“art is magnetic….” but – literally, though….

/\ is not merely symbolic, but it is also cosmological and immediate. Why is the great pyramid also a portal? I will tell you why. it is because when two lines converge or intersect, an energy gradient is generated within the aether.

lines or rays which meet at a central vertex create in the vicinity of the vertex a field of magnetic or electrostatic charge.

the stress of the charge forms a vortex.
the line on the paper is a different substance then the paper and will occasionally have different conductivity than the paper for the flow of energy around it … I will give an example to illustrate this, one which only just now finally makes sense.

I have always felt that when I draw these things ( ie [link to cybercosmopolitan.files.wordpress.com (secure)] ) while in the midst of doing so, I am enacting a ritual, that is literally changing the energy in a room. While drawing ‘the nature of reality’, the image just now linked, for example, I was drawing my whole high school AP English class into the geometric ‘trip’ where the limiting thresholds were the pattern. this was producing anomalies obvious enough that all the thirty some odd people in the class were openly perplexed and the teacher literally could not teach her lesson. kids raised their hands and fumbled over all the words they’d been about to say….more then a few times I noticed many of them staring at or drawn to the picture I was working on, as if magnetized and disturbed in a way that confused them …it looked like they wanted to tell me to stop, but these were exceptionally intelligent and well learned valedictorians who couldn’t possibly justify a sentiment so utterly absurd ….

it was like I was sharing LSD with the room – that’s the easiest way I can think to describe it. I realize that sounds outlandish, so I will let you make of this what you will; but what I didn’t realize back then, but struck me as curious, and what has struck me every time I’ve made an ‘undrawing’, is that the pattern I am making shifts the ‘lens’ of manifest reality around me…or rather created a means of amplification of a state of consciousness by shifting the alignment of the energetic transduction responsible for producing consensus reality.

as how, the conscious perceiver collapses probability waves – while making undrawings, I’d stumbled upon a way to collapse probability waves in a functional ‘net’ or shape.

so when I say that drawing a spire /\ and a vortex and a torus on paper create a charged orb within the aether and present a sort of portal for altering the skew of proximal space, I don’t say this lightly…

to understand symbols on a deeper level it must be conceived in some sense that these shapes and depictions and patterns impinge on physical space and the laws which govern it….even as two dimensional drawings…and one might imagine the possibility laden within architecture…of course the ancients understood that quite well

if that starts to fall into place as sensible, all the lines of power and who has it make a new kind of sense
it’s not merely that symbols have power, but symbols are power