Nothing is Hidden, Nothing is Concealed

a dark horse, a volatile setting where the climate spawns storms…
Athena emerged from Zeus’s forehead
with the wisdom of the owl
Jupiter, reigning over torrential skies
I can relate to the cusp of a maelstrom
static of charges interlocking and such…
the root of all things and their grave
I’ve always had a soft spot for ‘the lightning blade’

Last Edited 04/15/2015 03:31 AM

collective unconscious

-So it has begun—the beginning of the end

-Once the others have arrived, it will start at the beginning again, with you. You will arrive here again, alone,
and you will start to wait for the others. It’s like a loop, like a circle. It is feeding on you, therefore it cannot let you go.

and this star in the East, when it’s viewed from the Holy Land, with the earth’s rotation, it wouldn’t be in the East;

it would be in the West.

Now where is that dog with the keys?

-“I open at the close.”
-What do you think that means?
-At first I thought it was an eye, but now I don’t think so.

When the planets are in eclipse, the black hole opens, spreading chaos.

-Project Alice and the subject of domestication is of the highest priority. You will concentrate on this to the exclusion of all other research.

Imagine a second sun shining like a diamond in the sky. Let there be light.

-So why water?
-It’s a universal conduit—lubricates the transition from one plane to another.

Water and Metal are the key elements of Time Travel.
Water [the looking glass] is the barrier element [threshold] for the construction of Time Portals [arks] used as gateways [bridges] between Universes [cubes] at the Tangent Vortex [Galactic Center].

I had a Cunning Vision. This vision has released me.
Not just in the mirror … I looked through the mirror.

None of this is real, okay?

This place, you see … this place is nowhere, and it’s forever.

Alpha and Omega: the beginning and end of time.

This was never about the movie, you know? This was about all of us.

This is precisely what he wants: us together heading for the portal.


It’s his game now. The only way to win is not to play.

The journey’s a lonely one, so much more than we know, but sometimes you’ve got to go and be your own hero.

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