It’s Not Hidden , We Just Can’t Read It – Civil Engineering 101

Information is hidden from you because you don’t know the right search terms. Ironically, with all the surveillance and information gathering, secrets are less encrypted than they have ever been. Most of the time the programmers are confident enough that you will not think to look on a lateral axis.

As you will learn another easy way to veil this is to square the meaning – ‘hacking’ is often used to refer to cognitive hacking as described in the following article
[link to]
Social engineering is a method of total population control with many associated veiled keywords – it is also an entry point to a vulnerable system through persons instead of code

Your reality is a construction that can now be actively influenced. Yes, that includes the hypnotic/programming lingo that anybody can use for free Thread: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & scripting with symbolic or narrative devices known as memes
Thread: Memes change reality

But it also includes a very scary convergence of physics, cybernetics, and cognitive neuroscience!
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This one took a long time for me to find because it isn’t openly discussed unless you already know about it:

Social Synergetics“.
[link to]

Here’s another: “Communication Theory
[link to]

“Semantic Engineering” or “Knowledge Engineering
Cognitive Architecture
Civil Engineering
Public Communications Campaigns

There are countless semantic variations on this theme that will bear fruit if searched – typical public-friendly terms like ‘social control’ or ‘social engineering’ or ‘social psychology’ will be so diluted as to be meaningless, if the info shows up at all.

Remember that the front line of contemporary secret content is not physical, it is digital. There’s huge blackouts in public knowledge about Information Operations, Infotech, cybersecurity, etc. [link to (secure)]

Much of this is covered in a blanket statement for national security. The truth is that much of it, and a portion that is actually bizarrely obvious once you know to look, is the ‘social engineering’ portion of information ops. Computers are being programmed to constantly monitor, archive, and analyze massive data dumps and accord them with statistical trends that allow decision makers enormous power in dictating collective belief systems.

keyword: “predictive analytics” [link to]

Here’s a cool picture from one of these “cognitive architecture” associations (not hidden, either, remember) depicting a neural map and a potential ‘buy button’ in the brain
[link to]

IARPA had a public contest INSTINCT to see who could predict interpersonal trust ; the winner with a JEDI MIND algorithm used the user’s conscious signals for information about trust.
[link to]

Gov doc: memetic engineering: the future of war [link to]

Here is an expose
[link to]
written by a former or current employee for MIT in the language of symbols and tropes – [link to] the introduction gives callouts to the Wizard of Oz scripts and symbol coding to let the reader know it will be written in what I will hereby dub “SpySpeak”

Apparently “Masters of the Game” Means something to someone
[link to]

What are some funny things to say? Like: The duck flies at midnight Operation drown out the rat is a go

primary defense: metacognition / thinking about thinking

You don’t want to manipulated by an advertisement? You can’t avoid them all. I recommend:
Make it conscious. Understand the psychological appeal it is making to your mind. Fuck, amuse yourself with ripping it apart! Perform a vivisection and learn all you can about its anatomy.

From Social Engineering to Codewords, Cryptonyms, Spyspeak, and Info Ops

What the hell is double speak, you ask? Well I am trying to tell you that doublespeak has four faces: euphemism, jargon, goobeldigook and inflated language. [link to]

Search doublespeak and you will find little other then the above article which elaborates on the aforementioned variants. That is because the term doublespeak itself is subject to the same coding the definition refers to! Now for real information you are going to want to search: “Strategic Communication”.

And what is Strategic Communication? Why it is of course a euphemism for Propaganda! Ahh, aren’t politics joyful?

The most secretive intelligence organization in existence.

[link to]
[link to]

Archetype of Immeasurable Genius

“One Thing That We Always Remember Is That Things Are Not Always What They Seem To Be…Misdirection…The Enemy Uses Denial and Deception Therefore We Must Be At Least Twice As Clever…Thrice As Crafty…”

AONN Responsibilities/Functions:
-Advanced Weapon Defense System (Kinetic weapons; lethal/nonlethal)
-Bio Medical technologies
-Data Systems Streamlining/Project: “Epic Republic”
-Special Operations [Psyops]
-Geopolitical analysis

Primary Intelligence Source Types:
1) imagery 2) human 3) signals 3) measurement/signature 4) open source 5) technical 6) conintel

United States Defense Security Intelligence Command Charter
[link to]
Excerpts (50% rule adhered to):We have a saying at DSIN: “Be careful what you learn.” Even if you are not new to the world of intelligence, you can be caught off guard as to what really constitutes classified information. Simply arriving at a certain awareness of various facts might mean that you have intricate knowledge of highly sensitive, classified, national security data, programs, projects, operations, activities and intelligence information. Be careful what you learn.The United States Defense Security Intelligence Command is the most technical notion of United States intelligence. It also is by far the most secret. The Powers of the United States of America as well as the collective mind of the U.S. intelligence community protect DSIN.Subject: Eternal Flame Assignment
The collective will have the capability to monitor active code Matrix 24X7 in real-time…

The Defense Security Intelligence Network program creates an environment in which there is more constant surveillance and oversight than any other intelligence program EVER.

1. Contract Staff from AT&T, CIA, Federal Protective Services and other such components to mobilize and relocate to an already determined and covert area in XXXXXX and other highly classified, interstate/ international, satellite complexes

Secret ‘495’ Ambiogram
(1) Two connecting U.S. coasts (2) Parallel and multiple universes of information (3) Maximum intelligence being limitless (4) Cosmic timelessness (5) Secret Alpha-Numeric cipher code systems (6) The fusion of data and the Arts and Sciences (7) Absolute Balance (8) Infinite worlds (9) Total mastery of Tradecraft and the illusion that seemingly separate parts are not connected (this has additional meaning) e.g., Governments and individuals, data objects and political boundaries separated by distance.

 Quoting: Caylus Ark

II. Some Notable “Codewords”
Here’s a link to a more detailed source for those that wonder: [link to (secure)]

Levels of secrecy classification, from lowest to highest:

Mother: spies use this to indicate the mission source

Magic Lantern: codename for domestic spying project

Bird Watcher: British slang for a spy.

grok: [verb] to scan all available information regarding a situation, digest it, and form a distilled opinion [grokked, grokking]

Angel: Slang for a spy of an opposing agency

The (Great) Game: The intelligence and counterintelligence profession

Puzzle Palace: Slang for NSA

Clover: A protective guise used by a person, organization, or installation to conceal true affiliation with clandestine or other sensitive activities

Legend: A cover story

Cold Pitch: Recruitment approach without prior development or in some cases, contact.

Biometrics-Enabled Watch List (BEWL) : Any list of interest with individuals identified by biometric sample
instead of by name, and the desired/recommended disposition instructions for each individual.

[link to]

Some excerpts from Spycraft Core Rulebook [link to] The 50% rule is followed.

Espionage is akin to a global game of chess. Agents, civilian specialists, governments, and even countries fall like pawns before the shadowy kinds and queens of the intelligence community.
[…] The gun, the blade, and the fist are clumsy tools at best. The truly gifted do not need them, and can achieve victory with words alone. Seduction, deception, obsfucation – these are weapons of the elite spy. A victory won with words alone is the ultimate display of skill and style. […]
This is the most intractable tenet of the secret agents code […] By removing outside influences, the Great Game of espionage becomes a contest of skill and daring that only the most cunning can survive […]

Note: The majority of the following documents are pdf format. You do not have to download these PDFs to read them (if that sketches you out) as long as your web browser supports PDF reading. If it doesn’t, try downloading an addon.

Espionage, INTops, Cyberwarfare related PDFs and Documents

CyberStrategy – from the horse’s mouth
[link to]

An Appraisal of the Technologies of Political Control
[link to]

Handbook for Spiritual Warfare
[link to]

“Spyspeak Character Side”
[link to]

Dictionary of Espionage
[link to]

Fighting Talk
[link to]

73 Rules of Tradecraft
[link to (secure)]

Espionage Intelligence and Security Encyclopedia
[link to]

[link to]

(Spy) Game Change: Cyber Networks, Intelligence Collection, and Covert Action
[link to]
An article concerning the legal aspects of the subject

[link to]
An extremely detailed site with a massive database of intops documents

Intelligence Gathering – DefCon X
[link to (secure)]
A presentation about the methodology, purpose, and practice of information warfare. Highly informative.

Somebody’s Listening
[link to]

dumbfuck hater/spammer, Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Espionage
[link to]
Another presentation discussing cyberwarfare concepts

Lexicon for Cyberoperations
[link to]

Information warfare glossery
[link to]

National Cybersecurity Framework Manual
[link to]

See for yourself
[link to]

some additional reading and alternative perspectives on this issue

Countdown: Full Transcript
[link to]

Mind-fucking [aptly named]
[link to]

A subtly veiled book of coded imagery the purpose of which I cannot precisely discern but which is definitely involved in some kind of psychological manufacturing: 100 deadly last words
[link to]

“hacking consciousness”
[link to]

“civic hacking a motivational framework”
[link to]

“Context Hacking”
[link to]

Playing with realty: hacking
[link to]

[link to]

Social construct of the ‘ideal man’
[link to]

Resisting the mind controlled state
[link to]

The zeitgeist movement defined (social engineering)
[link to]

The disaster of manufactured consent in the matrix
[link to]

The Hidden Persuaders
[link to]

‘The Universal Game’
[link to]

 Quoting: Caylus Ark

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