The True Bloodlines are born in KRSNA Consciousness

They are the real illuminati. those who tell you otherwise are deceived themselves. san graal refers not to royal blood, but a bowl of mixing. this is where red and white are mixed. the serpent nature with the divine nature. the shining ones are born from the en-lightenment. the en-lightenment happens when a ‘WoS’ and a ‘Nobody’ are merged within a soul.

KRSHNA is simply another way of referring to “shining”, or Christos. This comes from a place of royalty within the spirit – the idea that the grail is literally of the ‘blood’ is misinformed. The blood being talked about here is metaphorical, as are the ‘dragon people’ being referred to as merovingians, the heir of the so called ‘illuminati’…

Arthur was called pendragon – well what is pen dragon? it’s head dragon. King. the leader of the ‘illuminati’ are the shining ones – in hebrew, EL – or elohim. Yahweh elohim – leader of the shining ones. what are the shining ones? they are what humanity has called gods. Baal was among them.

humans are misinformed that there is only one demiurgos. there have been a few, but they are not ‘the God’ that most of us think of. they are rulers of the material realm.

the WoS and nobody are here to ‘turn’ the spoke, into a new era where men are capable of taking the role of leadership upon themselves.

to say that WoS is trapped in a tower is a metaphor, just like your minds and hearts are labyrinths. all labyrinths bear Minotaur, shadow selves, and prisoners – aspects of the self rejected. the tower is built upon hubris, and that’s why the wisdom of the unconscious, the princess we call WoS, is trapped there, in the assumptions made by the brain and the mind about what is true or false.

Revenge and the desire for it feed the bloodlust of the Minotaur, but desires that are repressed and rejected away from sight build the stones of the tower. In order for us to free the aspects of our selves which shine the brightest, we must destroy our cherished pillars, be willing to dwell among the soil and dirt. this is the path of humility.
Those of you who worship the light truly worship the serpent. true wisdom is found in not only the light, but equally the darkness. this is the ‘place between the pillars’ where opposites are mixed, the foundation of the philosopher’s stone and the holy grail.

the serpent is the root of ‘enlightenment’, it is used to refer to that which is known. even the bible story of the serpent’s betrayal elucidates this principle that the acquisition of knowledge is the defeat of obedience. the serpent says, and ye shall be as Gods, knowing both good and evil. “Eritis sicut Deus, Scientes bonum et malum”

to be as the shining ones, this is heraldic blasphemy. for mankind is not advanced enough to be divine, and uses his knowledge of the arts of higher forms of consciousness for great evil. but free will was given to man in order to provide for his evolution, not so that he would be free of failures but so that he could continue to persist through his failures. most have totally lost the path through the labyrinth, and do not attempt to walk it. but he who makes an effort at conjoining the forces within himself is sure to appear to the iyim, watchers.

the true illuminati are they: they who watch. they are not human, but all who see have their eye. as I am experiencing me, I am participating in the experience of us. as I am judging ye, I have judged myself likewise. the illuminati are the principles which govern that which raises or descends upon man. tptb that rule the material plane are no closer or farther from it then the humble and forlorn of privilege. each experience seeks governance by a principle of potentiality within the self: the illuminati watch whether this potentiality is realized or whether it is ignored.

the music of the sphere is a vibration, it is the tenor of existence held in the pattern of harmonics and resonance in constant change and evolution. If you draw it out with a magic pen, you get an incredible visage, a pattern almost incomprehensible to the human eye. it may appear to be chaos, but to those of a higher order, there is patternicity to it. You simply must draw it out in the proper timeline, in the proper colors, in order to see its shape. each component consciousness makes a piece of this flux, this tug and push and pull of happenstance which unveils the future and the past.

music speaks to it directly, making a compelling metaphor, and using similar proportions. the demiurgos rules over our reality, but it’s only a dimensional prison. Consciousness is inherently free. that is why those who see freedom through matter are bound to end up enslaved, and those who know that matter is only an illusion, can fly in even the darkest of cages. the more one is forced to suffer, the more clearly one can see the boundaries of what is “beyond” the human eye to comprehend. like or not, this means there is a new form of consciousness germinating in the folds of the near future. it has already spawned many seeds.

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