Strange, but True…. Complex Prolonged Traumatic Stress and You

This article was originally posted by me here : Strange, but True…. Complex Prolonged Traumatic Stress and You

NOTE: it may be a triggering article, so please don’t read it if you’re worried about that. 
I know it may not click immediately, but a lot of people on GLP and in general show signs of prolonged traumatic stress.

Traumatic stress is the ‘alpha level’ or foundational programming that unlocks the door for cognitive infiltration to begin.

Doesn’t almost everyone have this post 9/11?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5903885

YES. ohyeah
Everybody has alpha programming to some degree.
Beyond the patriot act and the front of the war on terror, the whole point of 9/11 was as a mass traumatization ritual

But most people are functioning ‘according to programming’
That’s why those of us who come here concern TPTB

Thank you for reminding me of this, as I was doing the write up for my OP I tried to remind myself to mention 9/11 like four times but for some reason it just kept slipping my mind

 Quoting: Caylus Ark

the interplay of genetics, in addition to prior traumatization ie a history of past abuse, especially in formative years, will influence who gets the head stick where it hurts.

if there is vulnerability on some level, it is very likely (the longer you’re here, the longer you stay) that as a general rule, you will eventually start showing signs of complex traumatic stress down the line, and this will change the neurobiological structure of your brain if goes on .

exposure to a prolonged pattern of traumatic stress can cause…

–hypernesia in procedural memory
–amensia in episodic memory
–hyperreactivity to stimuli,
–abnormal panic triggered by seemingly innocuous people places or things
–psychic numbing,
–crazy startle response
–emotional compartmentalization


Emotional Regulation. May include persistent sadness, suicidal thoughts, explosive anger, or inhibited anger.

Consciousness. Includes forgetting traumatic events, reliving traumatic events, or having episodes in which one feels detached from one’s mental processes or body (dissociation).

Self-Perception. May include helplessness, […] and a sense of being completely different from other human beings.

Distorted Perceptions of the Perpetrator. Examples include attributing total power to the perpetrator, becoming preoccupied with the relationship to the perpetrator, or preoccupied with revenge.

Relations with Others. Examples include isolation, distrust, or a repeated search for a rescuer.

 Quoting: [link to]

–hyperarousal to environmental context and behavioral cues in others can result in compensation by ‘shutting down’ and avoiding triggering stimuli in addition to general numbness to both trauma and everyday experience
ie, numb, isolated
….anhedonia reinforced by triggering.
–because everything is experienced as ‘too intense’, a flattened affect usually results of efforts to avoid the intense discomfort of anxiety that seems to have no source

“One of the possible reasons for chronic stress following traumatic events is the disorganizing effect of loss of control and violation of expectation for regulating aspects of one’s life.”

 Quoting: Baum, Cohen, Hall 1993

people with ptsd develop an inability to differentiate relevant from irrelevant stimuli (hence, once you’ve actually been a target, you may start to see enemies everywhere as a defense mechanism)

^– so essentially this person will begin getting ‘triggered’ even at mundane stressors, overgeneralizing which stimuli provoke the traumatic event to recur in memory. (this can cause PARANOIA)

-exposure to extreme stress leads to a pattern of intrusive and repetitious thoughts setting up a disordered pattern of arousal (this can cause OBSESSION, because the repetitious thoughts lead one to seek out catharsis)

the normal activation of the hippocampus (largely responsible in the formation of episodic memory) and the amygdala (regulates fear responses) may be impaired but only insofar as you perceive the attacks against you to be unstoppable, believe yourself to be helpless, and believe the situation to be unbearable

it is even possible, in desensitization, to ‘burn out’ amygdala functioning, with over exposure.

additionally the ability of the brain to regulate serotonin is inhibited which often may lead to depression anxiety and isolation.

What you may not know? Delusions are traumatic, and paranoid schizophrenics start to develop the same symptoms as war vets if their symptoms go untreated long enough. .

In other words, psychosis after awhile develops into —->PTSD (eg, if you feel your life is threatened, or people are after you, whether this belief is a truth or a delusion, it will traumatize you the same extent)

so imaginary stressors can cause PTSD to the same degree as real stressors if they are sincerely believed

could that mean that PTSD —–> “paranoid schizophrenia”? too?

Trauma victims often report alterations in the experience of place, time, and person, which conferred a sense of unreality on the event as it was occuring. Dissociation during trauma may take the place of altered time sense; time may be experienced as either slowed down or accelerated. Many victims experience depersonalization, out-of-body-experiences, bewilderment, confusion, disorientation, altered pain perception, altered body image, tunnel vision, and immediate dissociative experience

 Quoting: Marmer et al

feedback loop of trigger: physiological arousal may produce traumatic memory and traumatic memory may produce physiological arousal

“the interest in traumatic neurosis emerged out of the recognition that some events have a peculiar psychological toxicity. One of the characteristics of these events is their capacity to create fear and an intense sense of threat. […] The impact of these traumatic experiences is uniquely destabilizing to one’s consciousness….

the individual, overcome by vehement emotion, is not himself. Forgetting the event which precipitated the emotion has frequently been found to accompany intense emotional experiences in the form of continuous and retrograde amnesia.


…given a sort of ‘violation of boundaries’ that was ongoing, indistinct, pervasive, immaterial, and hostile…and it involved provoking a very high level of sympathetic nervous system response…this is very bad for your immune system as well, because your body is overtaxing its resources waiting to resolve a threat that either does not resolve because it is not a threat or does not resolve because it cannot be addressed.

The reason a dissociative and/or personality disorder is often present in those with complex trauma is that the perceptions of reality after enduring prolonged trauma are radically altered. This perception is much different than the reality perceived without prolonged trauma. Reality becomes torn, molded, and shaped to fit within a traumatic atmosphere. Due to longevity and exposure, this distorted picture of reality becomes normalized for the patient who experiences complex trauma.

 Quoting: [link to (secure)]

People subjected to trauma tend to ‘recreate’ their trauma over and over again. When it is not clear how one is being manipulated, however, or by whom, the psychological breakdown can be exacerbated enormously. Not knowing whether you are sane or crazy, who your enemies are, what they want, or how much access they have into your life…that can be enormously traumatic.

Trust is something that protects against further trauma and helps heal, but the traumatized are generally not capable of much trust, particularly if the traumatization is ongoing/perpetual.

One could simply not come here anymore, but generally we are torn because there are people and conversations to be had that quite simply are not possible anywhere else. pain, pleasure, fear, philosophy…. also, systematic ‘break you into pieces’ types of traumatization.

the nature of the dysfunctional bond generally relies upon very addictive and subtle ‘personal myth scripting’. When people are ‘blasted’ with fear, threats, and doubt, they are often much more responsive afterwards to potential friends and any kindness.

Stockholm syndrome – emotional attachment to one’s abusers – occurs in cases where the victim is captive with little outside support . this applies to many of us here, because we are psychologically held captive – and psychologically there is a rush, from the doom, and from the information, and from the mystery. it makes it hard to leave, because we are truth seekers and even the trauma makes us want to know the truth even worse.

in cases of psychological attacks , there is little alternative to isolation other than to bond with those who understand the experience. The nature of the experience encourages silence, as trust tends to lead to recoil as friends and loved ones are unable to understand a strange world they don’t belong to.

in the case of a cultlike group whose beliefs are likely to be rejected in mainstream society, isolation increases group cohesion, and the Stockholm syndrome is enhanced by multiple factors under the circumstantial pressure of the group identity which the guru handles or controls.

Also cults are not solely trauma purveyors, but often encourage scripts which play on the needs of man to feel important, powerful, needed, loved…so they convince him he is above all other men and cause him to fear and distrust his neighbors…he is flattered before he is shattered, and the flattery encourages a tactical error of overconfidence which is emotionally gratifying to fall for – if we are special as they say we must be above manipulation. Once you are ‘above’ being tricked, you will avoid seeing your own misjudgment even when it really counts, if only because your habits were seconds or minutes too late to count for much.

Humility is the only way to counter this
(Hence way the nobody threads are actually ancient : Ulysseus said, “I am NOMAN”, nemo means nobody, the nameless one has existed as the ineffable 0 in all time, the mystery traditions honor only the seeker who rejects glory for wisdom…)

TL;DR this place is like a jedi training ground…but your choice is pretty much learn to use the force or end up mindmangled in the jaws of the abyss


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