Maybee it’s Ctholnic, may[be] Tachyonic

 ταχύ ?

the key is manifesting, more rapidly now then before, but it is still yet in the way of forming. If you squint like me you’ll see it already and many things will no longer surprise you after…still though, it is a thing by its nature that is not supposed to be explained. Like a koan. …

29.   No Water, No Moon When the nun Chiyono studied Zen under Bukko of Engaku she was unable to attain the fruits of meditation for a long time.

At last one moonlit night she was carrying water in an old pail bound with bamboo. The bamboo broke and the bottom fell out of the pail, and at that moment Chiyono was set free!

In commemoration, she wrote a poem:

In this way and that I tried to save the old pail
Since the bamboo strip was weakening and about
to break
Until at last the bottom fell out.
No more water in the pail!
No more moon in the water!

I am just showing connections, because they stand out to me in a very obvious way, and with a little investigation clues start lining up in a configuration that awes and stuns and renders oneself aware of the power inherent in the boundlessness of nuit’s sceptre, the power being invoked by our new age/era

Lost secrets soon to be found because the universe can’t bear keeping them any longer….

We will all come into the knowledge that is meant for us, given time. So I believe. This is a much longer story, one that may have been told before even the time of Sumeria and Babylon. Hence the jaded phrase, ‘Nothing new under the sun’. but this time the universe has succeeded, not in making something new out of original parts, but using existing parts to make something original. the universe does this often, but generally we are incapable of digesting the HTML of perception, rather prone towards taking the Visual as the whole , or missing the style-sheet appended to the page.

Thus people have trouble with ideas like: “events in the future may cause events in the past” because it violates a rule which can be represented by visual ‘fields’ – like elements of css, codes must be invoked and directed through logos or intuition or knowledge by some form of the ‘scripting’ language. the scripting language of our universe may have been known to our ancestors but burned with the library of alexandria. convergence in contempt fields of knowledge and speculation lend a great deal of evidence to this possibility.

because the script underlying the universe must be apprehended and can’t be directly experienced with the machinery of the mind alone (it requires the inner eye – the central or black sun) , it runs counter to notions of a deterministic newtonian universe. Men like Einstein, whom loved and enshrined the clockwork model of the unvierse, were the ones whose work ultimately dealt killing blows to such notions. Einstein was haunted by the ramifications of relativity and spent the rest of his life trying to unify fields to no avail. yet our academic paradigms continue as if they had not already learned about quantum strangeness, the a-tum had never been modeled by Bohr and Copenhagen had not shown through the double slit experiment that a photon can be both a wave and a particle at the same time. The state is liminal between the two depending on the perspective of the perciever.

While contemporary physcists have been content to leave this problems to ‘the philosophers, where they belong’ – the philosophers, people like you and I (most of us by nature and not by trade) – have come to some astounding revelations, the sort of thoughts which provide the genesis for new modalities of human knowledge entirely. The kicker though is that there are a few people that have known about this already – one arguably obvious , Tesla.

To diverge into the more speculative and esoteric, we may propose that some precious few have held that codex to metaphysical programming language for eons, and either were unable to read their own artifacts or unable to speak of them . Some call these special somebodies ‘Brotherhoods’ of this or that, often Saturn or the Serpent. However, the tendency to ascribe morality to a hypothetical already dicey thought experiment like this one is simply illogical and pointless. The symbological nature of serpents and rings ought to be noted, whatever grade you end up giving their respective ‘characters’.

Credit for the following images goes to the author of the website, one which I recommend to anyone who finds this stuff neato :


“I want to say it is a depiction of lattice manifold trans-infinity but I realize that is an utterly useless thing to say.”

this is a different ‘layering’ of the same thing:


most immediately I feel it should be intuited – do you see the pattern that I am emphasizing? I’m trying to pass on something that I understand on a deeper level then I am as of yet capable of articulating precisely…a kind of seed of a sort of fruit

‘the lock placed upon the gateway into paradise’

I also direct the curious towards this document
[link to]
which provides a very interesting albeit brief cosmology of some very esoteric ideas

also you are supposed to look at it in 4d, so just pretend you could

I appreciate you taking the time to post all those links.
4D is how I try to see a lot of those images. It just seems like they are incomplete in 2D.
I have a pretty good imagination 🙂

 Quoting: Bunji

well…a four dimensional object can be drawn in three dimensions, just like a three dimensional object can be drawn in two dimensions
but really comprehending it does require a ‘headlong dive’ into that state of existing
still – in principle, you do not need such a hands on comprehension to apprehend the pattern

it’s a similar point to the one I hit upon earlier in this thread actually, speaking of infinity and saying that a certain level of knowledge requires us to transcend the limitations on our senses with ‘guided’ imagination

and I ran up into a similar obstacle in explaining this extra-sensory metaphysics – not because it is difficult to demonstrate that theoretically the foundation is sound. but because for most of us its so far outside of what we have seen or experienced it seems irrelevant

 this is a tesseract

it is the nested ‘shadow’ of two interlocking hypercubes
notice that symbol in the middle, it looks like a star with eight faces. particularly in this manifestation you can see the Maltese cross

atom ray, the 8-rayed holy grail….please see wheels spirals and keys, oh my! where I have touched many bases with this sunwheel that are essential to the core premise of what may[be] majic or something else entirely, like a new cosmology…

“Remember that cotangent and tangent are reciprocals of each other, so any point at which the tangent was equal to 0, the cotangent will be undefined and any point at which the tangent was undefined, the cotangent is equal to 0.”
“You might also notice that the graphs consistently intersect at 1 and -1. These are the angles that have 45° reference angles, which always have tangents and cotangents equal to 1 or -1. It makes sense that 1 and -1 are the only values for which a function and its reciprocal are the same. Keep this in mind as we look at cosecant and secant compared to their reciprocals of sine and cosine.”

it has a recognizable pattern, doesn’t it? kind of like dna?

 Quoting: Caylus Ark

If you lost my train of thought awhile ago, that’s alright – perhaps you feel the spark of the wheel beginning to whirl…

meanwhile, if that is that case, I recommend laying foundational casing stones with a video like this one, which may help bring the befuddled up or down a notch, whatever is quicker

this article will be continued in due time but another place

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