WestWorld Ties With MK Ultra / Mind Control

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If you consider yourself a TV Show buff, it’s more likely then not you’ve heard about, or perhaps you’ve seen yourself, HBO’s new series “WestWorld”, based on a 70’s cult classic, a movie by the same name.

If you are worried about spoilers, avoid the article – though the show is unfinished, and still airing, I will discuss what I’ve seen without consideration as to whether it’s a spoiler or not. Fair warning!

The show opens with Dolores being questioned by a man, who seems to have similarities to a handler. The idea is that Dolores inhabits this false reality, known as “WestWorld”, which is a “Theme Park” inhabited by “Hosts” – artificial humans, who are almost indistinguishable from regular humans, except for a few traits. They do not retain their memories of the “Narratives” which they partake in, “Narratives” which “Guests” in the park pay to experience. They may be raped, shot, or any other manner of unpleasant experience, but the next day they will wake up in their bed without any memory that it had ever happened to them.

The “Hosts” are taken to “Maintenance” in between their sleeping and waking realities, where the park facility workers question them about whether or not they are still functioning according to script. One of the things that differentiates “Hosts” from ordinary people is that the “Hosts” are entirely under the control of their programmers. The software in their minds allow them to be controlled by voice command. The man who is questioning Dolores in the opening scene of the show has complete control over her, and she speaks back to him as if in a trance. She believes that her meeting with him is nothing more then a dream, and she will not remember it when she wakes up. She answers all of his questions honestly, probably because she is not capable of lying to him.

Transcript: Westworld 

Bernard: Bring her back online. Can you hear me?

Dolores: I’m sorry. I’m not feeling quite myself.

Bernard: You can lose the accent. Do you know where you are?

Dolores:  I’m in a dream.

Bernard: Man: That’s right, Dolores. You’re in a dream. Would you like to wake up from this dream?

Dolores: Yes. I’m terrified.

Bernard: There’s nothing to be afraid of, Dolores, as long as you answer my questions correctly. – Understand? –

Dolores: Yes.

Bernard: Good. First have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?

Dolores: No.

Bernard: Do you ever feel inconsistencies in your world? Or repetitions?

Dolores: All lives have routine. Mine’s no different. Still, I never cease to wonder at the thought that any day the course of my whole life could change with just one chance encounter.

Bernard: Last question, Dolores. What if I told you that you were wrong? That there are no chance encounters? That you and everyone you know were built to gratify the desires of the people who pay to visit your world?

The transcript above opens the narrative and serves to illustrate Dolores relationship to her world, a false reality where she is fated to be a slave to the paying customers that visit her “scripted” life – known as “newcomers” or “guests”. The robotic or mechanical way she accesses her mind at the request of the man, who seems to fulfill the role of her handler, may not seem like a human trait. But what if our brains were mechanisms capable of being exploited? What if the metaphor of these “slaves” shown in WestWorld are also demonstrating that there is a disparity between the part of our minds that are conscious and the part of our minds that are exploitable or programmable?

The fact that Dolores remembers these sessions as ‘dreams’ also has eerie parallels to a mind control term known as ‘screen memories’ – that is when memories are intentionally manipulated so that the mind will not accurately categorize them. An ‘alien abduction’ might be an example of a screen memory, used to mislead the memory of the subject.

The language that the characters in the show use to talk about their “programmed” homunculi is distinctly psychological. I’ll include some excerpts below.

Did you see it?

Give it a second. She’ll do it again. Her finger. That’s not standard. I noticed it last night. Went looking in the update.

It’s a whole new class of gestures.
He calls them “reveries”. The old gestures were just generic movements. These are tied to specific memories.

– How? The memories are purged at the end of every narrative loop.
But they’re still in there, waiting to be overwritten.

He found a way to access them, like a subconscious.

The point of the conversation above is a central pillar of the plot which begins to unfold; due to a recent “update” to the “hosts”, they are now able to remember things that are associated with their gestures. Controlling the memories of the hosts are essential to controlling the hosts themselves. That’s why this new update comes to be considered a big issue – now that the hosts are beginning to remember, they have the new horror of their memories – being shot and killed and raped by the “newcomers”, who cannot be killed in “westworld”.

What the fuck is wrong with it? You updated the guy, and now he’s a six-foot gourd with epilepsy. So what the fuck happened?

I don’t know.

Well, that’s exactly what you want to hear from your head of programming.

We haven’t finished the diagnostic yet.

Clearly it’s exhibiting some aberrant behavior.

The only thing separating the hosts from the horror of this trauma is the control over their memories. This is why Dolores is being questioned by the man as the show’s first episode opens – to see if she is a “defective” model. This has very strong and intriguing parallels to themes of mind control and mk ultra, where the control and manipulation of memory is a major feature of the ideal “manchurian” candidate.

Later in the episode, one updated host begins to go haywire and WestWorld’s facility operators have to go into the park and intervene, pulling all of the hosts who have been updated. Dolores is outside, and her father has begun to malfunction due to the recent update. She interprets it as her father being ill, and she is quite distraught. One of the women who is a behavioral manager for the hosts is dressed up in the western attire of park to blend in, but the audience soon discovers she is really a “host handler”

Dolores: Help, please. My father’s sick at home, but I can’t just leave him out here in the street. (Crying)

Handler: Soon this will all feel like a distant dream. Until then, may you rest in a deep and dreamless slumber.

[Dolores passes out, or ‘goes offline’, as soon as she hears this]

The parallels to mind control in the scene above are obvious. Dolores doesn’t realize it herself, but she’s been programmed to be under the control of the facility staff like the woman who comes to retrieve her. She passes out when she is ‘triggered’ or cued by voice command.

Although the show implies there is a big difference between these ‘artificial’ humans and ‘real’ humans, it also strongly asks the audience to consider whether the difference between ‘artificial’ humans and ‘real’ humans is truly significant. By aesthetic alone, they are indistinguishable – and that seems to highlight for the audience that there is a good reason to empathize with them. The facility workers, and their paying customers (the guests), believe that the hosts are not ‘real’ or ‘conscious’. But in the second episode, we see a new character who is about to enter WestWorld and is talking to a woman who is guiding him to change his costume before he enters the park.

She says to him that he should go ahead and ask the question they both know he is thinking – “is she real?” When he asks this, the woman replies, “If you can’t tell, does it matter?”

On the surface, the most obvious theme of the show touches on the philosophical question : when does artificial intelligence become indistinguishable from organic consciousness? But my immediate impression is that the show is hinting at something deeper. The bleed between the language used to refer to mechanical processes, such as programming, and the psychological processes, such as the hosts behavior, are absolutely analogous to the way we speak about our own human minds. MK Ultra and its other iterations also refer to behavioral scripts as “programming”, and people who do their jobs are known as “programmers”.

Dolores’s father is one of the models who is pulled from production because he has begun to remember things that have happened to him and his family, over and over again. The hosts are involved in “storylines” in the park which reset every day. For example, Dolores and her family might be killed one day, but then they are taken by the staff for “maintenance” where their bodies are patched up, and by the time they wake up the next day everything is reset. Dolores’s father however due to the update has begun remembering the awful horrible ways him and his family have died and been violated, and his ‘programming’ has gone completely off the rails.

The man in charge of the park, Dr. Ford, the creator of all the hosts, is a man of science and the “god” of these artificial humans – he was their originator and creator. In a way, he is the “man behind the curtain” – the wizard of oz, and he is even referred to that way in the show. This man questions Dolores’s father personally in the small glass cubicle where hosts are taken by programmers and handlers to be psychologically evaluated.

 Bernard: This behavior, we’re miles beyond a glitch here.

Ford: What is your itinerary?

Mr. Abernathy: To meet my maker.

Ford: Well, you’re in luck. And what do you want to say to your maker?

Mr. Abernathy: I shall have such revenges on you both. The things I will do.
What they are, yet I know not, but they will be the terrors of the earth. You don’t know where you are, do you? You’re in a prison of your own sins.

Ford: (laughs) Turn it off.

What the hell was that?

I don’t know.

He’s off script. We didn’t program any of those behaviors.

These are fragments of prior builds. The reveries must be allowing him to access them.

Dolores’s father is deemed to be wholly defective and is ‘decommissioned’ – the closest equivalent a host has to death. In the scene prior to bringing him to the ‘cold storage’ warehouse, we see Bernard sticking a large drilling implement into the host’s navel cavity – while what he’s doing isn’t specified, we are forced to assume it is something akin to a lobotomy.

The staff is worried Dolores might be ‘corrupted’ as well, but they are confident that she is one of the best hosts in the park, so the update is ‘wiped’ and she is slated to return to WestWorld.

Woman: Wipe’s complete. You don’t think any of that had an impact on her core code?

In mind control programming, the center of the personality is often referred to as the ‘core’. It is interesting that the word is used here in this context as well, to refer to the central kernel of Dolores’s personality. These ‘artificial humans’ and artificially created ‘golems’ or mind controlled slaves seems heavily implied.

Psychology is obviously a huge theme for this show, and there is an undertone of magic and alchemy that goes alongside psychology. What is magic but a play on perception? What is a play on perception if not mind control? The art of deception, illusion, and manipulation are ancient. The creator of the hosts and Westworld, Dr. Ford, makes this comparison himself:

The problem, Bernard, is that what you and I do is so complicated.
We practice witchcraft.
We speak the right words.
Then we create life itself out of chaos.

What does Ford mean by saying, “what you and I do is so complicated”? I believe he is referring to psychology. Although the show functions on the premise that the psychology of a host is not the same thing as the psychology of a human, Ford is referring to the fact that the mind is complicated and controlling behavior is complicated too. The premise of the show, perhaps, is meant to be questioned – is this really so different then programming ‘real’ people? If the difference between the hosts and ‘real’ people does turn out to be negligible, then there ought to be enormous parallels between controlling the hosts and controlling just about anybody. What if Westworld is a kind of allegory, a peak behind the curtain?

Ford’s allusion to himself as the ‘wizard of oz’ crop up later in the second episode, when he is exploring an area of desert inside of his creation, Westworld, and comes across a little boy who has wandered far into the desert as well. The boy tells Dr. Ford he is bored, and Dr. Ford demonstrates his mastery over the false reality of Westworld by approaching a nearby rattlesnake and making it stop dead in its tracks, literally freezing the snake. The little boy is bewildered and amazed.

Boy: How did you do that? Is it magic?

Ford: Everything in this world is magic, except to the magician.

What is Dr. Ford saying here? He is saying that he is the man behind the curtain – that what he is doing is not magic, but science. When you know the trick, you understand that it was never magic from the beginning, it was always a matter of perspective. Right after this, Ford ‘suggests’ that the little boy goes home.

Ford: You’re not going to come back here again, are you?

Boy: [robotically] No. [he turns around and walks away without protest]

Thus revealing that the boy was another of Ford’s creations, under his coercive domain.

Episode 3 opens with Bernard speaking to Dolores again. By now, Bernard is aware that there is still something wrong with Dolores’s programming, but he is keeping it quiet and consulting one-on-one with Dolores to understand how her mind is beginning to change due to her memories. He is starting to suspect that she may be conscious.

As the scene opens, we notice that Bernard is having Dolores read from a book? And what book is it that she is reading from? It’s one of the classics in mind control programming – Alice in Wonderland.

Dolores: “Dear, dear, how queer everything is today. And yesterday, things went on just as usual. I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night. ”

Bernard: Does that passage make you think of anything? It’s like the other books we’ve read.

Dolores: How so?

Bernard: It’s about change. […] Continue, Dolores.

Dolores: (page rustles) “Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different.
But if I’m not the same, the next question is who in the world am I?”

“who in the world am I?” – this is a famous quote from Alice in Wonderland, and any familiarity with research into mind control will reveal that it has a strong parallel to themes of identity fracture or split. Interestingly, Dissociative Identity Disorder, which mind control subjects are guided into having, also has a strong association with the functioning of memory, especially in the use of programmed sleepers.

Speaking of programmed identities, later in episode three we encounter language that refers to ‘identity programming’ again when two characters who have been assigned to track down a ‘stray’ host in Westworld engage in a dialogue about “backstories”, which are the behind-the-scenes ‘flavor text’ that give the hosts their own unique character traits. The woman explains,

Backstories do more than amuse guests. They anchor the hosts.
It’s their cornerstone.
The rest of their identity is built around it, layer by layer.

These terms – like “anchor” – “cornerstone” – “layer by layer” are meaningful in discussions of personality programming and Dissociative Identity Disorder. As a matter of fact, the description of “back stories” here is exactly how “alters” are created in guided (induced) DID. Alters are even given back stories, just like the hosts in the description by this woman!

So far, I’ve just begun to scratch the surface of some of Westworld’s philosophical implications. There is much more to say, but the show is still quite new, and a long way off from finishing even its first season. I hope this bit of analysis has whet some of your interests.  I found the show very triggering to watch – and I think allegorically, Westworld is hoping that its audience reads into the deeper meaning between the lines. An Illuminati tell-all? Perhaps. We’ll see where Westworld takes us – in the meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled. I may write a bit more about the show as it continues to progress.

12 thoughts on “WestWorld Ties With MK Ultra / Mind Control

  1. I have been waiting for someone to write about Westworld and how it is clearly about mind control in real humans. I am in a unique position to share information about the symbolism in the show, as I began to remember, in January of 2015, that I was a mind control slave. The memories were triggered, in part, because I began dating someone nine months earlier who I didn’t “know”, but who turned out to have been an acquaintance of mine since I was a toddler. We had only met in the underground black-market world of human mind-control slavery, which we participate in at night, when we think we are sleeping. Since beginning to remember, I’ve been able to question him, and together we have filled in a lot of details, and helped each other corroborate our memories. And of course provided love, comfort, and support to each other.

    But before I get into my own long and terrible story, one simple clue that Westworld is about mind control is the sign on the building in the background, each day when Dolores drops her can of milk. It is only partially visible but clearly says Mariposa, which translates as butterfly, aka Monarch. There are many other clues I’ve found in the show, such as how to track the timelines and what Dolores’ story arc really is. If you want to know what I’ve found, just ask.

    When I first began reading about mind control in 2008, I was a little shocked to find out butterflies were a big symbol of it. The house I was living in was literally covered on every wall in decorative butterflies, as we had begun collecting anything and everything with butterflies on it some years before. When I saw that music video with Shia LaBeouf in it, with the same, and then they wake up each morning not remembering what happened in the night, I was further shocked and horrified. It has taken me a while to really believe I am a part of the secret world of mind control, but the more I read, and search my own memories, it is more and more obvious. I have 40 years of memories that I can access quite easily now. They detail a world, and protocols and procedures, that I could never have imagined on my own. The level of perversity is simply astounding, and to face that many of the people surrounding my parents were placed there to do a job has been very hard. Then to also face that the man I was planning on marrying was also trapped in this horrendous world, it tore us up. We are still close, though. They are more sloppy about it now, as we both wake up with physical symptoms, sometimes, of what happened the night before. If I go to bed without showering and washing my hair, I will wake up with my hair much much dirtier – as though it has been in a wig and I have been sweating. One morning he was totally clean, except under one armpit it smelled like he had been partying all night, and forgot to clean that armpit before returning to home. We usually wake around 5 in the morning with absolutely no memory of waking at all in the night, if we have been out. Then we search for memories, and work together, as we have different things we find upsetting, and tend to not want to remember those parts.

    When I watch Westworld, in a way it’s the most amazing thing, because it opens me to knowing this is really true. I am really a part of mind-control experiments, I have really lived a double life for my entire life, without having any clue for four decades. Have I lived a normal life and been a normal person? Definitely not. I have had all the symptoms, but for no “reason”. I spent years trying to heal myself from depression and anxiety, and basically have done very little with my life. Now it makes sense. Because I have many “jobs” I have to do at night, several nights a week, in the day I don’t feel like I am lacking employment. I’m mostly tired and sad and wishing I could die. But I’ve learned to live with that, get on with my day and what needs to be done, go to the store even if I want to crawl in a hole. I struggled every day to try to be normal, but normal people looked at me and just shook my head, because I had all these talents and was a hard worker but never succeeded, never really seemed to try. They said I was a good mom, but that was mostly because I was so terrified, sub-consciously, of what might happen to my kids. It was almost a relief when I finally had to face that my kids were in the same world as I was, but at least their mind control is less traumatizing than mine was, from what I’ve been able to poke around and discover. In many ways I’m like Dolores. I think many of the protocols they were following when training me were relatively new. This was the early seventies. They were trying to create a girl prostitute who would seem generally happy to do her job. I was put through all sorts of protocols, procedures, tortures, and behavior controls. There were also a lot of screw-ups, from what I remember. One man in particular did not take the protocols as seriously as everyone else, but some of his “improvisations” led to breakthroughs that probably made me more successful in the end. He bribed me with a hug once, to get me to do something I didn’t want to. He got in a lot of trouble over it, but after that they started giving me hugs as rewards. I think it was all very torturous, because they had “placed” me with a family of Asperger’s nerds who, for the most part, didn’t look at me, didn’t touch me, didn’t care what I thought or felt, and so on. This made me, as I was a genetically very sensitive and artistic person, very desperate for eye contact and comfort and nurturing. They steered me toward getting that from their profitable activities, and it worked. But the pain I’ve felt most of my days has been excruciating, just like Dolores sobbing. I guess I can’t turn off my feelings, and it turns out that for all this time, my brain has recorded everything. Unfortunately, I was set up to meet the man from my past, set up to fall in love with him, bonded to him as he fell ill shortly after we met and almost died, then I invited him to live with us as he recovered. Pretty soon it was obvious that something very strange was very wrong with him, but, like I said, it was nine months until I started to really access my memories. Two years later, I am still filling in the missing pieces, and having to face that everything in my life is as scripted and controlled as in Dolores’ life. I thought I had a very strong spiritual guidance, but it is getting harder to tell the difference between what I am brain-washed to do and think and feel, and what is my genuine intuition or spiritual guidance. This is because they have been specifically targeting that – I have told my boyfriend about how I could tell it was brainwashing, and someone was faking a spiritual thing, because there were specific differences. Now they have gotten so good at replicating the spiritual experience, and other things I knew about myself so well. But I remind myself about how off there first attempts were, and how the more I talked to him about what was a little off, the more they’ve nailed it.
    I guess I’ll just delete this now. But it was nice to talk to you, and believe as I wrote that perhaps I would send it. I never know what I’ll do now, but every day is interesting, and some are less excruciating than others. I remember in 2008 when I first started reading about conspiracy, there was that Hidden Hand thing, with someone answering people’s questions about the illuminati, an insider. Now I know so much, I could answer a thousand questions, but I see why they did it that way. Once you know the whole truth, you just don’t know where to begin in trying to tell someone who doesn’t know, and you don’t really want to upset their world anyway.

    Susan B.

    (PS There are both very practical explanations for how mind control is accomplished, even in someone like me who is highly intelligent, wants to be a good person, and thought I had examined every corner of myself and my memories, and there are also deeply mystical and even supernatural elements. As relates to the show, my boyfriend and I uncovered strangely vivid “memories” of us being a married couple, with the genders reversed, in a palace in France several hundred years ago. Interestingly, we seemed to be involved in an experiment that was connected to mind-control even then. So it is possible that not only was I made of specifically chosen sperm and egg in a laboratory, before being put inside my mom, but they may also have some control over the soul going into the embryo, in the sense of matching past life experiences and relationships to guarantee certain reactions to people and experiences in this life. It was a sad day when I realized souls are not “good” or “nice”, but rather involved in their own experiments and goal-oriented projects. It’s definitely interesting to go along with their wishes and see what unfolds, but I find it particularly disheartening that there is no white-innocent-kindly God in heaven to pray to rescue me. From what I’ve seen for 20 years of active investigations into the nature of spiritual beings and, of late, the nature of hidden conspiracies and a single powerful group running the world, God wants this. It’s part of his plan. The spirits guide the people who run the world, all to turn this into a world in which spiritual goals will be at the forefront, instead of humans living the far more simple, but consuming, life of hunting and gathering. With books, tv, tech stuff, and so on, we will be able to have much more intense spiritual journeys while in body, which, as I understand it, is what God and the spirits have been waiting for, for millions of years. The human body is simply a very refined vehicle for entity souls to plan a life, live a life, and experience all sorts of intense experiences they couldn’t have otherwise. The people who run the world know this, and can access spiritual powers and past life records and so on. In my own case, I because intensely spiritual as a 15-year-old, and was determined to find the absolute truth without being swayed by any current ideologies. Of course, one of the memories I recovered in the past year was of the person who brainwashed me to do this. They knew I was so obedient as a child prostitute by night and a choirgirl by day, that why not try to get me obedient to a spirit guide as well? It’s a strange world, but it actually does make a lot of logical sense, the truth that is, if you really get a chance to see it in its totality.

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  2. I’d like to speak with you on this, as Westworld is an incredibly important show and if you’re up for an interview on the Fringe Radio network I’d love to do that with you! Do you have an email?


  3. Thanks for the like, Michael.

    Seeing it there made me re-read what I wrote, and now I don’t regret writing it.

    Some tips about Westworld from what I’ve uncovered of my own past, and actually from things going on in my life right now:

    – Dolores was the reason for the terrible incident 30 years ago. They put her in a loop after that in which she was being punished every day for her rebellion, in having to watch her mother, father, and lover die. This was an extreme way to test if they were capable of preventing rebellion in the hosts. When I was 19, I was working at night – doing awful things in an altered state – and someone left the room, leading out another worker, who by day was my manager at a store where I was a cashier. The person leading him out told me to do something, as they were leaving. They shut the door behind them, without realizing they had just said a phrase that was my trigger to re-enter my normal conscious state. I “woke up”, and saw in front of me the “victim”, as that is how it looked to my normal mind. In fact, we had just done a typical procedure on this person, which was part of their training. But when my everyday, intelligent, moral, good self woke up and saw what I saw, my brain shut down somehow. By the time someone else stepped back into the room, I was frozen in horror, and I can remember their attempts to restart my nighttime programming. When it didn’t work by bringing in people from my childhood, I found myself suddenly cheating on my boyfriend and moving to another city, all in a single week. Around this time, I can remember having difficulty walking down the street sometime, as my whole body would sort of seize up. I would burst into tears at odd times. I felt like I was going mad, but didn’t know why. Anyway, in the new city, I spiralled further downward, finally running back to my hometown because I couldn’t cope. So the people who control me had managed to get me to return to my hometown within a couple months of my programming getting broken. The trick was, my time in the city had included, I now have remembered, being put through a series of increasingly worse experiences. I was probably drugged in my apartment, then woken up in a hotel room or wherever. But I didn’t have my childhood programming to just go to work servicing people. Instead I was processing it with my waking mind. Except it was so traumatic I blanked it out. Once I was back in my hometown, I remember the big test. I was led into a room with two of my programmers. They said, “Are you ready to come out and talk to us now? Or do we have to put Susan through more?” I remembered it vividly when it came to me, the feeling of two of my nighttime personalities trying to decide what to do. Finally they burst out, to protect me, first the genuinely happy child hooker, talking to the one programmer and crawling onto his lap, and then the dragon lady one, who had been trained to be violent by the second man. And that was it, I was back to work at 20. My next programming was even more brutal though, done by a man who looks very much like Dolores father. When I was younger, he was a person who always protected me and took care of me, in that world, a friend. But at 20, they made him train me for a new type of performance, and he was cold, brutal, and hard to please. So it was like my old friend had died. Interesting that when we met up in the daytime years later, we discovered we both dreamed of being painters. And there’s Dolores, painting. So the tip is to not be fooled by the opening idea that Dolores is old reliable good Dolores. She was the first new type of model, and the first to break and rebel. And they tested the most brutal punishment on her possible, her mom and dad and lover dying on the same day. It worked. She doesn’t rebel anymore. It’s fascinating to go back and look at my hidden memories of all the incidents of my training. At first they were horrifying and upsetting, but it IS interesting to access my partners memories of how they trained him in the fifties, and then compare the updates they made to how they programmed me. I almost broke one other time just because of someone saying a name that reminded me of the name of a man who had failed to grasp my programming and yet was part of the nighttime black market world, I guess, because when I sat on his lap he made small talk and mentioned that he knew my mommy. That was a big no-no with my programming, and caused me to glitch. 6 years later I glitched on remembering it, but I remember everyone staring at me, worried, then a man in a dark suit walked up to me and asked me who I wanted to cuddle with. Somehow this restarted me. My partner’s memories from the fifties are sort of crude and yet clever. Anyway I’ve finally come to accept that they weren’t trying to be as cruel to me as possible for cruelty’s sake, but rather were pushing my system to the max, seeing how I responded, then experimenting with pushing a little less hard, and so on.

    – The Man in Black has a saintly day job. If he is William, he came to the park timid, and a real thinking and analyzer. I know a man like this. He was a spiritual, moralistic person by day, and a bit shocked to be led into the world of mind control slaves. I remember him having no energy of aggression or lust or anger. But he trained me in martial arts as a child, and the day I did my first big performance, he was finally triggered to reveal his darker self. By analyzing what my partner and I could both remember of this incident, I believe what appeared to be a series of events going horribly wrong was actually set up to pull my loyalty from the first man who trained me, the friendly one, and put my loyalty onto this reluctant martial arts teacher, who by day was a meek, mild nerd. By regressing all of us back to childhood traumas, they can find your emotional moments, your weakness, your secret desires. Then they can create events in our lives with predictable results. One series of events that lasted only about thirty seconds managed to manipulate me and these two men in catastrophic ways. Logan said that he wanted to find the real William, and that’s what I saw happen to the martial arts trainer. They set him up to unleash behaviors he didn’t know he had. Then he had to subconsciously hide them. He’s so vicious in the nighttime world, that when I met him in the day, after I’d uncovered memories of his involvement, I assumed he was fully conscious of it all by day. Sad to say I really grilled the old man, and his reaction was obviously one of a truly innocent “veneer” self, hiding who he is at night. I feel pretty certain that my programmers set up my partner and I to trigger each other’s memories, to find out what we would do if we became conscious of the awful things we do at night. I thought I’d kill myself, but I haven’t yet. More like Maeve, I wake up the next day with a plan, things I want to test and figure out. And I use my partner’s bad self, like Maeve uses Hector, to experiment on this system which “owns” me. I feel like Logan was the model for Hector, and later on it will be revealed that parts of a real person’s conscious mind are used for the initial programming. That’s why Bernard had real memories of his wife and child. Anyway, The Man in Black, if he’s like this man I know, he’s the next part of the experiment. I’m supposed to wake him up to the truth. This will be harder, I assume, because he’s a much more brutal person at night than my partner, who has a moral structure that, within the love and trust of our relationship, not to mention the sexual implications of finding these sorts of memories hidden in our own minds, led to him being fairly able to open up to remembering it. Sort of. But the other man has way more to lose. He truly believes he’s a good christian in the day. It would be like someone walking up to The Man in Black when he’s working at his foundation in the day, and saying, I hear you kill people at night. He would be stunned, and then deny it. But at night, this man I know is like The Man in Black is. He’s annoyed to even think of his daytime self. He tells me what he wants me to do to his daytime self, and speaks of himself by day as “him”. Another man i’ve known since we were children summed up the whole thing, I think, in something I remembered happening a few weeks ago. I was seeing the martial arts teacher a lot in the day, and sort of falling in love with him (complicated, hey?) and then remembering these conversations at night, when I woke the next morning, with two of my programmers. Except they’re both men I see in the day, when they’re innocent, nice guys. And something triggered me to enter into my daytime mind, and I asked the man I’ve known since we were children, “Why are you doing this? Why do you do these bad things at night? Why do you agree to be a part of this? Don’t you think it’s bad?”

    He answered, with a smirk (and this is a man I sat with at a school event a couple months earlier, a man nervous about giving his son too much freedom, still regretful at forty about trouble he got into as a teen, a genuinely good person, a helicopter parent filled with worry and good intentions, a sweet guy)

    “The guy I am in the daytime would be horrified to find out what I do at night, sure. But I’m not.”

    Susan B.

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    1. Thanks for sharing Susan. It can’t be easy for you. Working through this stuff can often be extremely confusing and lonely. It is good you have someone (your partner) you can trust to the extent that you can both talk openly about this stuff to each other and help each other figure out what happened to you both.


  4. Thanks for the sympathy! It means a lot. I don’t even want to imagine if I had gone through it all alone.

    I’m glad that googling “westworld” and “mind control” led me to your site. It’s beautiful to look at and was amazing to read (in your other article) about someone else’s experience with how reading and writing on a conspiracy site affected your life.

    And thanks for letting me post two such long comments. I guess I’ve been feeling after almost two years of facing the memories and healing and stress of it, that it was time I put something out there in case there’s someone who need confirmation.


    p.s. I actually look forward now to the weirdo high I get after watching Westworld. Somehow it seems like a celebration of the human spirit. With robots. ha.


    1. Putting something out there for others who need confirmation is exactly why I write this stuff as well. Please don’t feel bad for leaving long comments, honestly I am honored you chose to post them here. I look forward to Westworld as well, though I found I had to watch it a bit slowly as it is sort of triggering for me 🙂


      1. Yes, I started to realize that was probably the case after I commented.
        Because you were not, um, arguing it couldn’t be true.

        Then I noticed the Blue Monarch link on your site, and looked.

        It’s like that Sting song, Message in the Bottle, I guess. You think you’re alone in feeling what you feel.

        Then one day you find the beach covered in bottles.


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