A Picture’s Wor[K]s A Thousand Words


It is kept secret, while remaining in plain sight.

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what was sacred was secret less its sacredness was muddied

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Yes. I understand that aspect absolutely. Most will never know it. So it is kept secret and out of the reach of the masses.I was taken with the thought of it being a gateway. Makes sense to me, in that regard.

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The unworthy could read a secret until their eyes bled and they still wouldn’t understand.

I wouldn’t go about ‘interpreting’ the picture you showed me if I were conversing with a nonseeker. That would be like playing handball with a log.

I guess one fundamental difference with me in that respect is that I consider everyone capable of becoming worthy of understanding
It’s just a matter of learning how to communicate

the greatest thing about a work of art is its ability to INSPIRE. I have never ‘worshipped’ artist or celeb, eye doll, but a truly great piece INSPIRES greatness of one’s own, that is worthy of the highest RESPECT and acknowledgement of human capability in its efforts to be uniquely brilliant

What is inspiration but the spark of that fire that seeks the sacred, rises upwards, the spire/spiral of the helix : )

The thing itself:

I know you like symbols. So do I.

What do you make of this?



 Quoting: Seer777

The eye is at the kether position as the crown of the arch, it caps the unseen third pillar which can’t be met except by temperance between the twin pillars which are truncated twin flames – they require internal reconciliation in order to be active/unified .

the node capping the left pillar implies chokmah and the right binah. the coffin implies malkuth, The four letters E S W N represent four names and forces that hold together the shape of the world. The checkered floor is the interplay of alternations, form revealed at the point of harmonic contrast.

the three depicted celestial bodies, ie sun moon and star, form a trine – and it connects directly down to the heart. the celestial bodies are not dimensionally proximal to the pillars, grounds, alter, below. The ayin/crown is the source of unending light, and that light descends and is caught in the celestial bodies which mediate the human existence on earth…

the moon and sun work in conjunction with the stars where they resonate light at a particular orientation , frequency and proximity. These phases directly affect consciousness on earth , filtering perceptual paradigms in ways that the uninitiated are passively influenced by. The initiated whom understand the orientation of heavenly schemes understand how constellations tend to instigate archetypal patterns in history and humanity, and they could work with their understandings to optimize a desired potentiality.

the trine connecting celestia to the heart is dimensionally distinct and space-distance has no bearing upon it because the heart is a vortex. thus it is shown as immediately underneath the trine and not somewhere inside the chest where a man might expect to find it. This is the mystery of the interconnectedness of all things.

There is a hand shaking a hand , in hebrew the word for ‘close friend’ is hand and hand again, the process of shaking hands then is seen as the process of sharing connection to malkuth among those whom are companions.

to pass through the twin pillars beyond time, the portal and place of the ark/deathless, the initiate dies, as the coffin depicts. to pass beyond the valley of the shadow of death is to lose attachment to the constraints that delude mankind through egoic preoccupation; also, fear will preclude him because if he begins to climb the steps he accelerates towards both Left and Right aspects of his soul, meaning the densest form of his shadow will walk with him side by side if he passes through the strait of gibralter towards the pillars of hercules.

to undergo ‘illumination’ one must first die, and if an experience of ego death can precede physical death of the body, it will allow the soul to progress and reach a transcendent threshold of conscious awareness . This is akin to the process of Maat weighing the soul of an initiate on her scales at the boundary between the afterlife. If his heart is balanced he proceeds through the pillars toward the alter…otherwise his effort will result in failure and produce damaging psychological and spiritual duress…in the aftermath

if his heart attenuates by virtue of his works the Celestial, Lunar, and Solar forms of energetic resonance, and he has built a foundation in his action where he may manipulate the elemental properties/names of the four forces E S W N, the circle squared is his soul as the stone. The chess board of alternating forces that act as his stage are 64, the matrix of organic life which serves as his foundation for transmuting his physical works ; the germ of life, mitosis of cellular processes, conjunction of dna, and key of solomon are all on the spectrum of this matrix .

Further, the portal of ascension may imply by his presence before the alter that he has traveled the path of the tree and if he is worthy I could only assume Daath opens from within him, the eleventh gate. In that effort he and the way become one and the same, and he enters a direct communion with source, becoming Nameless, outside the fabric of the holographic material/temporal matrix where most of us experience life.

But of course the mystical magical wonder of the symbol is that they will always remain ineffable to some degree, this is really brief and leaves out much, much…different layers of meaning and relationship here, enough for a much longer treatise , one amended by wisdom at a later time….as inevitably I remain naive and will progress throughout my whole life, doubtlessly…

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