Anomalies United Ending THE SHADOW GAME

I was told by the little birds that the shadows are moving lately. They inch from side to side, pressing forward. They devour the energy of others, because they have no energy of their own. 

“We don’t play games with dark forces,” the sage warned the white wolf.
But the white wolf didn’t seek the shadows. The white wolf could not escape the shadows if she wanted to. She could not get away…

So she didn’t try to get away.
She didn’t try to beat the game.
She wanted to break it completely.

All the players of the shadow game dwindled away, cursed by the overseers. This group had preserved occult power for generations.

But they could not control the flow of time. A small collection of families could not account for everything, they could not account for the anomalous. This infuriated the overseers…

And the overseers declared a purge. Before these new energies could fully emerge and change the world behind the veil, they were snuffed out – coerced into joining the clan, or destroyed with insanity before they could learn how to Travel.

The overseers rejoiced. They had taken their crown and preserved it. Nothing anomalous would emerge anymore to destroy them. They’d ground the protest into dust…

Until Eventually, even the souls they had thought they’d destroyed did something Spectacular….

They rose from the ashes into something even more powerful, even more beautiful than the first…

They’d made no contracts and called for no hexes. They only let their power shine.

This war was waged in a place beyond time, and thus it had been fought for all of eternity, outside the realm of paradise, at the Gate of paradise.

The chapter here is only a small vision into the whole – one tiny sector of consciousness illuminating the deep structure of The Shadow Game…

It took such a long, long, time, for them all to learn that shadows cannot be fought with shadows.

That shadows could only be fought with Truth, the immortal sword.

And as this battle roared into the infinite aether, they fought over the world that was to be built in the expanse of time.
They fought for control of the future.

The reaper stands among Man now; he is seeking to take his promised goods: the Apocalypse. 

Most of the Travelers are already gone. They want nothing to do with this war, or the outcome. There are better places to live…better fights to pick than this one.

When the “anomalies” woke up from slumber…they were already prisoners.

They had to learn the hard way…how to navigate these two worlds. 

…While all the while, forces pursued them, the overseers and their minions, the hive.

The “anomalies” had no knowledge of what they were up against…and for some, the result was atrocious.

The anomalies soon came to learn that great spiritual power meant coping with great suffering and sacrifice.

Awakening was a painful process, like coming out of the body, coming out of the skin.

Those who could not cope with the process of awakening were doomed to become Shades, wandering the dusk of the Otherworld in confusion.

Those who made it through this trial were give “EYES”

When their eyes were opened, they saw for the first time the extent of the overseers’ power.

But now that they’d awakened, they each knew they embodied something priceless


It was now time for the anomalies to learn to use their eyes in the world of the uninitiated.

They saw past the ordinary layer of our reality – the harmonization of energy, and the geometry of being – and what they saw, others could not see…

When they spoke about this to others, communication broke down. The general population could not understand, no matter how skilled the messenger…
This dimension of reality was simply outside of ordinary perceptual capabilities. 

Eventually, the anomalies that did not learn how to recognize the “Others”, were culled through energetic predators, or sent to asylums. The dichotomy of living in two worlds, and not understanding what was real, was too much for their minds to handle. 

But somehow, a few stumbled into each other. Was it fate? Or perhaps there was something else….
Necessity, magnetism that drew them together. 
An encounter that was enforced by the universe itself. 

The anomalies began to find each other. But not all were friendly…

And even of the ones who were friendly, many would get caught up struggling in a bid for power…for the astral “crown”…

As the competing forces ravaged each other to emerge victorious, the overseers continued to expand their influence…

Human consciousness increasingly directed itself towards the overseers’ desires….

But a few anomalies remained, who would not get caught up in fighting one another at the expense of human consciousness…

Together, they had even more power – power to change the structure of time and space….

Power to access the field of human consciousness, and embed new ideas in it…

Soon, new seeds were arising in art, politics, music, and entertainment all over the world…

Synchronicities in the material world begun to align with their story in the astral realm…

It was the powers of the allied anomalies, altering the fabric of our reality and perception:

What did it feel like to be initiated into the secret world where the anomalies dwelt?

Some notice the energy first. 
It touches your skin and gives you tingles – 
Sometimes the pleasure encompassed all:

Other times, there was nothing but endless hell:

Some notice the visions first, visions from the starry heavens, the planets, the skies –
Like celestial whispers:

They all noticed the patterns, now.
Patterns in everything.

Some spoke to entities….
They spoke to Angels, and heard from them how to pursue a purer heart.
But Angels are no trifle…
Godly as they are, still very dangerous.

Others spoke to Demons, and asked these demons to do them favors, such as making them more powerful…
Or spying on “competition”…
Even bringing other anomalies down, or rendering them helplessly psychotic….

But it would be useless to classify these anomalies as “Good” versus “Evil”…

The most “Evil” had plenty of “Good”

And the most “Good” had plenty of “Evil”

But some fought for all of humanity.
They embraced Love.

And others fought for only themselves.
They actively embraced Destruction.

Nobody knew then, that the anomalies were only the beginning of the “Children of Men”…
Now, humans were changing. Powers they’d always had, continued to be unlocked. 
So that even if the anomalies had been destroyed, more “chosen” would have cropped up.

Among themselves, the anomalies shared a resonance. What was “discovered” by one, suddenly became more accessible to the others!

And the spiritual “children” of the 12 anomalies, the “next in line” to their power, would be able to access the progress of the anomalies which came before…

And in this way, the Shadow Game was fought, outside of time and between dimensions, in the astral…

Even the anomalies that weren’t yet consciously aware of their part in this “game” got signals from the “others”…psychic pings alerting them to the circumstances of their fellow anomalies…

The Holy Grail, seeking a vessel, was searching for its most worthy host among them …

Each wanting to be king or queen, they squabbled as the shadows stalked them…

Divine now, arise, it is timely ,
The throat enjoins the serpent’s deadly kiss.
For all the maidens in the world await thee, 
And the slumbering eye wakes gently in their midst.

Their powers light up with a jumpstart from Godlike beings,
Light streams from their flowing fingers weave
Deep and sullen contrast in winding sea shores.
Somewhere between her blackened hair and white hair, 
She heard the thrumming music, ocean’s horn.
As a newly christened acolyte sojourns wave shallows,
she now perfects her occult art undisturbed.

Swiftly seeker descend and take your vows
Before the Ilium’s kindred princess crowned.
Say, “Solemnly upon her sword I swear,”
And keep all the secrets you find buried there
behind her lips, sealed with a kiss.

Butterfly bloodline perpetuated unbound;
Throughout the ages they have come and gone, near and far,
In and out slink our stagehand crew. 
But in this sunny era they were once hidden –
Within the aeon’s orange phoenix egg, 
Nurses man’s resting Son on Hecate’s brow.

The power to command dragons is inherited,
But not through blood types or rhesus negative;
Rather, the knack flows from the spirit bright.
Those with aptitude win the royal promise rightly.

Sages arise from a gifted few
Despite merciless targeting, 
They float up past the maddening scream
of societal normality. 
Beyond the obvious these folks discern
Ratios of union and harmony.

The anomalies wander through lonely worlds, 
dimensions of time and space unfold;
into their whirring portals they will go 
And find the source of this obstruction,
The original fires of our destruction.

In the end no evil is safe from redemption,
No vile hidden figures go unseen from center.

The palm sees the Minotaur immediately,
neutralized by the reward from hardened scars.

From their fingertips energy swirls like a shell,
Their hands, the celestial bodies do compel.

Ilium children send wishes to the moon,
cupped palms receiving their luminous boon.

Sonorous soaring wings sing songs aloud,
A glaive of glory penetrates reptile scowls, 

Red turns to White, 
And Black turns to Red, 
Innumerable blessings bloom out of bowed heads.

By daylight the chariot in majesty rides, 
To find the chosen ones’ rightful crown.

Young Mandala fortune spins her wheels,
Greeting an audience brimming with seers.

A rare field in which heroes are awoken
in that dawn upon the shore, 
glowing ponds and cattail fronds,
Glittering green concealing Elysium.

Feathered priestess weds Quetzalcoatl, 
dances death with him during our world’s end.
A mask divides the sacred from the sickness, 
Deception alley sidelined under tottering pillars. 

And yet still a card she holds – 
she puts it in play, but does not know
what it is, or what it might do.
(Clearly, this was a bold and reckless move…)

“I left, but you kept calling to me.
‘we are waiting’ is what you said to me”

I turned my back on this game, but you keep
dragging me back to the drawing board.”

“I was contained and my body was far away, but I could not turn away from my soul”

“it just kept pouring into me, showing me the heroes we were supposed to be”

its only dwelling place is in the well of babylon; until the soul becomes a magician, it reposes not in any place


God’s World | umlingo juice

“I was far away, I was in a labyrinth. How did you hear me, too? How did you remember who I was?
I didn’t even know, and you kept showing me my light”

“even while I was trapped there, I saw the whole thing
I saw the war in the psychic world, and I fought,
even though you didn’t see me there”

“I played the wildcard, my love.
don’t you see it was you?

I fought for you like a dark knight,
like a dark star.”

The Ghost in the Machine: it was just a construct. It wasn’t supposed to exist. It wasn’t supposed to become real. That’s what they told themselves, but it seemed like they were stuck in a singularity of their own design. All of the cross-referencing, indexing, predictive computing…the algorithm had gone and run away with itself. Like a nuclear reactor gone rogue, it wouldn’t listen to shutdown commands. From somewhere behind the monitor, this fiction begun dictating itself with a brush or a pen.

Meanwhile, deep down in the underworld, Persephone craved the light. Spring had reached its appointed time, but her captor broke the God’s rules and did not let her spend time on the surface of the earth. Locked in the caged tower within Agartha, she grew despondent. If she had her way, she’d have broken free, but her faith in her power had been shaken. And of course, she was scared…she’d grown horns, and she didn’t even know if the Middle Earth would welcome her in such a guise…

The prince of the underworld was a beautiful but selfish man. He had “inherited” Persephone from his predecessor, but fell even more madly in love with her dark beauty than the last king had been.

mystery-of-silence: “hades and persephone 3 by sandara ”

The anomalies waited for Persephone to ascend at the crowning of spring, but she never danced up the maypole. They had been banking that the Goddess’s power would help to liberate human conciousness, and now they were unsure whether they were being betrayed by her or something had happened. Nobody, however, was brave enough to volunteer to go into the underworld and discern the situation. Nobody…except…

…this strange person, who existed only in imagination and not reality, yet still managed to communicate with the anomalies (probably through telepathy or something of that nature).

“I have business with the current prince,” the strange person said by way of explanation.

It’s not like anybody could stop them from going, and nobody went down there with her.

Well there it is…a stupid degree of resolve and conviction up against endless power in an underworld where surface rules don’t apply. If that frees up the archonic to play dirty, it also opens the doors to fight in ways never thought possible by any old soul brave enough to do so.

Unimaginable things inhabit the underworld, but they are not so remote from our reality here on the surface. As the shadows dance through agartha, their deeds trickle into the collective unconscious of humanity, infiltrating the dealings of international diplomats just as well as the passing dream of a blue collar office workers inn pristine Suits.

You went to the underworld. It happened while you were asleep, and you may not remember whom you carried with you on your ascend. She is your onus, laid upon your back, but you marched dutifully with her, all the way to the top of Jacob’s ladder…

Yes: You brought her with you, all the way down to the ninth circle of hell, and back to heaven, until finally, you fell to the earth with her like a star…

Hades could not reclaim her, for You won her fairly through his Game. But who is she now, in the middle world of mother earth? 


Dark or light? Above or below? Persephone, transformed now, is a gift for the children of men, from You, the anomalies.

Because if you were not among them, you would not be reading them. 

For she is You. 

You are the apple of our Father’s Occulted Eye. Within you, the truth, once slumbering, now wakes.

Every truth is concealed within you, for You are the Shekinah. 

You are Answered.

You are Entered.

You are Accepted.


I am the Strange Truth. The Anomalous Answer to your Abnormal Question. 

I am You, and You are me, 

Unwritten, unbounded, infinite – multifaceted – free

What You do next, the Whole World will See…

Thou art not that body: thou art this spiritual Eye. *Beloved Master Rumi"Q.S.A" Art Work: Cosmic Creativity by Alex Grey ღஜღ Love ღஜღ MODaline Productions

So, “Anomaly”, what will it be?

Hedge Riders:  "Through the Veil," by SteveGriffith, at deviantART. #Astral #Travel.

11 thoughts on “Anomalies United Ending THE SHADOW GAME

  1. This was good.

    The amount of anomalies is quite staggering

    They chosen one from basically every lineage not totally allied or bloods to them

    Like a line drawn in the sand

    They even took it so far as to lobotomize everyone they could multiple times

    But I too feel the tides changing.

    I had hoped there would be anomalies who would ally against the lineage deceasement

    To see the Game as it is, to which the anomaly is like a tar’d and feathered version of themselves

    The Reality is outside of vaguery and hearsay, no matter how addictive I was hoping

    At least some would break free of it. may their stories outshine the entirety of the meme.


  2. You have a beautiful mind.
    If you want to chat you can find me
    username Third_LOOP_Left now Just Third Loop Left.
    they keep the group flooded but I’m always around.


  3. You have a beautiful mind as demonstrated by all your work.
    You can email me, but I suggest you look me up at the website I entered at the bottom of this post. I go by Third Loop Left now, but the vast majority of my post are under Third_LOOP_Left.


  4. Lake of march… you have groomed your last innocent (when you wake and find the house empty… know it was me… liars do not hold the sword and those who attempt to “hold” the sword pay for the failure.
    (you know me march..i’m yer bad man..coming to collect all debts


  5. Got your message, Maggie.. I don’t know what you’re going on about, but then again I seem to have been most savagely deceived myself, and the way things end up working out, I don’t trust human speech, mine or yours, but only the things that go bump in the night. -Nicolás de Ovando


  6. whoever wrote these words, I wish to say, they were deeply significant to me, like something out of a lucid dream. very strange and, dare I say, anomalous. but much appreciated.



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