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(Note:  Thank you 56326646 – I particularly enjoyed having this exchange with you. Excerpted from ‘My Ego is the Problem‘ )

but isn’t that light the new age. to bring heaven to earth

but wouldn’t that be an oxymoron

wouldn’t characters in EGO all want a new earth or heaven on earth

but how would you create heaven on earth when this is a world of False Self or False Light

wouldn’t the only solution be to annihilate the EGO and take the speed train to heaven?

maybe you can explain further?

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in my opinion the idea of an eternal paradise is inherently flawed. Anything that is whole remains static and unchanged. Perfection is thus, no dynamism. Could you imagine how boring such a world would be, where all was paradise, where all was perfect for eternity? I don’t want nirvana or heaven.

Hell suffers the same. Then, so do God and Satan, good and evil, wake and sleep, etcetera. The dichotomy is a false dichotomy, not because we ought to exist in unification, but because the poles were never meant to be separated or experienced in isolation, because once they do so they cease to exist.

On the other hand, were we to collide the poles, something fun happens. We become simultaneous, neither object nor subject, perciever or perceived. we are the mysterious construct that exists without retort, the experiencing in that moment, finally unperturbed from the natural state of infinity that implodes the alien horror that man contends with in knowing himself to be the beast.

christ and the antichrist are of equal merit. oh, what is the hero, the song of songs in this age? it is not the self, the god, godlike, non-self, or collective. it is the beauty of Being, whether fragmented, monstrous or saintly…the fractal is of infinite complexity, never becoming less complex no matter the degree to which you zoom into it…the smallest of parts contains the entire whole

at first perhaps new understanding leads to horror, horror of the freedom of being, horror of the burden of power. should hatred be obliterated for a world of love? if we were born with transparent skin, so that others always knew what was inside of us, would the world be a peaceful place?

in the end, how is order different from chaos? ultimately, chaos does not exist except as to beget order in ways that vary infinitly. because we do not see randomness, we see form. our brains are pattern makers. the world is a pattern fragmented to experience itself. ever increasing in complexity. paradise and hell are impossible. but they are not ideal.

we had the wrong idea of god all along, to ask why evil exists. we thought perfection was perfect when in fact perfection is inherently flawed. imperfection is perfect, and god is creation, and we are creator….but the creator destroys with his left hand what he makes with his right hand. the greater his work, the greater his darkness. not because he is evil, but because the world of illusions is what spurs the birth of new realities…

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you make sense to me

i always figured we intentionally created this world and it’s always the same

big bang. dream starts. expansion. Osiris split up into different characters. we are children. we grow up. contraction starts. we wake up. craziness. dream ends.
we merge back into ONE.

i think it has always been this way but some are trying to change it now by creating a new earth scenario

but with my changes this world doesn’t feel right anymore

i love my companion but the limitations, control and rules of this world don’t fit with my current state

dichotomy or not a divine bird will seek freedom from a cage…meaning if you feel grand and you are stuck in a limitation cage you will seek for freedom.

i’ve changed but this world is still a cage. it’s not a fit anymore.

i’m sure you understand

Quoting 56326646

Time may resemble a mobius loop or an ouroboros…the idea being cyclic nature…but if time is an ouroboros, there was no beginning, there will be no end, the end is in the beginning…it’s not that everything starts over and over again, but the figure gains or subtracts dimensions of complexity that shade experience…

Quoting: Caylus Ark

yes i think you are correct

since time doesn’t exist perhaps this was all created at once and then we split ourself off into characters and relive it scene by scene pretending to be characters individually and separately

in other words our word exchange now already happened and we are just reading our lines…

if time doesn’t exist then this world was created all at once, meaning past, present and future run concurrently

i don’t necessarily subscribe to the notion i can change the script. i feel like me and everybody is scripted.

yes you’re’s just cycles and there is never a beginning and end because ultimately we are NEVER GOING ANYWHERE ‘CAUSE TIME AND SPACE DON’T EXIST

we think we went from a to z but really we’re still at a but have delusion of space/movement/time/waiting to go to z

Quoting 56326646

Just because free will is already decided doesn’t mean you aren’t free in the moment of choosing. In the grander scheme of time, the circumstances that constitute your choice are already defined. If you were whole and perfect, you’d be a scripted program because you’d already know everything you were going to do. this is one reason imperfection is a quality of perfection rather then a flaw.

We live in a world where we choose without knowing the greater script behind our choice. good stories are character driven, not plot driven. the point is not the story. its the spirit of the character.

What makes a great actor? Yes, he has memorized all of his lines in advance. But when he’s delivering those lines, do you think he remembers that they were memorized beforehand? No. When he acts our his role and delivers his lines, they are with the sincerity of a character whose will is free. Because on some level in his spirit he is aware that in the time he is playing that role the seperation between him and his character does not exist. If he sounds scripted, he has failed.

As humans , we are not simply enacting a script. We have chosen, outside the circle/ouroboros/mobius loop of time, to play a role. We impose upon ourselves circumstances that make free will as real to us as it is unreal to an entity outside the circle of time. just because things are unreal in hyperspace means that they are by some extension not real to us experiencing them? that is simply not so. it is confined by the idea that two opposing realities can’t be true at the same time.

as humans we cant comprehend that contradictions can be true. we can’t wrap our heads around infinity and thus we naturally fall prey to traps in thought that match our experience of reality. How after all would one speak of a color one had never seen?

then how to transcend? what is it that makes people divine instead of bots? see op I can’t see the world like you. bots are confined by reason, they are incapable of being irrational. what infuses a soul with divinity, the thing that justifies us in the eye of the eternal, it is the irrational, more specifically, imagination – it is that we can make the unreal real, we can believe a lie, we can write a fiction, live in an alternate universe. the world is not mechanical.

another thing, the past and future can be overwritten. in such a case the past and future are instantly changed. timeline change is a product of the will of an overarching imagining. by tempering our will we temper entire world. by projecting outward from our limitations, and matching our worlds against one another, changing realities…this is the product of dreamspace, not programmed, but imagined, imagined, imagos.

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could you tell me how i can force my will when i’m blocked with craigslist and other things?

how can i get beyond the archetypes of control?

Quoting: 56326646

The archetypes of control are quite powerful because the majority of creative minds are beholden to the social contract. The power of the controllers is neither physical nor tangible. Our entire society is an artifact that is mutually agreed upon by us. The rules that bind us are social scripts that we follow because we are conditioned to do so.

How do you get beyond the archetypes of control? I like to think that the problem of our world is that consciousness has been chained. It is because those who understand the secrets of psychology, physics, and geometry have utilized this wisdom in their favor. I have thought about this a bit and I think that what needs to be done is to hijack the culture. We do not live in a world that is changed by physical acts. It is entire social scripts that need to be hijacked by others who understand the working of thoughtforms. To bring awareness, it means that we bring people to question what they assume is real.

All of our lives are lived by most people in a dreamworld that is not even their own! It is imagined, but they are living in a world imagined by others. What is the power that the government for example holds? The government is empowered by the people. If we as whole didn’t like it we could merely stop acknowledging its sovereignty. How is a rule made real? Because it is enforced. If you get at least some muscle behind your rule, you can make it real to people. That means you affect the minds of those you set upon policing. But if your police and military decide they do not acknowledge your power, what power do you now have? Nothing, it no longer exists.

This is not a world of military might, it is a world of information. More accurate – and banned by GLP, it is a world of CONTROL OF INFORMATION. How to rule the world: control information and who sees it. How to liberate the world, change the circulation of information. Bring it to minds.

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