Transhuman Space – Toxic Memes

Note: The PDF linked below is part of an RPG by Steve Jackson games (same guy responsible for the Illuminati cards) and is difficult to find in full on the net. The official carrier, warehouse 23, links to a 404 associated with where the PDF used to be. I have linked the PDF file below this note and this post will be a general outline of certain salient points.

Transhuman Space – Toxic Memes

 ^^— the pdf

The machine unmakes the man. Now that the machine is perfect, the engineer is nobody. Every new step in improving the engine restricts one more act of the engineer.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson, Works and Days

Deus Ex Machina: DxM

Sousveillence watching from below, watching the watcher

Conspiracy Theory Memes

useful for real conspiracies hoping to avoid discovery. glut of information makes signal very difficult to differentiate from noise. From the PDF: “The conspiracies listed here may be real, or they may be complete fabrications”

AI/Mind Control: rogue SAIs and malevolent mind emulations roam the Web and “infect” the minds of hapless victims through a variety of means – upslink, cyberswarms, subliminal messages embedded in virtual advertising, etc.

Genomic Invasion: “This meme holds that aliens are the hidden powers behind biotechnological developments, especially those coming from the American biotech industries. The various parahuman designs were created to allow new alien-human hybrids to live openly in society.”

The LOGOS Conspiracy: That memetics itself is the conspiracy – (“truth as a cognitive construct”).

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