Codes al la Keys

See [Wheels, Spirals and Keys, Oh My!] and [Why did the American Dentist Kill Cecil the Lion?]

cryptography has always been useful, so long as there have been people in power that need to pass secrets back and forth…inevitably, secrets become a trade, and a language forms around trade in secrets.

seems like the occult would be an obvious first choice when considering matters of forbidden energies or technologies
because they are similar matters
communication and deception, sensory stimuli studied to perfect the science of illusion

now when you want to hijack a broadcast
do you steal the network,
or do you steal the signal?
Do you steal the program? or do you steal the password to the skeleton key?

metaphors, poems, hieroglyphs, binary digits, cuniform, Hz spectrography wavetables, alphabets within metric systems, all notional systems between various administrators


some people spend their lives working on The Code
they never get around to bothering with The Key/s
Now if you have a pattern governing the laws of existence…
what scripts those laws, whatever that may be, is indeed something godlike
you cannot beat it or join it unless you see – at the bare minimum – : that .
otherwise it’s like fighting shadows with a pair of boxing gloves

that’s what I wonder, how would one ‘steal’ such a thing as a key without any known original to work with? well I’d suppose they’d use the lock, and try to see how one would engineer a key to fit there.

now what if in the process of unmaking these locks, that is is of comparing among them and attempting to find consistency among the final products of various locks, and of coming to understand the subtler shades of meaning behind the architecture of the mechanics of the lock as per its meeting the key and creating it (like the DNA to RNA messengers, generally the signal is rather succinct )

likewise if you have the base components of amino acids you can string together proteins – at its heart in structure messages are all sort of the same at both their simplest and most complex. all are built off of fundamentals and tuned to instruments of mass as they string together components of more complex and deeply embedded orchestrations of proportionality.

one way I think about ‘flat earth’

it is all tangled up in that idea of ‘boundaries’
that is, the limiting driver of fullstop on dashes and dots
or the master eraser switchboard from analog to digital
the universe’s version of the ‘recycle can’
information exiled merely ‘shuts off’
it doesn’t go anywhere else, just ‘goes dark’

what is useful about flat earth is it asks us to reconsider the limiting factor of our metaphysical ‘house’,the ark/arch of the universe

rather then considering the ‘flat’ on space, the flat is on time relative to space, the ‘face’ of the signal as a boundary parallel to the sphere , transmitting information outside our sensory perception but radiating messages that interact with the luminerferous ether (dynamic container)

what one gets is like a mirror window pane lain transparently across what once functioned opaque in order to veil

our emotions cry out just like a note ‘G’ cries out in D minor seventh
it alters the chorus, like a cell grouped in a tissue cluster
‘singing’ a tune/message between nodes/spheres.