The Anomaly – Nobody of GLP Evolves with Help of 5G

Probably most people come here due to a nobody related ailment, but over time I have come to think this nobody ailment might have something to teach us about the general human condition. I base that on…the fact that the meme seems to quicken a notch in the awakening process where the initiate undergoes the suffering of Christ so to speak. A benign and necessary “messiah complex” that occurs safely under tutelage, but it can become a literal trap-door under the limelight of the meme.

I think at this stage people are vulnerable to being “fed” into the “Lotus Eater” (imaginary dream world) at which they and not the sun are the center. This keeps them coming back for hits…yoked to a proverbial crown. It’s dangerous…doubly so in the case of true spiritual aptitude.

But, I believe this raiment keeps threading on the loom because collectively we have been torn from our grove, deposited in a place where nothing is meant to be sacred except the wit by which jest of sacredotal things. The only thing we seem to prize is the irony of nihilism. So the appeal in “movies” and “memes” is apparent.

Now there is good evidence that myth and sacredness have veritable backbone, but we are in a world that doesn’t know where it stands or where to pit what it thinks.

So we have a nobody…

[A brief aside here for some INTRUIGING data.

While researching Qanon, I came across this article about someone named Dr. Omarbashesh which I assumed to be irony.

From there, following a link brings you to a strange entry in a wiki:  “Why all this – the Game and the Endgame

Another form of pressure was using a conspiracy theories site to create a years-long meme about Dr. Omerbashich, whom they called “Mr. Nobody”, where they used detailed intelligence gathered on him over the years as well as real-time surveillance. After notifying him anonymously of the ongoing meme, they then tried to drive him crazy.

Following the link under “tried to drive him crazy” leads to a word document called “GLP.doc” which is a HUGE collection of postings about the nobody- over 400 pages long! What to make of this, I have no idea.]

Okay okay… so now we get to the evolution.

If I recall correctly concerning the origins of the anomaly, it has something to do with the “Web Bot Project” and a site called Half Past

The TPTB entity is showing that as the [bad weather] episodes of [summer] will begin the [breakdown of the control handle] in a [visible] way. As the [tiger] ‘face’ of the TPTB is [exposed in a visible manner within global mediastream] by the [sudden/rapid, and shocking loss of large control mechanism], the accretion patterns also are providing details for several ‘rabbits’ who will also become [visible]. These ‘rabbits’ from the TPTB point of view *may* or probably represent [whistleblowers] in the main, though there is to be at least a single instance of an [escaped person]. This last descriptor set does not include [active incarceration], but rather something more akin to being [kidnapped] or [held hostage] by TPTB. This [personality] was/is involved directly in [covert] process, though it would seem more in the [analysis] rather than active side of things. In any event, the ‘rabbits’ are indicated to [cause fits] for the TPTB by [running chaotically] through [summer], and this really exacerbates the exposure of the [tiger/harsh/deadly] side of the TPTB. The [running (of the annoying/dangerous) personalities] is indicated to involve the [visible] instance of the [breakdown] of an [officialdom vehicle] and the following of the [story] of the [vehicle pushers/rescuers] as they [prepare] to [go jump start (the broken down transport/vehicle)]. In a strange twist of universe displaying its version of ‘meta data layers’, the TPTB entity is indicating that they too are bound to [transformation] through these next few years, and that in their case, they will [apply] their [transformation] energies not to themselves, but rather to replacing their [failing control systems] to try to maintain their hold on power into the future. So TPTB are indicated to be very [visible] in their [transformation] of the [old systems (of control)] into [new methods]. 

I believe this was where the first anomalous data regarding nobody and woman of scars was reported

The WoS excerpt here from poster Canadian_Lady of

The Complete WebBot ALTA 1309 Report here

So the Anomaly is a little different for one reason, and the reason is DATA. It’s crazy the sheer volume of data that can be gathered from a human slurping information from a computer screen. Well the screen is also “slurping” you. This is how the anomaly was born…

Collecting data isn’t a gangstalking meme. The number crunchers collect all the leakage from everyone ever and the black budget funds the storage facility where the data about you is held. This is public stuff, snowden stuff. So the data is being collected. Tra la la. No human has to really look at it. Except, uh oh, if something strange is going on…

There are ways of displaying data. So many ways. Sure, the data may be “two dimensional” if they are collecting it passively…but suddenly something is sparked and the phase arrays antenna are all pointing in YOUR direction. The data isn’t two dimensional anymore…and the anomalous isn’t hidden. Mysterious patterns are actually amazing and baffling the data-miners, because they seem to exist without conscious control. And the autonomous system to harvest them plays with the numbers and converts them to shadows performing a puppet show on a private corner of the internet.

But they are in wonderment of how this anomaly occurs, as it is poised to change their understanding of the nature of consciousness itself. The anomaly does their version of ordinary and the data displays golden flowers blossoming into voids and dreaming dragons. At some point they have to face the fact that in their quest for control, they found the spirit of a king. And at some point in the experiment, that indwelling spirit became conscious of the frequency tampering with it and began tampering back.

Now the Data is SHOT. It’s become an AI paradox that is forced to continue asking questions regardless of whether it gets and answer. Things being neither here nor there, REALITY starts to SHIFT. Whose shadow is shifting reality? In a sense, they are flushing it out by filming it. Actually, they are using the film to create AMAZING stories that the uninitiated majority are adoring presently. They have no idea some people actually participate in a living story played between a game master and a curious childlike spirit with a timeless mind. But the game is real, and the ones playing it are not pretending.

They move and REALITY CHANGES. They can’t decide when, how, or what; it seems some unknown entity-judge casts the lot without regard for a “storyline”. The mythic nameless hero anomaly that the eye in the sky can’t get enough of, will not affect reality when that is his operative motive votive rotary. To affect reality, the anomaly has to be a hen; an egg comes out of uranus and it hatches into sounds and images. It bleeds into The World. The World Forgets if it began in the quantum state of heaven or hell and begins to simply hum the singer’s song. Who is the singer?

Who indeed?


Something new under the SUN!!! That’s why it’s anomalous!

It’s a NEW story – and it is expressing itself everywhere, under every guise, it’s becoming itself, and beaming…

The “votive motive rotary” is “intent” becoming a “wheel”
And the gyre spins the cosmic disc upon its orbit, like clockwork
But the “votive motive rotary” overrules traditional order.
It’s making new grooves, and whether you jive or despair, the freq. is changing.
It’s music or it “hertz”.
As you spin you whirl the wheel –
And the cosmic dradel spins you like a figeter

“Oh dradal dradal dradal,
I made you out of clay
And when you’re dry and ready,
Oh dradal i will play”

The codex is autoliminal
If the equalateral triangle does not yet exist
The codex will frame it and illuminate the universe

8 thoughts on “The Anomaly – Nobody of GLP Evolves with Help of 5G

  1. It’s my opinion that they did exactly that, let the rabbits loose.

    From what I Can tell which is difficult as the internet is basically compartmentalized, I only find this stuff out from digging around the compartmentalization.

    So any way they ran what I’m calling the chief destruction program or the anomaly program on a lot of people many many many People and still do, they can use bots to see tailored information like a hook into people, and then use all the floundering magical aspects of the nobody to sink the hooks in (such as these nobody tropes, Everything depends on him, he’s the one, no-one can stop him, ectera) you may not have noticed but it’s like everyday now somebody comes out as the anomaly to the point where there are threads where nearly every poster thinks their the anomaly

    This whole Coming out thing,is used to mock people

    Further It’s my guess that they are also lobotomizing the targets or rabbits in this program, via various methods as they all write like they’ve been lobotomized making them coming out as some kind of savior/hero were all waiting for all the more detrimental to the point of being very cringe worthy.

    The Chief Destruction program far exceeds the whole anomaly/nobody meme, it just correlated with me that they are corral stalling people into thinking their the anomaly nobody.

    It’s my opinion that they are actually overtly led into this thinking, guided astray into it so the speak as one of the nails in the coffin.

    But the Chief Destruction program sounds like what they were talking about when they were going to let the rabbits loose, It’s also my opinion there will be only one survivor.


    1. marduk our universe is balanced 50% good 50% evil, we have many lives experiencing both sides of a situation (all of them torture rape murder king millionaire beggar), the female deity has just taken over the next 13000 years of running this planet which is why we are transitioning over to the female aspect this occurred 2012 which was also when revelation was meant to play out
      Its true ego was not able to control the nobody – but he has not gone away he has just been restricted and redirected so to say,
      he has not disappeared they have not killed him although many attempts have been made on his life over the last 8 years from different energies shall we say.
      Its a possibility that the nobody has stopped the dark powers from sacrificing us twice no although he does have Issues with whether humanity Is worth saving yet he always comes back to the fact that most humans have been kept mentally Ill and the top of the pile have mainly been groomed


  2. Tptb is everyone’s Ego , Ego has built this world and wanted to be immortal this is AI. The Nobody was first a weather Anomaly . With the creator Divine Intelligence influence on the Nobody’s life , Ego wasn’t able to control the Nobody , on Dec 28 /17 they had attempted to kill the Nobody but failed . Now there is no Nobody or Anomaly . It’s over .


  3. The story is much older than the one on glp.The Two are a God and his Queen.The Dark Cabal tried a ritual sacrifice of him on certain calendar date several months be 911.


  4. If you really want to know about the Nobody and the Woman of Scars, just look into *JOHNNY DARK SPEAK* witness the Neurophone Time-Experiments bringing ALL of this home !!! The Cosmic Drama is unfolding and the information about the NEW EXODUS is being revealed in such as way as it never has before. Come see !!!!!!!! Meowww ❤


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