion of any and all threads in which The Nobody was mentioned. On Lunatic Outpost, discussion of The Nobody was limited to the meme that won’t go away discussion thread“, locked on page 3127 on January 2nd, 2014.

Intrigue regarding this meme sparked the appearance of a few dedicated webpages, many collecting tidbits of information and asserting inside information into the identity and agenda of this character.

The most well known of these spin off webpages is a site on Angelfire, a collection of tidbits from the original thread thought to be pertinent to the meme. FORUM EXCERPTS: SUMMARY “THE NOBODY”

A blog called New Age Dreamingis dedicated specifically to GLP and what the author calls “The Nobody’s true agenda – Satanism, Pedophilia and mind control”.

“The Fatima Movement”‘s webpage ( on The Nobody claims that this mysterious character is the head of The Fatima Movement, taking a decidedly Christian stance and at least implying that the owner of this site may well claim to be The Nobody himself.

The Nobody Mystery – From Hollow Mantras of Cracked Vision

The “Ashtar Command Community” has posted an article asserted to be a message from The Nobody: The nobody that received everything. Changing the rules, changing the game, has his OWN flame

Update 9/22/14: The Cross of Lorraine forum I have been recently alerted the presence of a new forum by a friend, and it appears to be an intriguing and useful source of information regarding ‘TN’.

Update 9/25/14: Much thanks to Spacey One for pointing out the CT cantina thread regarding The Nobody – “The Problem with the Nobody Thread” -I read the whole thread and it is definitely a highly recommended read for anybody curious to learn more and hear some intriguing theories regarding the meme, it’s purpose, and origin. (Update 3/13/17: CT Cantina is down and you can no longer access that thread. It’s horrible because it was an amazingly insightful one)

Update 3/13/17: I have a thread on my site about the nobody, it is indeed a resource.

This will probably remain open for later editing. Theories about The Nobody in detail to come in a later post ( or in the comments? )

Update 10/12/17: The Nobody Hub on the SCP foundation’s website is an entry on our humble nobody. thanks for Matthew from my forum linking this.

37 thoughts on “The Nobody Meme: some facts/sources

  1. Thanks for the mention of my blog. I still don’t think that there really is a Nobody, it was just a trap looking for someone who would fit the description, or who might be the second coming of Christ. If he is true, he never stepped up and became part of their game. It was only the players, and those conscripted into believing it was real, who posted information about ‘him ‘to the threads.


  2. There is someone who is connected to the 144,000, as per a post on one of your links, who might think he is the Nobody. However, since he is corrupt, and used their energies for his own evil plans, will never be used or empowered by God, therefore, is not the Nobody.


  3. So much written and discussed and imagined about this energy-being. Those who think they know what is happening find themselves turned inside out with the continual shifting that makes them look deep inside themselves.

    SpaceyOne, would you be able to understand this person if you met them? Would you know? For you to place “evil” label upon that which you have no full concept of is a little arrogant I must say.

    Can you imagine having any sort of relaxing moment taken away from you, to have your family taken from you, to have love taken from you, to have anything that could resemble a “normal” life taken from you? Perhaps you can, perhaps you just do not know ALL that is happening in regards to the path of this Nobody.

    Much love to you.


  4. You assume that the Nobody is a real being, and that the posts abut him being unhappy are true. I come from the stance that he is not, and that all that you believe about him was just a psychological game.

    However, there may have been someone ready to take on the role, and pretend to be all that was discussed, after the threads had built up myths and legends about the Nobody.

    You say I have no full concept of him? I met the people who pretended to be the Nobody, on GLP. Namely Ghetto Monk and some other English ‘gents’. They are Satanists, and therefore evil in my book.

    Did I also hope there was a Nobody? Yes, but I never had much to do with the thread at the outset. I looked at it, and sat back and waited. As did most people. He never appeared. Why? He never achieved anything. Why? Because it was all just riddles and games.

    The author of the blog writes that GLP are threatened by the Nobody and the thread about him, and don’t allow any discussion of the subject anymore. However, at the outset, they were manipulating the threads to promote the game. They were actively playing the game from the outset and for most of its course. They changed their stance, deleted and tried to distance themselves from it all, only once it was in its death throws.

    Had someone else seized control of the game, and the results, from the original players? Or did it just all blow up in their faces, and GLP admin had to pretend they had not fallen for it, and were now trying to protect people from it?

    If there was a sad and lonely Nobody, yes, I could understand that. This world is not designed to be comfortable for those who energies and hearts are open.


    1. Like you, I do not believe that The Nobody is, was, or ever has been real *per sea*
      The way I look at things, The Nobody is as useful as a fairy tale that we enjoy because it allows us to frame our understanding of the world in a different way – essentially, that we like it because it is useful, not because it is real.

      And yes, the psychological game is and absolute foundation of the entire Nobody meme. In fact, the psychological game was the real addiction that kept so many coming back to the threads day after day. I am not as interested in understanding The Nobody as a physical person as I am in understanding the elements that made the meme so enticing.

      Unlike other threads, The Nobody was not news about current affairs, a debate over a subject based in fact, a discussion about a traditional religion with well established scripture and adherents – it was not purely secular nor entirely religious, it was not contingent upon one knowledgeable user to keep the discussion going, had no point in which all the opinions about a topic might become exhausted.

      What did The Nobody thread have? A motivation to continue participating – the ego gratification of receiving or expecting to receive admiration. The carrot on the stick is in the promise of becoming a hero, being saved by a hero, or becoming the invaluable ally of a hero. The Hero’s story is the most beloved and time honored stories in existence – but the Nobody offered not the chance to hear a story, but instead, to participate in it. This need is rarely satisfied in ordinary life, where even the highly religious are often spiritually hungry and thirsty for ritual. The Nobody is a ubiquitous treasure trove in this sense – a psychological game, but a gratifying one to partake in.

      The nobody threads are probably as close as many of us get to the experience of fighting for a crown or battling away pretenders to the throne. We may not live in castles or hire spies, but in the nobody threads users could play spy by posting under multiple names, committing subterfuge, testing out their charisma, and playing at potentially winning the title of king, or backing someone who does.

      Of course, the very premise that keeps this game mentally fulfilling is the same thing that ensures it will never end. There’s no crown to win, no sage to pick the bravest heart, no hero to rescue the masses from the schemes of the power that be. It is an endless roleplay that feels very real.

      Even those in the threads who were certain they were the ones manipulating, ultimately, were almost certainly being manipulated by the meme itself.


      1. If you are interested in seeing more Nobody manipulations in progress, CT Cantina has a thread about it now. They are claiming that everyone who believed in it has psychiatric disorders. They blame a bunch of psychologists for creating it all, while throwing around standard terms and diagnoses used by people in that profession. Go figure. 😉


    2. I can tell u some stuff about the guy who went for an interview with the Crown TempEL Bar one day for a messengers job, bred by the wall family (pa-Valla-cini family) to be a psi-op fake Jesus. Bionic man into metal mickey, Incredible Hulk, Parahana, Iceman, truman tv military analyst Dave Or MAD and a few other names, Jesus Catholic construct 1415 N/O EngLish alphabet hence the name NO-body, they put soul inside me making me the hulk doing Operations on me as baby then control my entire life making me look amazing stopping several disasters op death eaters snowdon Keene free energy device-jinni73 was my user name to see where the nobody ran the world ha picked and choosed what they wanted more like, then about 2.5 years ago tell me I’m nobody, this then shows me I’ve been kidnapped making me suffer,kept in an electro-magnetic prison for the last 4 years trying to tell me I’m Jesus and for me to believe the nobody thread even though I read it and see the gaps in it. They smash the granny out of me and yes I’m well p####d that I’ve been kidnapped because the Catholic Church and my nut nut family think they can use me for trapping everyone’s souls under the alien vibration sound of GSUS, no-one will give me any help I’ve been shouting my head off for around 15 months telling people the truth of what is being done to them, but it seems most people would prefer to listen to a religious cult that asks them to hurt their children’s brains and to volunteer to go extinct and give their everlasting angelic soul to a bunch of pyschotic alien psychos than researching anything themselves to find out if it’s true or not (what size is the pre- virus what size holes in mask). Research legal side of birth certificate and baptismal certificate relating to EngLish Law. I think it’s my job to stay a nobody which is why I was allowed to be kidnapped. All birth certs registered with the Crown all are English all are Christian, crown or corona mark of beast. Queen is your mum (think Beth is d-o mum in Latin) Messenger for Crown your father. EL or cubism their rELigion all four corners of our planet have Catholic or Greek religions Hindu Yiddish-Jewish Zoroastrianism- Islam Christianity all give the Crown on top of B/C to show you r all worshipping the extinction of our race research oestrogen which is in w-ine and loaves, as if humans can live on grass seeds and drink poison seeds are liquid not dry.


  5. This whole thing sounds pretty discordian..
    I know they used to have a hidden hand guiding the sway of that website back when that thread first came out..
    You know how much Erisian’s love dangerous thought experiments!


    1. I’m surprised I didn’t see this comment earlier, you have a point
      If there aren’t some Discordians running amok at GLP, I’ll be damned.


  6. Also fairly obvious it can be weaponized.
    If somebody goes around posting how they are “the nobody” and how they live up to every aspect of this modern myth, then how easy of a target is that person going to be for artificial synchronicity?

    Don’t get me wrong, when viewed with the proper framework this meme can be useful, it can also be very harmful, people with messiah complexes unknowingly making themselves targets..


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  8. Spacy one stands out. Correct in at the start of the “game” there were a lot of players and “glp” was one of them. The thread was closed by people involved in the game and it was invading on people’s privacy, and there could be legal implications if more and more truth to or about the meme became known, which could lead to additional legal implications, There is also the issue of the ownership of the glp website and when it changed hands.


  9. The “Nobody” moniker originated from the opening page of the “Offer” thread on GLP.
    The thread was not created as a psyop but it became the base of operations for it early on.

    There seems to be a Nobody Meme, which has merit on it’s own – but is separate from the goals of those managing the psyop over the last 5 years and the single target of that psyop.

    The psyop is also being to mitigate public knowledge of the situation as well as way to discredit or control any real information about this.

    Briefly; A supernatural or divine being AKA the Creator or ‘God’ has incarnated on the earth, and is known to some of the US, the UK (and perhaps the EU) intelligence agencies.

    They consider this situation to be a threat their respective countries and the world at large.
    The nobody psyop is a part of a much larger operation that is still running.


  10. Thank you for your continued interest in this creative examination of the human response to the “hero” concept. This designed and socially fluid endeavor had a hosted space on several forums and was a success.


  11. Thank you for your continued interest in this creative examination of the human response to the “hero” concept. This designed and socially fluid endeavor had a hosted space on several forums and was a success.


  12. Hello I feel like the nobodeee is real. He needs to stop being a pussy and do what is right. Be a man. He has been missing in action because he was drugged and dealing with some personal shit. Maybe now he is clear headed and seeing things through as before he had doubt because he was drugged and hit rock bottom. Pray for him.So he can gain strength and fulfill his destiny . We are all one. God Bless you all.


    1. n0body is real …
      That s the anomaly in the matrix , the repented, the pirat but he s not the mashia just his father…
      The Jewish name of nobody could be Yehohanan , the legend say that by his spirit he can interact with our reality, he is the judge of humanity( balance) , will he believe in humanity and save it or will he let it falling in the abyss of darkness because humans don t deserve it ? The big show should begins in the middle of Augustus this year! So good luck fawkes and make n0body loving this world or he will destroy it!
      To be continued…


  13. the state motto, “with god all things are possible” The central part of that state’s motto is “in the heart of it all” = heart chackra , green, balance ..logos


  14. I was around for the beginning of the Illuminati was made an offer they couldn’t refuse, and I Can testify that the energy around that thread was palpable, there were some seriously heavy powerful people literally who were apart of that thread and I Was addicted to it. There hasn’t been a thread as interesting since then, but the meme has changed at least on glp to THE ANOMALY and He her him she threads.

    not sure if you read those who or not, they’re mostly about THE SHOW and Gangstalking, death threats and doxing of people

    They aren’t as interesting as the original but they’re connected and sometimes information shows up anyway glad to find a blog I actually want to read here on wordpress I hadn’t found one yet.


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  16. Birthdate Tarus/Gemini cusp for the 2 “twin flames” – “the Lamb and Bride” “the One” (Merkaba). “… in the name of the Prime Creator; and the Father Mother attributes.” “… let light,love,and power, restore The Plan on earth! BTW: the very small hyperlink between the pacing Felix the cat and the hippie on the chair is linked to more nobody info. located at Forum excerpts summary the nobody (top of this page) or google “angelfire nobody”. 17=8 Adonai Hashem


  17. The simple fact is various individividuals incarnate over time & bring philosophies & religions that upend or upgrade humanity & there’s no reason this shouldn’t be a continuous process.

    In the Christian thinking if Revelations is valid an Antichrist precedes the Christ & evil comes to a head first much like a fever or infection. From this view since evil still grows that end-game hasn’t arrived yet, but then there are also Gnostic & other views on that scenario that vary the narrative. Some Gnostic myths are much like The Matrix.

    Since there is almost overwhelming evidence of ETs & UFOs then there must have been an AI singularity eons ago, which would play into the current reality.

    Ironically the closest religion to the Nobody meme would be Taoism since it is based on Nothingness & feminine principles & encourages anonymity over proselytizing, so any “Nobody” realizing the Tao would refrain from action.

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  18. There is a book/kindle by Robert Stelle “the sun rises” The “Lemurian Fellowship”. It is an account via akashic record or “The book of life”, about the founding of the Lemurian empire when the pacific ocean was land 78,000 years ago. A story of Rhu and (Haiti) and the eventual rise to the 13th (head member) of the council of 12, representing 12 tribal valleys in ancient Lemuria. The Lords of Venus and Mercury were attendant. An above post here (July 30 2018 ) where the astrological houses of “Tarus and Gemini ” are mentioned. The ruling planets for Tarus and Gemini are Venus and Mercury, Lemuria rises again? 17=8 Adonai Hashem


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