The Wound is Where the Light Shines Through

I have touched upon the literal mechanics of mind control in other articles and I will avoid doing so here. Rather, I would like to pose the question: what is the link between esotericism and mind control? I believe it has to do with the nature of consciousness. Let’s explore how consciousness can be changed.

I have been very attracted to MK-ULTRA for a long time, but one of its themes has always confounded me. The central premise of “classic” MK-ULTRA theory is that sexual abuse during childhood is required in order to “shatter” and fragment the mind. This is the case according to authors like Fritz Springmeier and Kathy O’Brien, whereas some of my recent sources (Jos, in particular) dispute it. The idea, however, goes something like this: the “illuminati” (or the CIA, depending on who you ask) want psychic adepts. Indeed, whether you buy into the paranormal or not, it has been shown there is a major positive correlation between reported frequency of paranormal experience and abuse during childhood. Childhood trauma tends to increase susceptibility to being hypnotized in addition to fantasy-proneness, two aspects majorly interlinked in the psychic experience.

Over time, I have come to wonder if the mythos of the mind-controlling illuminati can be seen beyond its barriers as a conspiracy – towards something like an archetype. It is true that survivors of childhood abuse may have psychic experiences in order to compensate for their suffering as a child. But this isn’t enough to explain all the data regarding the relationship between child sexual abuse and psychic experiences. As some say, “The Wound is Where the Light Shines Through”. In other words, us survivors may not merely be compensating via illusion: it’s possible we receive actual gifts.

It may be worthwhile to ask ourselves what the Illuminati is in the first place. I have come to see it as a spiritual force that may possess some people. To my understanding, which is speculative, those who are involved with it have a good ability to sense when others are involved with it. It’s a particularly forceful meme, which I attribute to the voracity of the conspiracy. There are absolutely similarities between people who come up with the meme independently and the concept of the illuminati can scarcely be spoken of without reference to the occult. Note that it need not actually exist to exert this influence.

I will tie these two concepts in place shortly, so let us return to MK-ULTRA. One of its features is DID, which was once known as Multiple Personality Disorder; this is a disease that is almost always rooted in some form of childhood abuse. To a lesser extent, many survivors experience some form of dissociative tendencies, hence the aforementioned “fantasy proneness”. Dissociation is the tendency to disconnect from the outside world, which sometimes includes a vast and rich inner world. Indeed, an “MK-ULTRA candidate” is said to have a detailed and complex mental architecture.

For example, “spinning” is related to the trance state, and esoteric symbols like the chessboard. Mirrors, and rooms of mirrors, are related esoterically to seership and, not only altered states of consciousness, but also “alters”: names given to completely distinct personalities; separate selves. Gems are aspects and facets of the ego that can be worked, or in terms of esotericism correspond to alchemical principles in a codified process of refinement, color psychology, and astrology. Illusions are used not only in “street magic” – but also “mind control lingo”. Illusions can be used to manipulate separations within the ego. Stairways are bridges to different levels of consciousness, which is symbolized by descent in the case of mind control – descent to preconscious, subconscious, or unconscious levels – or ascent in the case of positive spirituality: to altered consciousness states of liberation. Phrases like “Trust No One” are hallmarks of the mythos of the “Illuminati” and CIA both. “Classic” programming literature includes worlds such as those from Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Both are based on the same principles that make street magic and mind control viable: paradox, illusion, and befuddlement of the senses. The literature can be used to construct inner worlds for a mind controlled subject that is based on strange and shifting sands. It is this state of confusion that moves towards the trancelike and hypnotic, the un-empirical and highly malleable consciousness that can be controlled by those with malignant intent. An entire article could be devoted to these symbolic attributes alone.

The mystical is deeply intertwines with the notion of both “Illuminati” and “MK-ULTRA” or mind control in general. Is it then, any wonder that the literature clumps the two of them together? MK-ULTRA, as an officially declassified CIA operation, took place around the same time as remote viewing and psi experimentation by the CIA with the Stanford Research Institute. These investigations by the CIA, contrary to what you may expect, were found to be substantive in the evidence for the existence of “anomalous” phenomena. However, since it was difficult to impossible to control or rely upon the onset of phenomena, the research was discontinued.

It’s interesting that the profile of a potential “psychic” is correlated as similar to that of a good candidate for mind control. After all, no matter what  your opinion is on psi in general, it is very hard to deny on the logical level that “mind control” or “persuasion and mind influence” exist as very real concept in our society today. It may be more “pervasive influence” than “absolute control”, but it is no less pernicious or notable for being so. Mind control is never called such, which may be why some bristle when hearing it. This in itself is a form of mind influence. Rather we call this influence “the psychology of persuasion”, “emotional intelligence”, “corporate psychology”, “marketing”, “behavioral modification”, “social/civil engineering”, or “neurolinguistic programming”, and Eckman’s “micro-expressions”. Taken together, this is, if not literal control – a cohesive and extensive art.

Our experience of reality is ultimately a construction of the sensory signals sent to the brain and how these are integrated and interpreted through the schema of perspective and personality. We assume we all experience the same reality, but that is not necessarily the case. Think about how a traveler would see your home town. Without familiarity, memory, or routine, it would be a different place, which would be colored by completely different memories and associations. As such, the way we process the outside world as filtered by the orientation of our personality should influence the way our consciousness works.

The difference between a “normal” person and a mystic involves a specific trait on one of the major models of personality in psychology which is known as the Five-Factor model. In this model there are five major traits which are often abbreviated into the acronym “OCEAN”: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. So a low score of agreeableness would lead to unfriendliness, a low degree of extroversion might understandably be introversion, and a low degree of conscientiousness might be messiness. The trait we are concerned with here is Openness [to experience]. There is a high degree of the openness trait in psychics, shamans, schizophrenics, and mystics – or just your classic mania on the bipolar scale. I have probably written in other articles this classic quote: “the shaman swims in the rivers the schizophrenic drowns in”. Without commenting on the implied judgmental attitude here, I think it is accurate to say that the shaman is trained to work with “anomalous” experiences with acceptance, defining the boundary between reality in their own fundamental scheme. There is absolutely a cultural bias at play: do we create the neuroticism that causes schizophrenia to become malign?

What does this have to do with mind control? It has to do with the central feature of Openness, which is a malleable boundry for reality. When our consciousness casts shadows beyond the immediately perceptible, those shadows can be manipulated by a skilled practitioner. I will call somebody who does this a mind control “programmer”. A consciousness with less static bounds are easier to “meld” or “recode” by one of these programmers.

Let’s examine a cult to get a better idea of how the occult plays into this picture. Cults are among the most prominent, acknowledged, and accepted manifestations of mind control. Somehow, by manipulating a person’s spiritual needs – something basic and universal to some extent – their consciousness can become prone to orbiting the reality of a charismatic leader. This can lead to the “mass hallucinatory” effect sometimes chronicled in the annals of anomalous experience. It is sometimes called folie a deux. Why the spiritual or vaguely occult? First of all, spirituality is often experienced in the realm of the supernormal at the fringe of material reality. What is only dimly sensed or is unseen in the first place tends to become perceived and sensed more prominently when someone else sees or experiences it. This is true in general, and when we apply it to the forceful character of a person with high charismatic energy, it becomes very easy for a weaker personality to become subsumed, experiencing what is “suggested” by the person with a greater amount of energy. In short, I would interpret the delusions of cult as partly caused by the force a charismatic leader exerts upon cult members.

In a way the leader becomes the “wizard”, instigating and defining the context of reality in addition to its boundaries. Thus, those with enhanced psychic capabilities can truly fill either the role of charismatic leader, wizard, cult member, or mind control subject. The way things turn out may be due to a person’s individual temperament, developmental history, and/or beliefs. It could be due to outside influence. Indeed, it is believed some cult leaders, such as Charles Manson, were MK-ULTRA subjects in and of themselves. There is a reason for these mythologies, and it is not random chance. It is possible of course for the psychic experience to lead to positive spirituality and illumination in the sense of liberation. But that is not the subject of this article.

Perception is an art. It’s easy to say that the seances and rituals of ceremonial magick (as preformed by occult practitioners such as Crowley and H.P Blatvasky) are manipulations of perception and the “magic” created pure illusions of dim light and charlatanism. Similarly it is easy to say that stage magic has nothing in common with ritual magick, because one is authentically spiritual and the other is completely based on deceiving an audience. The truth is somewhere in between.

The best deceptions are believed to be true by the deceiver himself. Changing what the audience is paying attention to is central to stage magic. For example, the magician draws attention to his face while changing a coin to the other sleeve. But attention is also central to magick – as the quote “energy goes where attention flows” insinuates. Even speaking in terms of veritable science, the measurement of an observer is going to determine the state of an electron. We seem to be at a loss to acknowledge that consciousness, the neutral state of “attentive energy”, seems to have a causal relationship to matter. The mystic, of course, has no such reservations about altering consciousness to change reality. The boundary between misdirection and magic becomes more indistinct when you recognize that the world itself is actual an internal experience.

Don’t get me wrong – the mind control programmer can stick purely to empirical and tangible psychology (ie, behaviorism and conditioning) in order to “influence” minds. Our own “illuminati” programmer, Jos, claimed as such. But in doing so, they miss out on much of the potential of mind control. Our representation of self is fluid and immeasurable. Symbols can fixate, orient, and occupy the imagination. A dragon for example need not be real to influence your internal self-construct or change emotional temperature, because people think in metaphors. If your anger is an evil dragon, that’s a very different lens than your dragon being a bunny.

Part of what magic truly is, is “tuning” one’s own psyche to certain states of consciousness, and a powerful magician or medium can tune to the psyche of others. Think about music, lighting, smells, languages, and voice cadence. All of these manipulate and change the internal experience of reality by changing the sensory experience. It is in these altered realms that we tend to experience the paranormal or anomalous phenomena in question. But does this make the magician a charlatan? No. Is the anomalous experience false because it took place in an altered state of consciousness? No! If experience is internally constructed, we should be willing to acknowledge experiences in altered states to be real.

Then why is childhood trauma connected to mind control? The puzzle begins to fall into place. Childhood trauma tends to produce dissociation, fragmentation in the psyche, and elaborated introversion. The child and later-to-be adult have increased hypnotizability and they are more likely to fantasize. These factors enhance the psychic experience and increase suggestibility. Now as a product we have a person with an innate capacity to create internal architecture and storylines that would fit a mind control programmer’s modality. Remember control of the psyche can be affected by manipulation of the sense. Just as in simple Pavlovian conditioning, triggers can be created by mixing emotions and sensations or images with some kind of experience – and sadly, this is generally a traumatic experience in the case of programming because the most power and primal of all emotions is fear.

Post-911, our government manipulated the American people by appealing to our fear of terrorists. Later Edward Snowden revealed the extent of domestic spying – suggesting, perhaps, the government’s fear of us. How well would we have been willing to accept the Patriot Act if we were not shit-scared of terrorists? It is very simple to control people who are afraid. Of course this extends to religious control: fear of God, hell, Satan, and eternal damnation. People were essentially extorted by the church for centuries. Yet in the modern world, we are less inclined to recognize that our governments and corporations do the same thing, perhaps more effectively with advances in psychology. Don’t let anybody tell you magic has nothing to do with it. The spirit is invested in every metaphor, every desire and human affair, because the mind and imagination are not solid and consciousness is not empirical.

So let us close the archetype. It sounds insane to imply that the government or the cia is a part of a secret society like the illuminati, but what if the cia actually is a secret society? I think we all accept this as a basic fact, so it’s not too surprising that we speculate about more sinister applications of this opaque and well funded group. MK-Ultra was absolutely real, and the purpose of this article has been to document the parallels between mysticism and mind control. That is the essence of the illuminati in its occult appellation and MK-ULTRA in its practical application. The duplicity, control, and secretive nature of the cia are a natural shadow to mirror the suspected nature of the illuminati.

Magic, as a manipulation or bid for control over reality, is necessarily an act of mind control if reality is an internal experience. While mind control is acknowledged when its principles are displayed by cults, it is ridiculed by most people otherwise, and unjustly. The CIA and FBI scrutinize cults closely. But even if we rule out the magical association, can we conceive of an organization like this as a cult in and of itself? As a secret society?

How is it any different than the illuminati? Is it not all a matter of perception after all?

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