“art is magnetic….” but – literally, though….

/\ is not merely symbolic, but it is also cosmological and immediate. Why is the great pyramid also a portal? I will tell you why. it is because when two lines converge or intersect, an energy gradient is generated within the aether.

lines or rays which meet at a central vertex create in the vicinity of the vertex a field of magnetic or electrostatic charge.

the stress of the charge forms a vortex.
the line on the paper is a different substance then the paper and will occasionally have different conductivity than the paper for the flow of energy around it … I will give an example to illustrate this, one which only just now finally makes sense.

I have always felt that when I draw these things ( ie [link to cybercosmopolitan.files.wordpress.com (secure)] ) while in the midst of doing so, I am enacting a ritual, that is literally changing the energy in a room. While drawing ‘the nature of reality’, the image just now linked, for example, I was drawing my whole high school AP English class into the geometric ‘trip’ where the limiting thresholds were the pattern. this was producing anomalies obvious enough that all the thirty some odd people in the class were openly perplexed and the teacher literally could not teach her lesson. kids raised their hands and fumbled over all the words they’d been about to say….more then a few times I noticed many of them staring at or drawn to the picture I was working on, as if magnetized and disturbed in a way that confused them …it looked like they wanted to tell me to stop, but these were exceptionally intelligent and well learned valedictorians who couldn’t possibly justify a sentiment so utterly absurd ….

it was like I was sharing LSD with the room – that’s the easiest way I can think to describe it. I realize that sounds outlandish, so I will let you make of this what you will; but what I didn’t realize back then, but struck me as curious, and what has struck me every time I’ve made an ‘undrawing’, is that the pattern I am making shifts the ‘lens’ of manifest reality around me…or rather created a means of amplification of a state of consciousness by shifting the alignment of the energetic transduction responsible for producing consensus reality.

as how, the conscious perceiver collapses probability waves – while making undrawings, I’d stumbled upon a way to collapse probability waves in a functional ‘net’ or shape.

so when I say that drawing a spire /\ and a vortex and a torus on paper create a charged orb within the aether and present a sort of portal for altering the skew of proximal space, I don’t say this lightly…

to understand symbols on a deeper level it must be conceived in some sense that these shapes and depictions and patterns impinge on physical space and the laws which govern it….even as two dimensional drawings…and one might imagine the possibility laden within architecture…of course the ancients understood that quite well

if that starts to fall into place as sensible, all the lines of power and who has it make a new kind of sense
it’s not merely that symbols have power, but symbols are power

6 thoughts on ““art is magnetic….” but – literally, though….

  1. “No-thing is MOVING, everything switchs.
    Each starling is an entity within it’s own unique memory field.
    Those memory fields are self similer and attune together.When one switchs, they all switch accordingly.

    The physical 3D starling is controlled via its 4D memory field, as the memory switchs the 3D remains in location within the memory field.
    All of universe operates like this, it is not the 3D physical that needs studying, it is merely reacting to the movement of it’s memory field
    Thus a comets tail is just a tale, it displays the route in the 180 degree direction of the phase conjugate flow of the memory field which is moving.
    All so called movement been a consequence of opposite spiral signallings that cause the memory to displace.
    This planet is not what is so called moving, it is the universal flows in phase conjugate fashion that cause it to stay within the displaced memory it is within.

    Those memory fields have polarity and equator, the starlings 3D physical also have a very special ability, which is their feathers, those feathers have the ability to vary within them the polarity and equator orientations, thus they switch at incredible to ourselves minds , and are able to displace fast, I have a huge tree at the end of the lane where I live ( 150 feet tall, wellingtonia) and it is full of starlings, watching them in unison hurtle into the garden opposite at break neck speed, and seemingly instantly stopping at ground level made Me wonder.
    Then I checked some feathers via dowsing……clever birds, very clever birds.


  2. “Conventional optical imaging systems today largely limit themselves to the measurement of light intensity, providing two-dimensional renderings of three-dimensional scenes and ignoring significant amounts of additional information that may be carried by captured light. For example, many photons traverse complex paths punctuated by multiple bounces prior to entering the aperture of a camera or other imager—a process through which these photons pick up information about their surroundings. Beyond such directional variability, light enjoys other aspects or degrees of freedom—including variations in propagation time, polarization state and spectral content, as well as wave-related properties such as coherence, diffraction and interference—all of which provide potential mechanisms by which light can acquire and convey information. Most of this information remains untapped today……”


  3. “What are the basic building blocks of the cosmos? Atoms, particles, mass energy? Quantum mechanics, forces, fields? Space and time — space-time? Tiny strings with many dimensions? A new candidate is “information,” which some scientists claim is the foundation of reality. The late distinguished physicist John Archibald Wheeler characterized the idea as “It from bit” — “it” referring to all the stuff of the universe and “bit” meaning information. Is information the ultimate constituent from which the cosmos is constructed? I started as a skeptic. Information as reality seems so outlandish, so trendy — a metaphor on steroids. But here’s how physicist Paul Davies, director of BEYOND: The Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science at Arizona State University, frames the question: “Historically, matter has been at the bottom of the explanatory chain, and information has been a sort of secondary derivative of it,” Davies said. Now, he added, “there’s increasing interest among at least a small group of physicists to turn this upside down and say, maybe at rock bottom, the universe is about information and information processing, and it’s matter that emerges as a secondary concept.”……..”


  4. “Optogenetics (from Greek optos, meaning “visible”) uses light to control neurons which have been genetically sensitised to light. It is a neuromodulation method employed in neuroscience that uses a combination of techniques from optics and genetics to control and monitor the activities of individual neurons in living tissue—even within freely-moving animals—and to precisely measure the effects of those manipulations in real-time……..”

    “In a series of experiments on mice involving a technique called optogenetics – when light is used to activate specific nerve cells in the brain – the researchers found that it was possible for the mice to remember a memory that had previously been lost.

    “The majority of researchers have favoured the storage theory, but we have shown in this [study] that this majority theory is probably wrong. Amnesia is a problem of retrieval impairment,” said Susumu Tonegawa of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.”


  5. “‹ ›
    A new bionic lens implant could give patients the unique ability to see three times better than standard 20/20 vision for the rest of their lives.

    Dr. Garth Webb, founder and CEO of Ocumetics Technology Corp, a company committed to eliminating glasses and contact lenses for patients, invented the Ocumetics Bionic Lens, which resembles a small

    The procedure, which can be done in an outpatient office, takes just eight minutes and is painless, according to Webb……”



    Science Proves Human Eyes Emit Energy Beams


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