How “They” Chose, and other astral anomalies

The entrance process for admission to the “illuminati” remains mysterious, but here are some things we know:

  1. If they want you, they will find you.
  2. They aren’t going to say who they are.
  3. You will be tested – if you have to ask questions, you fail.
  4. It is an offer  you can’t refuse.
  5. Candidates are chosen for their proficiency in the astral realm
  6. You may become a  member without knowing you are one – either because this makes it easier to run incognito, and/or because they use a different name when you encounter them (and they always are going to be using a different name).


Once you are inducted, there’s no leaving. But here’s the catch: if you haven’t sworn an oath of secrecy intentionally and of your own volition during this process, you are not bound by silence. That doesn’t mean you won’t be monitored. It just means you have a bit more freedom to do as you please.


About the difference between secret societies & the powers that be

Most people believe that the illuminati, if it exists, is an aspect of the physical power structure. In a way, they are partly right. For there is not only one illuminati; the illuminati refers to those who are “illuminated”. That includes groups who hold material assets and practice dark arts amongst themselves. It also refers to those who, being illuminated adepts and masters, seek to bring the truth to all humanity, thus accomplishing the “Great Work”…

So, there are different spectrums of “Illuminated ones”. Some fight to free humanity’s consciousness. Others fight to keep the masses enslaved, using them as a perpetual source of energy.

The Astral War

The different Illuminati groups compete in many arenas. The key to understanding how this works is that all other manifestations of this competition stem from the same source: the astral realm.

In the imaginal realm, adepts of considerable power utilize autonomous thought forms, or egregores, to clash and influence the collective consciousness.

This is why proficient adepts are so valuable.

The Source of Occult Power

Some iluminati groups believe that power in the astral realm is tied directly to heritable lineage, or bloodlines. The other type of illuminati group believes in ‘spiritual succession’, that adeptship is determined by spiritual worthiness and power is given without reference to physical bloodlines.

This is similar to the way that the role of shaman was passed down in different cultural shamanic traditions. Some cultures believe “the gift” is passed down through bloodlines, but it skips a generation. Some cultures restrict the power to one gender or the other. Some believe that the Gods bring visions and trances to those they choose to endow with “the gift”, and thereafter this person’s children bear the gift too.

Ultimately, all we can say for sure about talent in adeptship is that some people have a lot, others have a little ; everybody has some.

The Aspects of Astral

The astral world is both individual and shared. There is a personal astral, where avatars and tulpa can be constructed (the difference between an egregore and a tulpa is that an egregore is a group creation, while the tulpa belongs to just one person). The personal astral is good for delving into apprehension of quintessential selfhood.

Deep in the layers of the personal astral are “threshold guardians”, kabbalistic paths and sephira, in a soup of symbols from the soul. Dreams are a valuable source of information about the architecture of your own personal astral.

The collective astral is more difficult to access. Getting there is a matter of focus and you must have a definitive grasp on your personal consciousness so that differences between individual and collective can be discerned. An education about the various archetypes are essential to traveling this road.

A warning to dabblers

When work on the astral becomes intensive, things in the physical world will become more high-energy. There may be a lot of synchronicity, and there may be a sense of reality being more concentrated, more dense. Time may slow (dialate) or speed up significantly.


Author’s Note

I hope these facts have been informative, for the information here is not very common.

If you have questions, do feel free to contact me, dear readers.

Your friend,

Caylus Ark

8 thoughts on “How “They” Chose, and other astral anomalies

      1. Aww well it can be a scary place but there is alot you missed. The peek of the story I should say.


    1. Howdy
      I’ve met others on the way but only now am I starting to fully comprehend the depth. I Wonder if I’llI find more, if these people need to stay vigilant in terms of identity .. I guess we find out. Thank you for your work


      1. What makes you think both sides don’t just gather the information you “illuminate” and build constructs in your name that generate power and wealth for themselves while the source is drained dry of creation and is left to rot.



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