Dragon Blood

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de Vere, Nicholas – The Dragon Legacy – The Secret History of an Ancient Bloodline.pdf

Fun fact: the word dragon is now banned on GLP.

In the chat, we’ve been discussing dragons a lot recently. Both their origin as an order or bloodline and their nature in mythology and myth. I believe this subject has a lot of depth and importance so I’m bringing it here for more depth review.

I’ve been reading De Vere’s “The Dragon Legacy: Ancient History of a Secret Bloodline”. The pdf was pretty hard to find but it’s not light reading either.

In this scheme, the Dragon is a bloodline of Grail Kings/Queens, Elves, and Vampires, and only those of their bloodline are capable of performing magick. According to De Vere, other pretenders or neo-pagan initiates are wasting their time fooling around with powers because they are simply not capable of accomplishing psychic feats without “illuminated blood”.

De Vere firmly maintains that money does not a bloodline make. He looks with disdain upon the merchant class and the idea that present rulers, entrenched by their economic superiority, are of “royal” dragon blood any more then a commoner. He believes that the world is naturally befit to be governed by those of the Dragon bloodline, which he traces to the Sumerian Enki, a real flesh and blood ‘person’ that fathered the lineage, not a fallen angel.

“Royal Witches” are of the grail bloodline, says De Vere, “Elven” (meaning, ‘to shine’) or “Fairy” being a derivation of the “Sang Real” – the grail – merovingian blood. You cannot be initiated into this bloodline, says De Vere. You can only be born into it, and his order requires genealogical descent for admission.

Now if you guys have been following me at all you know how I feel about these notions of descent. However, I feel there is something in De Vere’s philosophy that is worthy of note…

Mere belief is what fuels religion. From absolute proof however, there is derived absolute certainty in one’s condition and one’s heritage. Quietly believing or hoping to oneself that one is of the dragon race is one thing. In most cases, the belief, when it wavers, causes numerous blockages to the fulfillment of any potential as the negative circle spirals downward[…]’You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.’Knowing beyond any doubt […] that one is of the Blood opens wide the doors to the infinite. The planet needs its elves back […] above all it needs its firstborn to know who they are themselves.

Hmm. So essentially the argument here is that belief and faith are fickle and nebulous. DNA records are absolute, unchanging, and set in stone. A record like this can support the bedrock of the burden of greatness, De Vere argues. Simple hope cannot. I can see his point in this. He also takes care to point out that his order, despite being closed to outsiders, is open to any and all that can produce the necessary records of heritage.

De Vere says that the bloodline of the dragon derives from Tuadha d’Anu – the tribe of Anu, or – ‘people of the stars’.

It was also known as daouine sidhe or ‘people of the powers’. The wisdom of these clans was associated with the Anakim, Annunaki, and Elven Kings.

The early heraldry was a serpent with swan wings – which does sound a bit like Quetzacoatl, the so-called ‘feathered serpent’…

One of their earlier names – Annunaki – suggests ‘Heaven meets earth’. Lots of fanciful notions were put forth to suggest that the Annunaki came from outer space, but a far better way to understand the name is to ask the simple question: “when do the heavens [An or stars] meet the earth?” answer: “at night time”.

When considering the Annunaki…rather then considering that they came from a different planet…it is worth considering that they came from a different dimension…

What an intriguing sentiment! I am of similar persuasion. The idea Annunaki were extraterrestrial aliens as such is childishly to suppose them to be ‘extra-terrestrial‘ – to look at our three-dimensional space and think you must pick one of the eight directions in order to travel within it. Now of course, we have entered a post-modern world of the quanta where there are more then just the compass of space and the sensory experience to describing the magnitude and scope of sentience.

As I continue reading, I see that De Vere echoes my thoughts on this matter:

These species actually live in another dimension and at a higher or variant frequency, where the subjective qualities of time and the environment for them are totally different to the way in which humans perceive them.

The word itself – Dragon – is derived of “derkesthai” – meaning: “to see clearly”. As such, the ‘faery’ ‘elven’ peoples could align themselves in such a way that was ‘beyond the veil’ of our dimension….you could call this a certain ‘attunement’.

Although humanoid, the Dragons were not homo sapiens but descended from a far older Elven race, sometimes called in literature the Elda or Eldar.

I know I have used that appellation in past writings – fictional writing mind you (see the Black Void Tavern thread) to refer to the ancestors of magick. Where did I get the name? The collective unconscious?

Hierogamy or enthea (the marriage or union of the gods) between the Dragon Prince and the Swan Maiden resulted in the creation of an extended mind, the development of an interaction where the bounds of an individual consciousness were broken. Two people joined together with an intensity that created a being greater then the sum of its parts. In Alchemy this was called the breath of Ravens from which resulted the birth of the red-gold Phoenix conceived in the death of Dragons and in the ascend of the white star.[…] its child was True Love manifest collectively, otherwise known as the “Grail Code” […]

Of course what is being referred to is what we know as the Royal Wedding or Alchemical Marriage.
Now, where this gets really interesting is De Vere’s interpretation of it. He says that the child of the alchemical marriage was collective consciousness itself – symbolized by the Bee Hive of the Phoneticians and referred to as the “hive mind”! De Vere says that the former “god-kings” of the grail race, such as elves, made a mistake in applying the “grail code” of conduct to all of humanity rather then restricting their empathy amongst their own kind. His argument is that the so-called dragons were too kind and empathetic, and that is why they have been scoured from the Earth. He believes that extending a majestic code of conduct towards a species (humanity) founded on instinct and ‘jungle laws’ was dangerously short-sighted.

In the theory of critical mass, sometimes called the “99th Monkey Effect” – based on Jung’s theory of collective consciousness, working through Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphic resonance, the collective mind of a race creates a spiritual and cultural archetype whose field of resonance can be felt in the material world. In the case of the Elves, the Archetype was manifest in the Age of Magic. Simply put, when the Elves lived, they created a field of Magic around them, the power of which arose from the very sovereignty of the Earth itself. However, when the Church killed the Elves, the Earth was silenced…

Puts the Gaia hypothesis in a very different perspective.

The roots of the word vampire reside in the word over/uber, to preside over or above. The roots of witch also correspond to over, referring to a race or heritage that presided above man. Merlin was a Gaelic way to say “Seer”, which comes from Siddir or Sidhe

Siddir knotted together the web of dreams and loosened those knots to release power and knowledge. In other words, they brought together and spoke or gesticulated a series of mnemonics that would trigger off pre-contrived, imprinted states of consciousness that acted as doorways to deeper states of consciousness.

The Gaelic word for Witch is Druidhe, pronounced Drui, related to Draoi or Dracoi, meaning of course, “Dragon”…

Drui itself means Man (or Woman) of the Tree (not the oak, as some have suggested) and is related to the Sanskrit dru, meaning to run. This is associated with the ritual of running the labryrinth, with which we will deal in due course.

Now the ancient custom of magic comes full circle to the modern idea that mages influence the morphogenetic field or leave imprints on the collective unconscious. This idea, considered modern, is not actually new, insomuch as it is restated in modern times using modern terminology. In the ancient times, the Fates – or Mori – corresponded to the Vampires/Druid/Seer caste of high-kings and high-queens, priest-prince and priest-princesses. The self realized Yogi had access to the ‘Web of Dreams’ or the ‘Web of the Weird’ – the ‘Otherworld’ where forms were primal and very powerful.

These Siddir were directly related to the mythic Norns, the Mori/Fates who were said to be responsible for the Fate of mankind by the patterns that they wove and in the way they tied and loosened the knots of the web of the Wyrd. the Siddirs, as well as being Seers, could control such powers to influence the outcome of human affairs.

In my thread about the Morphogenetic field, I mentioned that some carried a greater weight to indent the network of consciousness which is known as the collective field of consciousness. These I call “adepts” – I said what impression one normal consciousness makes, an Adept might make an impression a hundred thousand times more powerful or even a million times. Pure speculation, of course, as such things are not subject at present to measurement. But the zeitgeist has never been outside of access by minds predisposed the ancient ways – long forgotten to us now, but remembered in the depths of myth and parable.

The Vesica Pisces, in addition to representing the golden mean and the Eye of Light by the ratio of its inward spiraling, of course represents a gateway of another kind: the doorway of birth, whether through the womb or vagina or through the threshold of dimensionality into another order of perception or understanding. Thus the vesica pisces, has been shown throughout time and history again to represent the ‘stairway to heaven’, as indeed the ratio of spiralling, when seen, resembles a circle being squared in the perfect dimensions of its ascension or descent throughout the universe. This is the reason that these ancient cultures of Magi are often identified with the Swastika or herald of the sun.

Heaven was the Otherworld. Not a place among the Stars, but a state of being adjacent to our own dimension. It was most completely described, more than once, in the Mabinogion, as the Mirrorworld. It could be entered and left freely by the Gods of Heaven and Earth, the Portal Guardians. In this place, known as Elphame, Hades, Hel, Cael Glas, and Tir Na n’og, there dwelt the essence of the previous gods of Heaven and Earth who had passed on to become transcended ones, the “antecessors” or ancestors of later Witches. By dwelling in tombs, the Gods of Heaven and Earth, the Danaan kings and queens, made contact with their ancestor Gods and passed their wisdom and edicts on to Mankind.

Whoa. So De Vere is saying that channeling, psychic mediumship, and invocation, comes directly from the connection between the ‘Witch’ and the Otherworld – or Heaven itself – that is, she could channel these so-called “daemons” because she or he was descended from the lineage of the Gods of Heaven and Earth? This is what it means, then – the Obsession of the “illuminati” with their psychic Bloodline. They are, or believe they are, literal descendants of the Gods themselves, and that this heritage is imprinted on their genetic code.

Conceptualizing this, could we not conceive of ‘tombs’ of the ancient and sacred Gods as weak-points or strong-points in the ley-lines of energetic webwork around the globe, vesica-pisces gateways where the thin veil could be pierced by those of the correct ‘attunement’ or magical ‘eye’ – the spiral of the golden mean as the point of this ‘spear’, the tear connecting worlds?

They were a race centered on their spirituality which itself was centered on gnosis and transcendent consciousness.

If De Vere is correct in assuming that only the members of this elite caste are capable of magic, and in his assertions that any “New Age” poseurs who pay for their way to the wizarding world are fools or charlatans, does it not also follow that those for whom these connections and tendencies towards magick are natural and obvious – must come from a magickal lineage? If it is not possible for the average human to even conceive of Mystery truths – that is as he says, their feeble minds are incapable of creating the needed synaptic connections to even arrive at limited comprehension – then does it not also follow, that those who make these connections and comprehend these truths, must be necessarily of the “occult lineage” which he refers to?

It may be one thing to pose as a “Witch”, to claim Wicca as your religion, to buy your way into magic under the false premise that everybody is capable of supernatural acts, but it is another thing entirely to be predisposed from birth towards the realm of magick or the spirit. If such a thing takes place, and we know it does by a cursory overview of adepts throughout history or even by study of our contemporary adepts – then either De Vere is wrong, and some ordinary humans are capable of psychic adeptship to varying degrees, or all those who could be considered adepts in any sense, have descended in some form from this “illuminati” ancestry of the dragon.

The contradiction otherwise cannot be reconciled.

A couple other cultural connections bear note.
Leprechaun, comes from “scaly-skinned” – hence, leprosy.
Enki/Ea, who as I mentioned in the Sumerian thread on here was depicted as a fish, is representative of this type of reptilian scaliness which represents the dragon. Similarly we can make the connection between the underworld of the ocean and the half-human realm dwelt in underwater by the mermaids. Consider the story of Arthur, connected to the Lady of the Lake beneath the waters, the Grail-bearer.

Pict, or Pictish, has the meaning of being painted, which comes from the tattoos of the Danaan – (remember, Tuatha de Danaan) – the favorite depiction being the spiral or labyrinth! Osiris and Shiva/Vishnu are depictions of this same God. Kali Azhura – the Blue Kali. Ziggurats and Pyramids are a couple physical totems of this mental architecture of mysticism. The Egyptian labryrinth spiral was called “Mer” – think Meru and Mermaid. “Mer” created an association between the spiral/labyrinth and water via “weir” – the Egyptian Mer was the fish-trap and it refers to ‘irrigation’ which of course is loaded with symbolism.

At this point, I have to draw the connection between the “Otherworld” and the legends of Agharta, hollow-earth – the Shamballa beneath us which are interpreted by many as literal but within circles of the occult are known to refer to other phases of astral or psychic development that only some are capable of reaching. Known by some as a paradise but others as a waking hell, much of what Agartha is depends upon the level of initiation or readiness by which it is accessed.

“Sumaire” literally means a vortex, spiral or labryrinth. There is a literal, ancestral relationship here between Tiamet, the dragon of the depths, the dark and of Chaos – and the children of Samael and Lilith who are considered to be the mother and father of the dragon race and the Fairy/Elven lineage.

So we can clearly see where the “dragon” part is coming from. But what is all this about a bird? It is actually representative of the top Chakras on the Tree of Life – the top “branches” always being depicted as a bird…

In Tantra it is the Swan, whose head rests within the Ajna Chakra which corresponds to the pineal and pituitary glands of the corpus callosum. In Welsh Druidic lore the bird is represented as the Eagle, a typically shamanic totem bird which symbolizes the ascendant spirit. Here the Eagle is the god, Lleu (in Ireland he is the Danaan King Lugh), the father of the Elven Llewelyn Kings of Gwynnedd.

Lugh is the name of my “Daemon” which I know I’ve mentioned half a dozen times online to anyone that knows me well and written about in various places. He introduced himself, initially, as a dragon bird which looked like this:

Where did I get “Lu/Lugh” from? The bird I showed above is called “Lugia”. Shorten it to nickname form, one-syllable, and it’s called Lu. Lu now appears mainly as a tall, shining angelic humanoid with glowing eyes and long white hair and pale luminous skin. It is worth noting that Lugia is considered in the fictional universe from which it is derived as the Guardian of the deep ocean, and emerges from the abyss into the sky when the harmony of the world and the balance of the elements are threatened. Fiction comes from a resonant place which might be why my childhood mind picked this particular creature to be the herald of the voice of the Daemon which has always guided me. Children have an innate access to these inner and upper states.

The bird in the picture is something of a mix between a phoenix, a bird, and a reptile, which circles around to the feathered serpent on the Tree of Life. At the top Chakra are the feathers of Heaven, at the bottom Chakra is the coiled kundalini serpent by both the anus and genitalia. Da Vinci depicted it with his Vetruvian Man, who shows the energy field of the Merkaba and the Chakras upon the tree of life and the chariot of the ancients, flowing into the golden mean spiral.

…What is all this about patternicity-enfolded-time-splices ordering the mosaic of man and his fate…? Does it not remind you of the platonic solids and Pythagoras’s geometry of the sacred? If mankind emanates this coherence field electrically and biologically he is aligning an interference pattern of an embedded hologram which we call reality, and the interlocking forces generated by this experience are what we call existence. Hrm. The sacred is not so distant from the scientific at the end of it, huh?

When infinity meets exfinity, is the result essence? are the children of the gods the offshoot of this metaphysical experience of totality divided amongst itself?

Is the inversion of life’s geometry the Saturnalia of “Satan”?

“Wave Optics” (Serpentia) is both something that takes place in the transient domain of time-variant motion-provoked heat-entropy system of biological life (like the undulations of a worm or a snake’s gyrations, a string-lyre-or harmonic; that of fire) and in the permanent, intransigent explosion of heat-death geometrically preserved upon the memory system of holography, the inner structure of the atomic fabric of the smallest structures in our universe or outside of it (particle form, matrix and fundamental unity of the grail; that of water). Together the wave particle duality intersect as contradicting dipoles of spin that in their abrasion produce evolution and change as patterns vibrate and produce illusions of dimensionality in various orders and alignment.

“X-Marks the Spot” of this intersection of dichotomous impossibility which is BOTH eternal and transient at once – this is where ‘everything’ begins and ends, but it can only be experienced through the fractal of innumerable infinite divisions amongst the space containing itself – both EVERYwhere and NOwhere at once, and thus, like 0, able to be eternally divided without running out of canvas.

The Vampire is linked innately within its symbolism to the Wolf/Werewolf. The Mithraic system of initiation containing 7 degrees has, at it’s highest degree, that of the dragon – and the penultimate is said to be that of the wolf. Dracula comes from the legend of the most potent vampire, which is the Dragon (Dracoi/Dracoica) – Satan – or Drakulea/Dracula, Son of the Dragon/Son of Satan, depicted as – the raven – or the wolf…or; werewolf.

The legend of the werewolf descends from ideas of the moon and the house of the moon, Diana. The Panther represented the same idea of feasting upon the Red/Gold of blood under the light of the stars, which is where the legends of bloodsucking vampires originated – in imagery like the apple and the pomegranate, the ‘red/gold’ divine feast and rebirth of the phoenix, the menstruation of the vesica pisces in the blood of a woman who was connected genealogically to the grail maidens, there was said to be power – the fountain of youth. The “lunacy” of the moon drove man to madness because like the tides, it foretold of the power coming to flow from the regions of Heaven into the domain of man.

Dragon-riders, Dragon-slayers, and Dragon-Kings go back to the myths of Dragons as Overlords and the idea that in destroying one of them, you integrate part of their power into yourself – the ouroboros devouring itself, transcending through the transcendent. Solomon’s School of wisdom was inherently mystical, and that which magical is said to be inherently Satanic because Satan is of the Dragon and the Dragon is the manifestation of magical principles and magical geometry. Is it possible that the symbol of Saturn – or Kronos and his Rings, and the vibration of the octaves, correspond to phenomena that, while not inherently supernatural – is generally not widely understood?

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