Illuminati Kingship

Author’s Note: From the thread made a few months ago, Illuminati Kingship. I am reposting it here so that it has its own place to live.


Well here is the thing, we are co-creators of reality.
The way that I see that, it means that the illusion of the material world is a mostly stable and coherent illusion.However, consciousness is the perceptive act that collapses probability into actuality. That means it skews potentiality. Think about how many conscious creators share in creating a material universe. All of the plants, animals, humans, even inorganic atoms contribute a presence to the field.

To ‘override’ reality with your mind as you say would be riding up against the force of a whole lot of co-conscious creators, all of which exist within a relatively stable field.

But let’s say you have this person or persons whom function with what you might call this ‘Illuminati Kingship’. Lets say it is not merely that they have a strong consciousness field, it’s more then that. They can recruit the consciousness of other cocreators to share in their vision of reality. Let’s say that have the support of plantlife. Most people don’t understand the consciousness of plants. They think plants are just dumb vegetables, and they don’t understand that the plants have a broad form of consciousness that is willingness or unwillingness, embrace or wilting.

If the environment approves of the vision of a spiritual king, the field itself bends to share in the king’s vision and skews the actual manifestation of reality across linear time. This, you see, is part of what it means to have this form of spiritual regency.

 Quoting: Kayliath Ark


In essence, they are not capable of altering the field because they have what you might call this regency, but rather they have this regency because they display the qualities of leadership that allow them to alter the field. How do they gain the consent of the environment? Because they share in the vision of the environment. How do they know the vision of the environment? Because they empathize with the heart of the earth.

They understand, because they have learned to speaking utilizing the portals that connect spirit to spirit. It’s not that they are impressing their will, their greedy desire for money, power, fame, or their own ideal world onto others through some form of mentalism or sheer power. It’s that they are receivers for the visions from brethren life that doesn’t speak the language the human ear is used to hearing. They see it and feel it as it is whispered by all the consciousness as it collides and forms a planetary wish. And that planetary wish contains within it all the dreams and hopes and desires and wills of the force of Gaia and the other Celestia who watch the events of Gaia unfold.

The one who receives these visions channels the will of the unified field. If they step within the current and start to act as a representative of planetary conscious, just watch them host even the most unlikely of happenstance swirl around them and make the impossible possible. Not because they have some sort of otherworldly force itself, but because they are a host to the force that encompasses all things and surrender their fragmented self, identity, id, desire and see what the birds see, feel what the rocks feel, churn with the living crust of the earth, break against the shore of a distant sea, die with the meat they cook, and suffer or smile with the people they meet…

It is a whole different way of existing.

 Quoting: Kayliath Ark


Some of you may remember Nietzche’s will to power, the ubermensch. etc. He was helping to flesh out the paternal pinnacle of the philosophy of power. That is, pushing it out to the fullest extent it could reach driving on force alone without empathy. For the past few thousand years it seems our society has been intent on pushing this form of power and using it to declare regency of the world, ruled by the strong. ‘might makes right’.

How far does the world come, and what does it look like in light of this philosophy, ruled entirely by this ‘shape’ of force, that is the male shape of force. What you get ultimately from that kind of force rulership is what we have right now. You get, first of all a very blunt form of consciousness that is highly constricted to the literal and material. You also get a very rarefied and polarized extremism that is just itching to snap and ravage each other, ie posed on nuclear war and opposed to conciliation with difficulty understanding across ego boundaries.

Let me put it this way: I am not a person who goes for the feminine goddess worship type of mother earth religious feeling. If you follow a philosophy like that without mother’s complementary pater/father you will eventually get exactly the same problem we have now with the absolute exaggeration of one type of energy at the expense of the other. No balance in that form of extremism can exist.

I think that the feminine and masculine needs to be understood in terms of its proper context of negative and positive attraction or repulsion. Like spin, they are dual aspects of electromagnetism that shape both consciousness and the material realm we experience within. We can’t exalt one at the expense of the other, and when they are brought out of balance all things suffer for it. We are tilted to extreme skew on the violent, blunt side of consciousness and it is leading to patterns of insanity that have never been known in more psychologically balanced societies of mankind. IE school shooter type stuff is not something that happens in a sane and balanced society.

Instead of looking at feminine and masculine in terms of roles that sexual genders ought to fulfill, as so many do, we need to see these roles in terms of what type of consciousness they bring to shape reality. The feminine force co-constructs and joins. It brings the illogical, sympathetic and unknown. The reason the Queen is necessary is to balance the world, shall we say. But can Kingly force manifest in a Queen? Can Queenly force manifest in a King? What about both in a Twin Soul? Does that have to be a ‘Gay/Trans’ thing? Of course not! They are dual aspects of a soul that when joined is alchemically perfected!

 Quoting: Kayliath Ark