It’s a Bear Bearing an Ark!

From the sky and with some fun tweaks , I got a budding rose, an ark born by what clearly appears to be a fuzzy bear, and later intricate fractal harmonic code that produces a winged mask and a hanged man. Weord. In the following two pictures, REALLY ZOOM IN to see some weird things […]

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Cyber Komptrollers [AKA Masq]

“Information Warfare” is probably a term that you have heard before – it refers to the engagement of military and clandestine intelligence agencies in manipulating the ‘datasphere’. As we turn our attention to theories of social control from a cyber standpoint, Information Warfare – AKA, Information Operations or I/O – will be a central theme […]

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Justifying the Universe

This was written a few years ago now by SWIM, detailing an experience that took place in October of 2011 and 2012. This accounts for an experience where sentience is forced to prove to the Source that the world deserves to continue existing rather then being reset. This experience is the reason SWIM is no […]

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Dimensional Control

there are two dimensions to seeing this form of control. it is the reason people can’t seem to untangle ‘black magic’ from ‘psy ops’ despite understanding our tendency for myth-making. it’s because the two are inextricable. postmodern alchemy is both a system of physics engineering and a way of describing higher order energy interactions driven […]

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