The Illuminati

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is a series of interesting thoughts about the group popularly known as ‘The Illuminati’, taken from a series of threads on GLP that, for some unknown reason, have been cluster posted in the last week and which, more then likely, have functioned as bait to lure out silly people like me, who can’t help but be interested in the subject. Various topics in relation to ‘The Illuminati’ are addressed in the thoughts below, including their strange rise in popular culture in recent months, arguments for and against their existence, some historical theorizing regarding different but parallel orders, and other thoughts regarding the source of energy for occult power. 

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70111779

didn’t aleister crowly ‘found’ or reconstitute rather the illuminati with A.:.A / Astrum Argentum / order of the silver star? he supposedly founded it in the wake of a schism among golden dawn members.

Weishupt was proactively infiltrating organizations like freemasonry , so it is very unlikely that the Illuminati ended with his death. You mentioned that date 1886. I’m sure there’s more to this then my brief thought permits, but , that is about the time of the Occult Revival of the late 19th/early 20th century.

Among Crowley’s circles, the true power of the mystical tradition was said to be endowed by a group known sparsely and in whispers as the ‘Secret Chiefs’ . It seems these figures were not entirely human, but rather that they were extradimensional entities which communicated with humankind through vessels, naturally those whom they choose seem to have been social luminaries at the pinnacle of not only the mundane world but also at the highest end of secret societies of the time.

At that time, HP Blavatsky, a well known member of the Theosophical society, was working on The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled which would be published some time later, in 1888 and 1889. In “The Secret Doctrine” Blavatsky talks about these extradimensional sentiences and their incursion into our human world.

I read about one woman who wrote a book called “Swords of Wisdom” about the subject of the Secret Chieftains. She recounts her brief association with ‘Illuminati’ members whom deigned to interview her with the possibility of initiating her into the higher echelons of their order (she was already a standing member of The Golden Dawn). They decided they did not want her, but she claims that ever since she made contact with an old woman who was herself a Chieftain, she began experiencing periodic psychic assaults that she was quite unprepared for. It seemed to her that these Secret Chiefs had a nefarious and otherworldly presence.

 Quoting: Caylus Ark

But it hardly seems fair to let Weishupt and Crowley get away with all the credit for founding an order that has undoubtably existed since at least the times of Sumeria and Babylon, admittedly not under the same headings. The Brotherhood of The Snake, Frater Saturnalius, The Templar – all carried on the secrets of they who were known as ‘The Shining Ones’. Pythagoras was initiated into the sacred tradition of the Egyptians – whom taught knowledge sacred to The Shining Ones – while he’d also been initiated into the Eleusinian mysteries of Greece.

Undoubtably Pythagoras understood that the great pyramid was harmonically aligned with nature’s most resonant forms and intervals.


The Shining Ones themselves may have been the Godlike beings called by some, Watchers, others , Nephilim. It was likely they who shared a base 60 counting system with us, and perhaps that is one of the transgressions chronicled by Enoch . After all, timekeeping – the clock – is probably the greatest conspiracy of perception (aside from the mirror, that is).

 Quoting: Caylus Ark

Forgive me for what will likely be an indulgence in redundancy but – X Marks the Spot, no?

THREAD: The Illuminati

If you were illuminated would feel the need to tell everyone you were illuminated? Isnt illumination part of the selflessness process? Letting go of self and simply being illuminated? Whats with the need to throw it in someones face that your smarter then they are? All these symbols and messages. Sounds backwards. Is it an ego thing?


This is definitely bait, but I’ll bite.

Perhaps the difference is what source of energy is used. I think it is infernal to use humans as a source of energy. Heat. Those whom would follow a celestial course would draw their energy from Light, from the stars.

To be illuminated I think implies that one has been initiated to the extent to which a level of awakening has been reached. But I think it doesn’t necessarily imply an affiliation with either good or evil. These are after all only qualities that have meaning in relation to the value and dignity of the human life.

So far as I would refer to the Illuminati as an order personally, I would generally be referring to the infernally inclined group which controls the monetary system , oppresses the masses (which it perceives as subhuman ), and harvests energy from rituals broadcast across the world.

I don’t think that implies, however, that a virtuous Illuminati would be inconsistent, not in the least.

Right but doesnt illumination imply a higher understanding of love? Gosh, if we all had a better understanding of true love the whole fucking charade goes bye bye.


Yeah, I think love is the coherent form of light, and the only untainted source of power.

But there is another path, one of love’s opposite; apathy. One may think it to be hatred offhand but I think apathy is more in line with reality. For it is apathy that allows power to be channeled into its most dangerous and potent forms. A ruler with apathy can make sacrifices a ruler with love would never choose.

It is well known that one component of so called elite bloodlines is the heritability of psychic power.

When you look at myths of something like a vampire, the legend of Dracula tells of a man in one of those bloodlines of the dragon Nicholas de vere described. Maybe vampirism is a manifestation of that sort of psychic power when it is used to draw energy from others (love by contrast is an energy gift)

illumination doesn’t necessarily imply love by its root. It implies clarity, and clarity can in practice be very cruel. Love is always a choice .

I found it odd.

The car apparently has a “Siri” type of virtual assistant. The commercial features a guy driving the car, asking the “Siri”-like program a series of questions.

The last question he asks is “What is the Illuminati?”


Seems odd to throw that into a car commercial. Seems like uhh inappropriate for a car commercial.

But Illuminati has been more “mainstream” lately. It’s been popping up all over the place. Adult Swim has been making bumps on it’s channel referencing the Illuminati for years now, even saying that they are in cahoots with them.

It all comes off very tongue in cheek, like Adult Swim is making a joke and fucking around with conspiracy nuts who would easily believe it and eat it up.
heres one of the many
[link to (secure)]

Then, I saw a comic Trevor Moore (main kid from The Whitest Kids U’Know sketch show) on Comedy Central. His comedy special starts with him meeting with the Illuminati who induct him into their order so that he can have his own comedy special.
you can watch that here:
[link to (secure)]

It all seems super jokey and like it’s making fun of the belief that the Illuminati exists.

I saw an MTV ad a couple weeks ago that had a young kid talking to the camera and he says something along the lines of “The internet believes that we, MTV, are actually a part of the Illuminati. We just wanted to say, Yes. Yes we are.”

Again it all seems jokey and such. But this car commercial was just fucking weird. Like for no reason this guy asks his car what the illuminati is.

I just saw an older MTV ad for christmas where somebody sets their xmas tree on fire by accident, then a goat head on the wall falls onto this guys head so he looks like The Baphomet. He then catches on fire and as his arms are flailing he strikes the “as above, so below” arm/hand sign.

Is it just popular to talk about the Illuminati now? Are companies using it to gain attention for themselves? I heard a rapper talking about the reason there’s so much illuminati symbolism in rap videos is because directors know that it’s a big trend right now so they are filling the vids up with it to get attention and to get people talking about the video and more importantly, watching and spreading the video. That makes a lot of sense to me. Could it be the same way with these television companies?

The car commercial though. Like why would it just randomly be there in the fucking commercial? I wish I could find it so I could share it with you all.

Are they really just flaunting it in front of our faces? Whats the fucking deal?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5526588

Adult swim was joking at first until they realized that they weren’t joking anymore. It is very apparent to me why that happened maybe because I have sort of grown up with adult swim and noticed when it took a bent towards the trippy and it’s gotten more and more trippy and awakened as time has gone on. Adult Swim probably piqued their interest early on because that station sensed the zeitgeist earlier then most since their whole staff is made up of trippy, savvy, perceptive and eccentric folk whom were the cutting edge , making shows and cartoons that at first were just supposed to trip out stoners and people who liked LSD…but over time the shows they would run would increasingly come to depict a manner of awakening in what can only be described as perhaps pineal symbolism

. If there is such a thing as an organization like that it surely would have noticed adult swim

I was talking to some kids that are a bit younger then me – 19, I am 23 – well supposedly posing for pictures with illuminati hand symbols was “so sixth grade” to them. I was like what? Are you kidding? We never did that…

Of course the new generation is being raised without particular aversion or even skepticism regarding their existence, so it seems. It’s still a joke, but at a certain point it’s only funny because you are aware nobody is kidding.

 Quoting: Caylus Ark

“Secret societies” are usually very lame 🙂

Fantasy and the imagination running wildly is so much more entertaining. You don’t want to ruin it with boring and down-to-earth realities.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70365209

Maybe so, but that thread mentioned earlier by the alleged illuminati mind control handler was extremely interesting.

I’m not easily impressed by occult knowledge, either, frankly.
But I offer my deference to those who may have something to teach me, and really anybody may…

I wouldn’t ever bother taking an oath of silence for a mundane secret and I’m not sure why anybody would. It wouldn’t be hard to make an interesting secret society, if you really had all hidden or esoteric knowledge at your disposal.

So I’m sure that there is a true ‘illuminati’ – if there is not, such the nature of a designation like that one would end up ultimately in its own creation.

So…if people are willing to come forward on GLP, they will find me listening as humbly as I am ought, regardless of what ‘tier’ i actually happen to class my own level of knowledge. Such that the hoarding of thoughts tends to become a dogmatic habit, I would be inclined to throw away all that I knew before I would be inclined to flout or esteem my own wisdom.

gurus are always toxic developments of personality, in one’s own core persona no less then in one’s own social circle.

So what you are saying is that if there are no true illuminati, eventually a bunch of dudes who think so highly of themselves that they think they have a duty to enlighten the world will claim that title?

You are correct. This is exactly what happened.

The only problem is that they are just that. People so full of themselves they claimed to be enlightened.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70365209

Sure, this is the folly of mankind. Once we allow our self-image to become exalted, it is corrupted. Once it is corrupted, the source by which our wisdom was derived serves us no longer, and our erstwhile throne is then defunct. While a man in such a scenario may still have all the wealth, political power, and fame that he needs to rule the world, he increasingly comes to lack the one quality which he had originally used to characterize himself as worthy to rule above his fellow man: that spiritual, intellectual, and emotional wisdom which transcends what humankind previously believed possible – and continues, like the renewal of the celestial spheres in the ark of an orbital, to progress its frame.

The only way for a person to remain always in good standing with wisdom is to remain conscious of his status as a fool . The more immune he believes himself to be, to errors of thought , judgement, and intuition, the more vulnerable to these shortcomings he is certain to become. The truly worthy and wise ruler does not rule because he wants to lead but because of the sober recognition that there is nobody else better suited for him to give the task to, and nobody whom is likely to exceed his execution.

The Illuminati as they currently stand are no more immune to this rule then any other who risk the name pretender to steer at the helm of mankind. When pride consumes them, when confidence blinds them, when scorn loosens their caution, when power corrupts the discipline of understanding…when this happens then they are doomed, and in such an artistically pleasant way, to be overthrown , like narrative villains in the cyclical telling of posterity’s end….

The way I see it, one can only use a title which refers to the spiritual elect (illuminated ones, illuminati) so long as one shines with the light of thine few, in radiance esteemed & privileged: emissaries ; the spiritual dimensions of a title like this cannot be maintained without the supporting grace of the mystic which empowers it.

That is why no true master has ever lifted a finger against an enemy. He merely bears witness while they defeat themselves. The only things required of him are the wisdom of the proper time and place.

White collar criminals knowing they are too rich and protected by modern laws to be worried by justice.It’s fun to think the world is governed in secret by a cabal of people with almost mystical powers. It’s more depressing to accept no one is at the deck of this ship and that money is the only power that governs the world today.

What is shaping the modern world is corporate and financial interests.

Hopefully the money game isn’t a fatality and it’s possible to watch it from afar without letting it corrupt you too much.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70365209

The white collar criminals that are rich and run the world are also the Illuminati, at least at the very top of that hierarchy where the upper echelons of freemasonry and mystery school ritualism intersect. Of course these occult undertones suffuse the elite; not only have insiders documented and testified to such links, but they are plainly embedded in a consistent language of symbology that is simultaneously global and which permeates features of human culture as distinct as storytelling to architecture; hollywood to the wailing wall, It’s not ‘fun’ to think about some of the atrocities they have committed against mankind. Of course individuals who are too simpleminded to look beyond the obvious will never hear the words from the horses mouth.

But the evidence for the occult system which accompanies the financial elite is neither fringe nor hidden – it is piled so high right now in the annals of the internet archive, the testimonies of people who have been directly involved, the imagery of those responsible for controlling the media machine, and documents which have been leaked by the organizations in question by accident of course….that not even the official story really bothers to make fun of the Illuminati anymore. If you are really too obsessed with your own ideology to address something so obvious, one must wonder at your true motive posting here.

really you should make up your mind. You are contradicting yourself in this single sentence.

Are they in control or not?

I say no. I say opposite individual interests are in control.

I say “illuminati” don’t exist, and if some people claim that name, it’s just a bunch of guys with a common interest in the occult who are thinking very highly of themselves. The kind you can find in every mundane “secret” societies and convent like the masons, the golden dawn or the various wacko who claim to be the only true heirs of the knight templars.

It’s conforting to imagine a group (even nefarious) is in control. It’s a coping mechanism for the mind easily prone to anxiety. The kind of minds who like to scare themselves coming on GLP for their daily fix of doom and conspiracy :p

But to face the terrible truth that no one is steering the wheel of what -in our hybris- we call “civilization” ? Who wants to inflict such stress to the mind? lol

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70365209

What drivel. An occult group can call themselves anything they please, “Illuminati” included. As it just so happens, there is a deeply embedded system of occult symbology literally chiseled into the history of this country in stone. If you cannot understand what the architecture of our capital actually represents in terms of freemasonic astrology, that is due to your own ignorance, not the absence of evidence.

As it just so happens, the entire holocaust was suffused with an occult quest, and Crowley himself participated in the war as a spy. Everybody knows Crowley was the founder of an occult order that you , perhaps, do not consider secretive, but in making claims that the Golden Dawn is inconsequential to the goals of the Illuminati, it seems to me that you are inventing facts rather then using your reasoning facilities to draw connections between organizations which have established historical crosslinks.

As it just so happens, the most intelligent and esteemed thinkers in the history of our world happen to be noted as off the record initiates of the mystery wisdoms, a tradition that has to this day continued among those who count themselves true scholars or philosophers. The Illuminati you claim to be the fanciful notion of some ill-conceived ignoramuses may be, misrepresented, misunderstood, or misdefined, I grant you.

But if you are making an argument against the actual factual evidence that is represented by the historical record, mankind’s symbolic record, and the current demystification undertaken by that group of their own volition – you are being willfully blind, and deceptive . Which is why the pattern in which you have written the message immediately preceding this one is laden with casual qualifiers and emotes to encourage less critical examination of the actual things you say. That is the one thing that tends to be executed very poorly by fabricated contrarians – a good fallacious argument.

So since people in this thread really believes that there some elites acting together in a concerted effort worldwide to bring the world in a certain direction, and there are proofs of this easily found all around us if we can look past the symbols, can anyone post just one of these indisputable proofs in the thread?

I doubt that for the centuries they existed, the “illuminati” never committed any mistake, letting a proof of their existence slip through the net of their oath of secrecy.

No THAT would be substance for an otherwise very hollow thread.

Thanks in advance.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70365209

That is an error in logic. You go straight from the assumption that A) The Illuminati is real to B) The implication of the illuminati being real means that we must accept a global conspiracy of control which has remained under wraps for thousands of years naturally follows from that logic

Of course, A does not naturally produce B. An erroneous process of thought links the two in an effort to persuade the reader of Point A’s absurdity.

You propose that for centuries, the Illuminati have concealed their existence. But they have not been concealing themselves from all of mankind; rather, they have been passing down a tradition of priesthood known as ‘the shining ones’ among those who are concerned with matters of the sacred. Obviously, in the days of the Egyptians, this did not include everybody, in the days of Pythagoros, and Francis Bacon, it again did not include everyone, in the days of Newton, Crowley, Dr. Dee, Caligiostro – the initiates who were aware of this ancient priesthood included only a very distinct group.

But you are wrong to assume for no reason that any conspiracy to conceal the existence of a secret group must have occurred by necessity. In saying such a thing, you exclude the aggregated behavior of man, which includes such tendencies as taking thinkings at face value and getting easily bored by abstract philosophical notions which demand prolonged intensive consideration. There is no need to hide an occult order from such an eye, though the profane would be denied entry in any case, because the average man both today and in ages past does not care a lick for the mysteries of the highest order, could not understand them if they tried, and are not going about looking for such a thing.

Of course they were known of – again, in whispers, and with due reverence. And they were not called the Illuminati into the designation was invented by Weishupt in the eighteenth century. But they had many other names, and the system of secret knowledge concealed by the shining priesthood is of an order that most of mankind is simply not capable of receiving.
And in case you missed conspiracy theories 101, As per their [the ‘Illuminati’s] CURRENT POWER, it includes the UNITED NATIONS, the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION , and the innumerable international orders like JASON, Bilderberg Committee, Trilateral Commission, ETC that coordinate International control among an extremely privileged delegation of elite insiders where only a complete fool would deny shady things are being decided.

Now please get back to the topic and someone post a proof of the existence of a secret group overarching all power structures worldwide?Just a small proof please?

Is it too much to ask or it’s not welcome on a board where high speculation to untertain the bored minds is the norm?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70365209

You are asking for a proof when it seems highly unlikely to me you are capable of differentiating a consistent argument from an inconsistent one.

Proof? Don’t you know that there is almost nothing aside of gravity and thermodynamics which is considered concretely proven by our current community of scientists? In almost every case the best you can do is advance a highly compelling theory by presenting a hypothesis which is peer reviewed , testible, and substantiated by a great, great, deal of evidence, where no better option exists.

What evidence is there for an international governing body? Well I have some information for you, that’s an established reality, not a conspiracy – there are international governing bodies and the people who chair their representation are among the most well connected of the elite. At these international meetings, political positions are discussed and policies are set forth which outline international goals. If you want proof, try going to the United Nations website. This is basic stuff.

You want proof there is a thing that is called the Illuminati that is connected to these groups? My god, sir, I need a new board all of my own in order to occupy all of the space, time, and energy necessary to go about proving to you there is an occult interest which overlaps with the obvious political affiliation. But how about we go about seeing whether or not my interpretation of reality is more or less likely to be validated than your interpretation of reality where these international Bildebergers are innocently playing tic tac toe at pressblocaded secret hotel conference halls.

If my interpretation of reality is correct, then the American revolution in 1776 did not just happen by chance to occur during the same year as the founding of the Illuminati in 1776. Rather, as Pike, an initiated freemason describes in his book about America’s secret destiny, the CROSSLINKS WERE INTENDED FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. Hence, obviously, why something so completely in your face as the pyramid happens to be staring you in the face on the dollar bill. Now in your interpretation of reality, that has absolutely nothing to do with an occult order. Perhaps according to your theory of greater…fuckwad randomness the pyramids represented how much our founding fathers appreciated the egyptians. The words printed on the bill that say, “new world order” must have absolutely nothing to do with the global governance now emerging so characteristically that my university is releasing new classes called “global governance” Obviously, people who are actually initiated into the system of occult symbology can advance in detail the very carefully chosen and numerological features of symbols like the truncated capstone and eagle on the dollar bill.
but, in your theory of a world which literally no priesthood of shining ones has ever existed, perhaps instead of representing their new world order the pyramid and eagle represent something suitably random for you. How likely are you to choose the correct interpretation? Virtually impossible unless you understand the correct scheme of interpretation, and you definitely wont’, because you have already told me you consider the schema I am using to be defunct . If you want to prove me wrong then please…go for it.

Now, films and music videos that literally can be characterized as neon flashing signs pointing to their occult affiliation for anybody with even the slightest initiation into the mysteries. If you actually do a little bit of background on who “rules” in hollywood, guess who? The fucking mafia. The Mafia, you think they have no occult ties? I think you better double check if that’s what you believe. Walt Disney himself was hired by the FBI. The interest that this ‘highly convenient’ group happens to serve is the interest of CONTROL. If you are going about characterizing this as a conspiracy of occult overlords, you are entirely missing the point of information control and the media machine.

Now, if my theory has bearing upon reality, it is no longer an act of terrorism which caused 9/11, but an act of Hegelian dialect . Why was the patriot act passed? On question, my friend, solves the entire dilemma: Cui Bono? Who Benefits? The elite. control, surveillence, an environment of ‘terrorism’ when more people a year are killed by porcupines –

I could lecture about the various ‘proofs’ insinuated so condescendingly as absurd by you, for more time then I currently have available to donate to your pointless charade. But the fact of the matter is, you wouldn’t be asking for a proof if you had any concept of what that word actually means in concept of science. For a person who has already decided that he or she will not be buying into this idea well in advance, a proof is literally impossible. In the case of testifying for a historical institution, one cannot merely plot out algebraic principles in a series of ascending steps.

To actually communicate the full scope of the evidence for this ancient priesthood and its implications, do you have any idea just how broad that really is? How much material that really includes? But you want what, a ‘simple proof’ because according to your convinent misunderstanding of the way a hypothesis is increasingly incorporated into a theory, somehow this is supposed to be a quick and easy thing to prove?

Furthermore, what’s the point in giving you a schedule of evidence when you have literally ignored everything thus far, beyond the point of even fallacy – I cannot even be certain you comprehend the meaning of the words I am trying to write for you here, based solely on the ways in which you have replied thus far? Based on what I have to go on, I ought to expect you to pick one aberrant sentence and write an essay disproving that.

My point is that entertaining the “illuminati” myth is feeding this eggregore and making it more real, just like German guy 2 said it.

You are being accomplice to this by perpetuating this myth and refusing to call these people with their real title/names/responsibilities.

You make this illusion more real by simply acknowledging it.

If you want to fight it, start by taking away it’s quasi mythical status.

They are just people.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70365209

The myth perpetuates itself. I will though remind you that the illuminati was a dead meme that literally rose from the ashes of its grave and became viral again seemingly out of nowhere to the point where it is all over the zeitgeist from commercials to hand signs used for ‘fun’ by the current generation of youth to a meme which is sarcastic and yet feeds the construct (illuminati confirmed)

Certain names are appropriate because they inherently fulfill everything that is needed for a proper definition, and that’s what you see happening here with this word suddenly acquiring a static glow of charge, it’s because the necessary preconditions for furnacing it were implied by all the international convergence we are currently seeing as the international control system acquires the weight of policy and law and is adopted into the norm of the media machine. The politico/occult system of memetic, symbolic, international information control requires something obvious and likely to call it. considering the surveillance insanity and the obvious suggestion of the all seeing eye of the CIA/NSA/FBI/MI/5Eye….is teh proper name not implied here? That proper name is illuminati . it’s not the use which empowers it, rather the use is empowered because its proper.

Just like that stupid “ancient astronaut” theory from Von Danicken.Why do you think History Channel made a whole documentary full of blatant lies and inacurracies? For the same reason someone is ready to buy a site like GLP to make money:

Because conspiracy theories are POPULAR. And I say this in a pejorative way. When you are ready to part yourself from your critical thinking to entertain the short buzz and excitement provided by believing in something extraordinary, you are no longer a man of reason. You are a gullible fool.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70365209

That makes no sense. I’m not inventing a single thing, I’m just using the word Illuminati to describe something you just agreed with me already is a thing. It’s not a myth, it’s exactly what I’m describing, it’s the people who are into the occult, run BLACK OPS, and go to secret international BILDEBERG meetings.
To me, they are illuminati.
Those people are REAL. THEY RUN THE WORLD. They are LITERALLY the embodiment of everything meant when said: TPTB. you may have a babyissue with what I choose to call them, but that literally doesn’t even change a single little dot on the eye of the CIA.

You want to call them a different word? Okay. But you ought to know what I mean when I say that one.

You are empowering this control system with an OCD of explanatory power that fundamentally misunderstands the linguistic principles which govern the metaconstruct of language in the mind.

Basically, by asking me to reevaluate the way my natural inclination associates ideas, you are asking me to artificially override my natural metaphorical relating principle that making it cognitively salient to associate a very specific terminology referring to a very specific group (bilderbergers) and place them within a broader, societally agreed upon context where they perform a myriad of functions, not just one function (illuminati)

I am not ’empowering’ the international control system by following the patterns which govern my relationship with meaning relative to certain concepts that require as much clarity as possible to properly discuss with others. ALL THE BETTER IF I AM EMPOWERING THE MEME, BECAUSE IT FUNCTIONS WAY WAY MORE EFFECTIVELY WHEN NOBODY PAYS ATTENTION TO ITS EXISTENCE.

The more people are talking about THE ILLUMINATI, even in the utmost of sarcasm , the more they are by extension talking about the system of international control which surveilles and controls everybody and rapes the planet earth while shitting on her face.
Yes, I find it relevant and accurate to use this word to describe the broader system which includes specific sys tems control within its body. No, I do not think using this word will offer ‘Them’ anything in the way of ritual energy that would not have the appeal of pennies to a billionaire. Literally….in this case

 I endorse the idea of using the term Illuminati because everybody is actually very clear on what it refers to. All memetic imagery applies accurately to the reality. The purpose of a word, contrary to whatever the hell you’ve been using yours for IDK, is to denote a meaning that can be used to refer to something consistent across places and times . The group being referred to here is the consistent thing being referred to that lacked a name prior to the adoption of this appellation to describe it. Why, look at you, you reject the name Illuminati and have no suitable replacement. That means if I wanted to talk about them and their dubious agenda with you, i couldn’t do it because I would have nothing to use to refer to that idea in my head and yours which we collectively share through the symbolic designation of symbols, whcih are (in this case) words

yet you are arguing somehow my using a word distorts meaning, while you use no word and give no clear indication as to the specific idea which you are attempting to describe? That seems a little …. bit of a stretch in terms of an argument

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