The Nobody Trailer Transcript

fletched from a trashbin in a crumbled paper ball (authoritative sounding deep male but somehow harrowing announcer guy) In a World…. … Where only Money talks… a Nobody… will Change… … Everything. (insert flashy montage, characteristic hero dialogue cut that fits to plot, dramatic action sequences, crashing glass, something global or a plane, cutout romance eyestaring, panout on attractive male protagonist defying fate dramatically with a roar in an empty field-) (cut to black, music accelerating towards crescendo) A Man with Nothing …[cryptic-1/2sec-transition-pic] Becomes the Sun …[cryptic-1/2sec-transition-pic] Coming 201X …[cryptic-1/2sec-transition-pic] Discover |(drumbeat+lightflash) The | Code (drumbeat+lightflash) Live |(drumbeat+lightflash) His [syncopated crescendo tension builder fades] Destiny (textfadein slow ripple wave mask)(audio resolve resonant absynth flute) THE | NOBODY …(white against black background) [Impressive Alist Male with Dynamic Duo Chemistry Alist Female other names too] (Rated RadaR) (copyrightinformationblocktoolongtoreadthatnobodycaresaboutanyway) Coming soon to a TICKTOCK near you…

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