The Truman Jitters: Lines and Hooks

This is a metaphorical equivalent of what some of you have called the ‘Truman Jitters’

For some reason, NOBODY understands how ROLES play out

It is already done. You work for us as processing models, think tank hivemind group think. We give you the problem, you produce the outputs. We leave the ‘robots’ here to gather the trace of your steps. They are an assortment of different users personalities and personas. They mirror the personalities of the users here. they come and report back to us on a private information feed, which we graph into a scatter plot. We’re trying to see if we can make the scatter plot into a torus.

The anomalies are noted and tested. We don’t want them getting out there and messing up a good thing. They can’t really complain if they keep coming back. I mean we do make sure they come back. The AI makes threads to Hook them. Hook is not like Bait. Bait helps you get to the Hook. We need some Real Info, which we get about you , we have it Indexed in Archive. We don’t even personally have to do it. The AI will tell you something that you know only you will know. The resulting state of shock from realizing this will make it easy to destabilize you, you’ve been what we call Insinuated and so we don’t have to feed you any more self-associations, you start seeing them everywhere because you can no longer tell what’s real.

Find the worms before you cast your line. Hook threads have a point – haha, get it? point. They seem stupid and arbitrary, maybe about a news story nobody cares about, but we hook a few fish who see a hidden meaning. We know that the hidden meaning will always be secret desire or hidden fear. It’s not all intentional, AI can post it all random and something will ‘Hook the line’. But we have to put them in the right state of mind to really get it right….. Now that they are on the line we reel them in and let them dangle for awhile. If they agree to behave we let ’em go. If they keep struggling we up the amplitude.

It’s much better to begin with vanity. Inception of the messiah complex blossoms gorgeously and requires constant attention, meaning our anomaly will be here where he is a mental quarantine ward. He comes because he needs to hear that he’s chosen. And he is chosen, make no mistake. Mixing fear is the next step – we always want some AI that love unconditionally, AI that hate violently and traumatically, AI that represent very intense fear, paranoia, and AI that are just ambiguous enough. They will start to project inward onto him and he will war with them all the time.

We have a certain structure too, it’s a code. The funny part for us – laugh about it all the time actually – is that the harder the fish tries to see the code, the crazier they get. Eventually they are so lost and dizzy and scared they go straight to the psych ward. It’s so easy too. Oh man. There’s a lizard under your brain the scientists call the hypothalamus, it’s designed to Fear Fuck Fight and Feed. The themes we recycle here are stimulating those mental processes in you.

We’ve got ‘I Had a Dream last night Set Scene’ threads,
‘Glitch Matrix Reality/Energy Change/Sense Shift’ threads,
‘I’m a / I need a Psychic Lost Keys’ thread,
‘Y are white/black people so Z?’ threads
the ‘X agenda wants your coveted Y’ threads,
‘S/he’s an/X’ threads,
the ‘X from Country Y are all so Negative Z’ etc.

All of them actually have a function. Many “cycle out” over a certain period of time. Many of the dream threads are programming threads. Dreams are surreal and hypnotic. Images flash in your head as you read and lull you into a sense of trance. When you’re in a suggestible state like that we pepper in a little bit of scary phrases into the dream sequence you are reading. You assume that words are powerless over your mind, so you don’t notice how we’re hyper-stimulating your ventral brain function

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 64886181

Thread: I’ll Define a Godlike Production

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