Black Holes: The Cosmic Egg of Light

The electron or photon is a tiny black hole.

It has ^ and v spins, the intersection of which create a vortex.

The black hole participates in processes that divide by 0, to the befuddlement of scientists, who say that division by 0 should be possible because it results in – and + infinity, which is illogical. However, since it happens, it needs to be discussed.

When something reaches a point of compression where it is tiny enough, a state produced by black holes which compress infinitely, it eventually starts becoming bigger again. There is only so small you can become in our dimension before you start becoming bigger in terms of your smallness. This threshold is passing the portals between dimensions.

To review…the black hole is a portal, and light is a black hole. The black hole is a portal through which electrical information is fed and from which gravitational forces emerge. This is the most recent area of physics, studying the relationship between black holes and gravity. We never understood why gravity was such a weak force and where it comes from. Well electrons are everywhere and they are portals where gravity comes into our dimension from another. The dimension from which gravity comes has no mass, which is why gravity is such a weak force.

Since gravity is translated by the electron, and the electron exists only as a potential until collapsed by the mechanism of conscious awareness, light is in a sense created by the eye, and light allows gravity to create the narrative of our continued existence.

Let me explain further….Gravity is a force of compression that bends the curvature of of spacetime around mass, creating velocity as a means to move through the space located on the mass in the speed allowed by that curvature. In a sense it’s gravity that allows relativity to stay constant. Objects in the bent space of gravity are subject to the experience of time as a function of velocity, which is energy expenditure. (hence how “higher frequency people” are literally existing in a more rapid state than others)

The compression created by gravity passes through the mechanism of the electron which explains its distribution because we don’t find gravity where we don’t find electrons, ie vacuums. funnily it’s the black hole which creates the space which is stable. Without the black hole all would be a vacuum. That’s why we have two giant black holes at either pole of the universe. Anyway…

Light has been universally worshipped because the photon/electron is the symbol of reality’s creation itself. And light is also the symbol of the flaming eye which makes creation real. The pupil is a black hole is a real term. It makes perfect sense. There is a dimension that the electrical impulses of the material would have to pass through in order to become experiences, and they pass through that dimension through the portal of our eye. [b]This impulse is not recieved in fact by the eyes but by the third eye or pineal gland. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you’re blind. [/b]

Think about how Krishna opened his mouth and there was a universe inside. This is the reality between the black hole in our eyes and what is behind them. Inside us, at the point of infinite negative compression, there is an expansion into the negative dimension of the conscious experience, and that is why consciousness cannot be said to be “contained” anywhere.

So what would happen if you passed through the tiny dimensional portal in the photon? you would arrive at the ouroboros null zone, the true ain soph aur, a massless dimension where the complete set of all time is contained. Note TIME is contained, not SPACE. There is NO SPACE (hence 0) because all the collective photons of the universe are entangled and there is no mass or time to contain them. This is hard for ordinary humans to fathom, but imagine this…

The null space contains every collapsed quantum eigenstate produced by an electron. The collapsed eigenstate, as a portal, not only gives gravity to experience, but it also sends back an electrical signal from the material realm, sending feedback to the nullzone that is instantly registered.

Thus look no further for interdimensional travel. From the null zone, all points in all spaces and times can be reached by pointing to an electron and reaching it’s corresponding point of charge in space and time. Basically we go back through the other way. Any place or time is possible. And as the timelines changes, the null zone instantly registers it and is always changing. Higher frequency entities travel this way.

So I want to talk about Crowley and the freemason’s lost word. I’ll tell you which word it was. Not really, specifically just what the function of the word is. The function of the world is to viberate at a frequency that is just right to send the conscious experience out of the portal of the eye and back through the photon to reach an interdimensional state. From that state, consciousness is unlimited.

2 thoughts on “Black Holes: The Cosmic Egg of Light

  1. Very impressive explanation of light. Our perception of the light frequency creating light and all. Check it you:

    My take on a black hole is that it is a tear in what space is and it does create a dimple in space time however because there is no conductive medium within the hole the light frequency and photons disintegrate like sound waves in spacevery once it enters it. It is likely that the 28 grams that a body loses upon death is the gravitational dimple of space of the soul. The dimple is about 28 grams worth of space time distortion.


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