Before reading this post, reading the mandelbrot set and consciousness constants is a must!

I have a really huge update to add about this subject.
Well, sort of. I recently have been reading this, which I must have somehow missed:
“The Gateway Process”
[link to (secure)]

This was an elaborated method the cia was researching, of accounting for the consciousness consequences of existing quantum theory. It’s funny, because I made fun of the CIA a bit ago for using LSD to try and make their soldiers better killers, but they were apparently aware that consciousness and the quantum had an analogous congruence, a relationship yet worth exploring, at least before 2003. That is better than we can really say for our universities.

When I saw this part, I really wasn’t expecting it. This part is how a person conscious material awareness could actually fall out of the mandelbrot set by changing the relationship it has to its own energetic coherence.

the “absolute” is conscious energy in infinity, it is “unbounded”. So when I read this I happened to think back to the analogy of our material world existing as those dark carotenoid and bulb protrusions that did not initially “escape” to infinity, and thus were bounded by the structural conditions of their origin within the set.

the Gateway process accesses this same idea. Remember when I said that as individual sentient consciousness, we likely exist at the nodule regions bordering the main carotenoid of the material universe? all that means is that our brains are the bulbs of the set while the ghostly film entangled with our brains is the consciousness signal itself.

The Gateway process takes this as an actual methodological challenge.
imagine two beams are swinging next each other in perpetuity, and when they briefly overlapped, the human attempting the gateway process would attempt to narrow their awareness into lazerlike edge that would bridge the alternating oscillations into a distinctly unified blade. If I were simply a mystic and not writing for the cia (probably the illuminati forwarded it to them anyway the morning before this report) the symbolic process of creating a magical sword would be the work of temperance.

“it is also true
that when, for an infinitesimally brief instant, that energy reaches one of its two points of rest it “clicks out” of time-space and joins infinity (see Exhibit 3, next page). That critical step out of time-space occurs when the speed of the oscillation drops below 10 -33 centimeters per second(Planck’ s Distance). To use
the words of Bentov: ‘…quantum mechanics tell us that when distances go below Planck’s Distance, which is 10″33 CM, we enter, in effect, a new world.'”

 Quoting: The Gateway Process

So to return to the Mandelbrot sets for a minute, we have landed within the collective because we were not infinity. We were dense enough that we had to stay. But this part of the gateway process theory is proposing escape via quantization to a field of energy that is of a very different category of scale all together, so small that it cannot be contained by the boundaries of the Mandelbrot set at all and escapes to the outer region of infinity. remember that when 10 is expounded into the negatives, you stop merely getting smaller, and eventually start becoming much much bigger in an entirely different dimension.

the other key in process of successful unification (hermetic marraige?) is its vibratory energy at the point of unification, and thus success lies in the gateway practictioner’s own luminiferous mastery, both the explosion of spirit and the deft grasp of will are required.

 the human consciousness wave pattern reaches such high
frequency that the pattern of ‘clickouts’ comes so close together . that there is virtual continuity in it. Then, a portion of that consciousness is actually postulated to establish and maintain its information collection function in those dimensions located between time-space and the Absolute. Thus, as the almost
continuous “clickout” pattern establishes itself in continuous phase at speeds below Planck’s Distance but before reaching the state of total rest, human
consciousness passes through the looking glass of time space after the fashion of
Alice beginning her journey into wonderland”

The Gateway Process

And there, I learned today that according to the CIA, the Mandelbrot set is not inescapable after all.

Soo…the zefir yetzorah and Ezekiel talk about the divine chariot as the vehicle of God’s and godlike men
And we are also learning about the difference between a space ship blasting off to the moon with rocket fuel and falling between an atom into the quantum realm which precedes it

Towards this end, we use recent work on the psychophysiology of intuitive perception and
the principles of quantum holography to develop a theory to explain how implicit information
about a future event (such as a potential future business opportunity) can be accessed by the body’s
psychophysiological systems as intuitive information. Drawing on the principles of quantum
holography, the theory explains how information about a future event is spectrally enfolded at
the quantum level in the movement of energy, as an implicit field of information which exists
as a domain apart from space and time. Focused emotional attention directed to the object of
interest (such as a potential future business opportunity) attunes the psychophysiological systems
to the quantum level of the object, which contains holographically-encoded information on the
object’s future potential. The body’s perception of such implicit information about the object’s
future is experienced as an intuition.


consciousness is probably defined by its architecture in some way, even if only purported exceptionals can see auras on the visible spectrum. we still manage to signal an overall impression to others of our state of being, without fail, although sincerity may vary. this comes from a lot of micro cues, but I also think it comes from a subtler intuition which reacts viscerally, not a product of reason but an amalgam of a background process of integration that trigger emotional responses more broadly

we assume that if I have a reaction to someone, it’s probably not fair to say other people will all have the same reaction. it’s certainly safer to assume that our own biases will affect our impression of a person and their aura. but certain information is rarely subjective, and is generally an agreed upon quality of a specific person.

the characteristic of charisma tends to be immediately intuitable, for example. Charisma is both a state of being that alters consciousness and a causal force in personality development (when you tend to win people over, it may foster narcissism, or extraversion, ect). but
charisma is also a detectible psychic oscillation. there is an inherent mesmerism in the bearer of charisma, an ability to compel the affections of others, whether or not it is intentional.

I don’t think our “aura” broadcasts discrete personality traits. But I think our “aura” DOES broadcast the affectations guiding the traits we have.

Fear, for example, is a state of being with its own frequency and experiential qualities. When we feel it, others notice because it is being broadcasted energetically. Strong emotions influence an aura, but so do calculated facades.

tuning into empathy is a universal human ability, but one of degrees. Empathy is universal, but the apprehension of empathy as a mind reading muscle is mainly trivialized. notably high emotional sensitivity corollate to extrasensory perception as a whole because both are extensions of receptivity

as a configuration with its own dimensionality and architecture, consciousness has a “dark” signal we can’t currently measure, but seems to have fractal and self similar symmetries

If you look into Chariot mysticism, the application of consciousness as a vehicle begins to be clear. If hypothetically, consciousness was not local to the region of the brain but rather merely entangled with the brain, than hypothetically you could be conscious to experiences outside of your material coordinates. If consciousness can be seen this way, the paranormal ceases to be para-.

a chariot of consciousness is a directed, constructed evocation of natural bioenergetic patterns. this is the merkavah wisdom, the “craft” of interdimensional experience. while the intricacies of the merkavah shape don’t have to be understood to be invoked, it is worth noting the properties of the merkavah shape seems to imply something about our most basic organization as sentient creatures

this is probably what is meant by escaping to 0, it is a method of creating an energetic awareness portal that is dislocated entirely from neurological bounds – it is upon another order of experience, beneath the planck, towards the quantum, and yet which is eternally accessible because it is our source. that metaphor aptly represents the idea of zen in a nutshell – the ever available realization which never comes and never goes, but “heels” occasionally into the totality of apprehension


arg, I suppose consciousness is a dynamic structure interrupted by entropy flux. Someone said magnetism somewhere, other people say electricity or Electromagnetic fields.

I think both feel equally good helpful as analogous models. But I’m going to emphasize gravity because its influence comes from how much mass occupies a region of space. I think that analogy works for consciousness, because the “Density” or “Mass” of a person’s consciousness is not expressed as a function of innate intelligence or personality, it is a distinct region of density signatures that tend to be associated with the “essences” of individuals. I could not properly tell you why the QUANTITY varies because it seems pretty contextual. but people have a consciousnessness with different “Gravitational” fields that seem to be generally pretty consistent throughout a person’s life. and its easy to tell how much depth a person has with any sensitivity to this, which is how illuminated people can recognize each other eye to eye without exception.

Charisma has a very strong “Gravity”. It is easy as an individual planet to be pulled in by a SuperStar – a celebrity for example – and completely overwhelemed by the way that your consciousness is being RECONFIGURED by the dense “gravitational orbit” of strong charismatic consciousness.

Very strong consciousness, has a signal with inherent force, and dynamic properties that will restructure less energetic celestials.

NOTABLE, that the dyanmic patterning in consciousness is truly instrinsic to expression. If consciousness is on a “very high frequency”, it can actually FIT A GREATER QUANTITY OF EXPERIENCE into a SMALLER amount of time. If you have more sensations and cognitions through tighter and more energetic wavelengths, you can derive more value than someone who has relaxed the rate of their responses and broadened their engagement

Someone who is very very sensitive probably experiences experience itself with more subtle definition in both pain and pleasure. people with extra emotional or intellectual dimensions have a broader sphere of influence, and are in general an “empathetic nexus” symbolized by the archetype of lone wolves and leaders.

relativistic features of reality like time are actually far far far more susceptible to manipulation than we can presently concieve, for its influence is a product of distinct inner ascertaining – it can be done interior and CANNOT be done externally. this reflects something essential about consciousness – the triune relationship betweeen space, time, and awareness. The experience of all three is not located in some vast “void” outside, the experience of spacetime is INTERNALLY constructed, and internally driven. But it is a functional dependency with respect to experience which can actually be over ridden. Again, with respect to constructing bioenergetic patterns into harmonically helpful arrangements, the merkavah is the arrangement which can remediate these interior spacetime boundaries.

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