Connection = Creation

Our connections to other people are the best part of our existence.

Even if you are alone in a cave for 20 years, you can feel and thrive on this connection to other people.

Like a spider’s web, the connections splay out all around us, like translucent lines that fold around our aura and touch every other on the face of the earth.

If you saw Earth far out from a distance, and you just saw the energy of consciousness, you’d see a constellation of light like the array of stars in the heavens, all breathing together with the rhythm of the Earth.


It sounds very hocus pocus, very woo, I grant you. But this connection is not a matter of faith. It is plainly visible to the opened eye, and to any eye that beholds the eye of another. When you behold the eye of another, you see that our souls are joined together.

There is a vortex on your heart where energy is taken in and given out. Some call this vortex a chakra. Like a flower, the chakra can open up and bloom, giving and receiving love. In a room, it can brighten up the air. It can bring a smile to you, and when you smile so do others.


This flower in bloom you can picture as a rose, bringing light everywhere. This is the secret meaning of the Rosicrucians, the rosy cross…


Know that we all have an impact on one another. We are like dominos or a tide. Setting off our sadness can pull the tide of sadness. Showing our happiness can infect the mind with comfort and contentment. Not always do others merge with our emotions, but the more an emotion is shared within a community or a group, the stronger the tide gets.

The next time you sit in a room with somebody, go ahead and try to sense their soul. People don’t hide very well. When they are sad they huddle up and close themselves up. They resonate “sadness”. Anger, happiness, surprise, fear, disgust, contempt, and other emotions are the same. If you start to get good at tuning into their wavelength, it’s almost possible to predict what they are thinking. If this sounds too ethereal, think about it like this. Emotions are a collection of postures, tones, expressions, reactions, and gestures. Cultivate the sensitivity to this collection of behaviors. Learn to read within it, dwell within it.

The most important thing is to try to see the good in everyone. It sounds corny but it produces great results. The Buddha says understanding is the root of love. That doesn’t mean you have to like everyone personally, but it does mean you should try and pretend that you are them and give them the compassion of your understanding. Soften yourselves to them, for they are a reflection of you. The more acceptance and compassion does rein, the more room for it.

You may feel that you a singular person with no impact on the ways of this world, this world overflowing with sadness and tragedy. But that’s true. Nobody is a singular island and nobody is truly ever alone. Behind our illusions of separations is an ocean of consciousness which we all share. If you make droplets inside that consciousness, you change the body of water. You change the tide in the water. Your life is spiritually as significant as any king or president, although materially it may not seem so.

We are living two lives, the life of our material selves and the life of our spiritual selves. You delve into the life of the spiritual self every time you dream, but it is not only when you dream and this life is not separate from the material self. The two realms of selfhood are engaged in a perpetual feedback loop, but you can control the signal and have mastery over the exchange. This is the true meaning of alchemy.


The golden heart cannot take root without the water of love. The negative energy you direct towards yourself wilts it, and the negative energy and anger towards others wilts it too. Every golden heart changes the face of the earth and the course of history. The future is merely a  bubbling broth of potentiality. The cauldron is in the collective mind, which we are all a part of.