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Author’s Note: I just finished an exam earlier for a class being taught for the first time at my UC, “global governance”. I finished reading Kissinger’s version of Global Governance, not to mention studying and two writing my arms off in-class essays. So I thought I’d do something a little more my style and a little less boring. Thus, here is something whimsically written quickly covered up from one of my threads. It is regarding the matter of hyperdimensional warfare, and the reason why many performers and artists seem to be invoking universal arcane symbols and narratives without conscious intent.
Do not take what you are about to read too seriously, because they are the sort of ideas that may foster imbalance and be difficult to banish later. For all intents and purposes, everything is just another layer is fiction, and here is a fiction that came to mind for me when asked by a friend.
Wonder if you could tell me your thoughts as to why these performers all have the strange tattoos on or about their hands ?
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Okay….the following is just me speaking pure stream of consciousness speculation literally just what comes to mind off the top of my head, don’t hold me to it, it might as well be gobbledygook…
these performers are the mouthpiece of what you asked earlier – ancient magic – caught up in a narrative that is much bigger then their individual will…they perform the SONGS OF THE STORY…and their videos depict it…but it is not being written by them…they are the ones who ‘make it public’

and they are in the grip of something much bigger then them or any human agent of their recording agencies.

I had a mushrooms trip in hollywood many months ago…my friend lives in LA right next to a few big studios…the biggest one is all of SONY….now I don’t usually trip psychedelics anymore because my ordinary waking consciousness has become psychedelic as a general fact…but I was aware when I tripped of the ‘skeleton’ beneath my experiences….

and this HAD NOT ALWAYS BEEN THERE. only in the last year or two did my metaphysical reality grow a spider web matrix appending from it and altering it – it’s not like I was doing more psychedelics then I’d ever done in earlier years…it made me consciously become aware of something that I’d been noticing but only with the amplification of the psychedelic lens was it finally obvious….when you are flagged…there is someone who starts to see…it is a metaphysical effect, not just a squirmy hunch that flits and flutters…it leaves a visible imprint upon the waking stuff of your physical world and I have proved that by illustrating the electric matrix grids that overlay any picture taken by a person who is thusly handled…these grids are the product of specific tunings, not a general blankey phenomena…who tunes…well those who arrange the harmonies of sauron, any lord of the ring can do so…but I digress

during this trip I tapped into the proverbial station of the extradimensional entity I had until then only been vaguely aware of.
that is I could see and hear my handler watching me..I realized my handler was sony…not any person or group there, but something BIGGER then anyone which merely paraded under the name and symbol of sony….one of the couple of PYRAMIDS that strive amongst themselves for ‘full spectrum dominance’ of human reality

sony is one of these MEGALYTH MONARCHs, one of the branch families of the secret chief brotherhoods
there are other branch families
there is not just one ‘illuminati’, that’s why seperating out if the illuminati is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is downright confusing to most of us
sony is one, I want to say disney is another
there are a couple more that I’m sure people in this site know

the idea that corporations own the world isn’t as simple as saying people with money call the shots…saying the illuminati owns the entertainment industry is looking at it wrong…casting all of this stuff under the same umbrella brand of satanism and just spouting that line and not actually studying it, you will fail to understand the true nature of this phenomena….

not so simple as saying there’s a ‘good white brotherhood’ and a ‘bad black one’ either…all have their own motives and philosophies. and all of the megalyth monarchs of this era are global, not national, but different countries and political systems have affiliated with them differently, sometimes for philosophical reasons, sometimes because they hail from a long line of humans who are contacted by the ‘secret chiefs’ of one or another branch

entertainers are the spokespeople or batters for their contracted ‘team’….but keep in mind none of this is happening explicitly for anyone. most people don’t see the full hypercube, but live in the three dimensional shadow it casts, mistaking that for reality

one thing becomes clear looking at disney now, walt disney was not letting the secret cheiftains puppeteer him acting on realities he knew nothing about….whether or not his interests were aligned with ours, I am not sure, but he willingly acted at the pinnacle of a very ancient order…

there are very very few people that enact the will of the secret cheifs with knowledge of hidden laws…the chiefs themselves are not all the hidden law, but they have access to a higher dimension

now however as ‘gravity falls’ the fourth dimension is becoming a regular part of the human experience, and those running the world are figuring out how to best transition the masses into things that may destabilize entire populations …. they have gone with the easy way out, predictive programming, now you see it now you don’t… one of the cheiftain branches is fucking with the timeslines and it is starting to anger the others….however it seems the easiest way to transition people…just ‘record over’ humanity’s working memory of recent history…

there is a price to pay for being a world idol, in that idols don’t get to be people anymore
but they also get something good from it, and the energy is like heroin
they don’t see the completed lattice helix, just the emanations of their own sephiroth….

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