Dimensional Control

there are two dimensions to seeing this form of control. it is the reason people can’t seem to untangle ‘black magic’ from ‘psy ops’ despite understanding our tendency for myth-making. it’s because the two are inextricable. postmodern alchemy is both a system of physics engineering and a way of describing higher order energy interactions driven by consciousness.

that means two things, both that our perception alters signals and that signals alter our perception. feedback loop fractals.

that means that you can make programs to play with signals and ping people or you can use your brain to alter signals and use the broadcasters to ping the network. that’s the reason that internet regulation is being passed in full force. because the strength of an idea is more threatening then the armed forces of hundreds of men.

when ideas go viral there is no global cooldown or maximum speed of transmission. its the way the narrative of humanity is in essence us fighting ourselves. the evil shadow black magick government does exist because nothing else could satisfy a global narrative but a singularly focused system of control and, for many of us, evil by slavery.

it exists because I could write a book describing how it works, and provided that you read the book, it would tell you how to manipulate people and populations. it would show you how much stranger the universe is then people maybe comfortable knowing. but many know. there’s no hiding a fire when your lawn is burning after


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