The Illuminati Handler

UPDATE 7/19/16: our discussion with Jos will continue on our new thread on the blue monarch forum! Please come visit the thread : Within the Machine – Illuminati Handling

About a year ago – almost exactly a year ago, in fact – a thread appeared on GLP that I’m sure my readers have seen me refer to before: I Am An Illuminati Handler. Ask Me A Question.

Its appearance intrigued me immediately. The OP is the handler/programmer for the very famous pop star. While I was skeptical (I imagine the uninformed reader to be similarly skeptical) I was certainly interested in reading what this supposed handler had to say, and I ended up engaging him for nigh-on the entirety of the 100-page thread. While I was expecting a clear charade, his answers surprised me completely – and I ended up coming to the conclusion that, even if Jos was a roleplayer who had managed to fool me, he had done so with information I would be just as happy to read in the context of fiction as fact.

Regardless of whether or not you buy into OP’s legitimacy after reading the thread – and I will say that I certainly do – the intrigue of his information is unquestionable, and his thread is perhaps one of the most fascinating I have had the oppertunity to read on GLP.

For whatever reason – and with GLP, the true answer is unlikely to ever see the light of day – OP’s thread was recently “blacklisted” – and while it has not been deleted, proxy replies are banned and our OP has not been able to regain access to it. Efforts to begin a new thread on the forum have met with a similar fate. I believe it would be quite a shame to lose the correspondence entirely, as an oppertunity to speak with a person such as this does not come along very often. I asked myself how exactly I wanted to go about making this post numerous times – as it seemed pertinent to repost some of the material from the original thread here – but I do not necessarily want to turn this blog post into a behemoth, as I believe his presence here itself ought to be the main feature.

I may make alterations to this blog post as time goes on, but I invite any readers to address our OP here in the comments section if they so choose – I would ask if the handler himself would not mind introducing himself. And of course, thank you for taking the time to share with our readers – I do imagine they will find you quite as fascinating as I have.