TPTB & the ‘triple quadrapole’ matrix of a memristor

what the fuck did I even just write? I have no idea why I have been looking at this information, it’s all very wonky theoretically but obviously is working as intended.

Here is a video that discusses matters I’ve been ranting about on this blog for 8 years, which is also the amount nodes in a quadrapole. you just slap a + on an x and you’ve got the idea.

I’ll do what I do though and see if I can make more underlying patterns evident.

I was going to talk about gravity, because I got started on this based on the statement the PBSscience guy said about spacetime which was news to me: “TIME warps GRAVITY, but GRAVITY DOES NOT warp TIME” he said, without the caps. This is according to general relativity, where gravity encapsulates the idea of a giant boulder in an ocean of time, splitting the flow and energy it has.

I dropped that because if leftover background radiation from binary black holes crushing each other for billions of years is all gravitational waves are I can leave that to guys getting paid. But I was very interested in the structure which the gravitational compression was supposedly modeling.

The curvature of gravity is constantly actually warbling behind the apparently solid world. Isn’t that creepy? The physical world is constantly warbling because of supermassive black holes making reality an ever so slightly unstable affair. But anyway, dilation of time occurs, stretching the time experience, based on the way we are orientated, the way we rotate, and the mass/energy attracting your material experience. I guess that means gravity wants to be dilated and be slower and lose energy spatial movement, for structural coherence.
these are quadrapole waves. in most of the expressions I’ve seen them used they are called triple quadrapoles because they have properties coded from a number of energetic signals. if they have low temporal specificity they are long like the ones in the frame above this contrast slide. Experiments to get to absolute zero have shown that the wave/particle duality of light collapses into only a blurry waveform as you get extremely close to absolute 0, a state of matter where no energy or interaction takes place – a zero state is so theoretical it couldn’t be further from a vacuum in the vacuum of space. But we built an artificial box to explode matter inside of remotely at some space station and do inferormetry of what was there before that collision. if we ever DO get to REAL absolute zero, I’ll eat my hat. Reality actually has negative attractor values for some eigenstates.

The merkavah pattern said to be a hyperspace engine where maximal energetic density is packed into the most efficient organization, has another name in physics, called quadrapole waves, which are discussed as tripled so that they can make a number of geometrically related distinctions which I’m not going to pretend to be any manner of expert in discribing:

This is a quadrapole. chiral helix structures are also, and orbital quantum shells. It also applies to the pattern being reiterated so often on this site, which is the control of hyperspatiality with only emotions and womanly wiles. It’s almost analogous for chaos theory and more well known than the phrase chaos theory. So says the esper of the essence.

okay so let’s break it down one more time. 3D reality is completely encoded by an 8-axis engine called a quadrupole, which looks like a butterfly in the air if you bisect the pattern, or the symbol of “the butterfly effect” of chaos theory, or the infinite represented by L-systems, lemniscuses, infinity, serpents in a loop. It is actually all of those things. This is the home of convergence where structure and function are actually not just well suited they are twin flames.

I’m a student who should be working on finals but is instead using university privileges to download PDFs I am narcissistic to assume I understand well enough to comment on. But I actually do foundationally get it because it keeps repeating itself more loudly as it continues in my own expansion.

The butterfly is so embedded in the dynamo that quite literally controls the matrix that attempts to describe it make reference to the “wings” as if it were actually going somewhere and not just hovering eternally in a hyperspace tersseract alien brain jar.

a b s t r a c t This paper presents a 6D autonomous system, obtained by introducing a flflux-controlled memristor model into an existing 5D hyperchaotic autonomous system. The dynamics of the novel system are investigated in terms of equilibrium points, bifurcation diagrams, Lyapunov exponent spectra, phase portraits, time series and attraction basins. Moreover, its circuit implementation is also proposed. The system is hyperchaotic under a line or a plan of equilibria. Other attractive dynamics observed are: hidden extreme multistability, transient chaos, bursting and offset boosting phenomenon. Interestingly, for a particular set of parameters, an unusual metastability showing transition from chaotic to periodic bursting dynamics is found. Dynamical systems capable of producing the above complexity are not common in the literature; thus, this novel memristive 6D hyperchaotic autonomous system deserves particular attention. PSpice based simulations are in good agreement with numerical computations. To the best of our knowledge, this system is the fifirst with higher order presenting all those phenomena.

2019 Elsevier Inst

I was going to talk about a left-handed electromagnetism, but it’s almost too weird. Everything on this kind of state of matter would be working reversed, and there aren’t known naturally occurring structures I know of. Imagine magnetism is reversed for this left handed thing, electromagnetism is reversed. I don’t have any idea.

it’s sort of frightening, what they “theorize” they could do with quadrapole tripling, which represent every relevant force dynamic as one coherent “in flux” shape (triangle)

To receive and send information, images and sounds are two primary information carriers for a person in his/her real life.

The manipulation of electromagnetic (EM) and acoustic waves plays a fundamental role in the current information society. However, traditional components for wave field manipulations are often bulky and heavy, which limits the applications of these components in miniaturized and integrated devices.

Artificial microstructures (also called meta-atoms) are some manmade subwavelength structures, which can resonate with EM, acoustic, or other kinds of waves. Metamaterials1-3 and metasurfaces4-9 that have three-dimensional (3D) and two-dimensional (2D) artificial microstructures respectively have been proposed to realize miniaturized and integrated wave field manipulation devices in recent years. In addition, they can exhibit novel properties beyond natural materials and realize novel applications by carefully designing the geometrical parameters and the arrangements of artificial microstructures. Based on artificial microstructures, numerous applications, such as left handed metamaterials10, metamaterial cloaks11, zero-index metamaterials12, 13, hyperbolic metamaterials14-16, photonic and phononic topological insulators17-21, have been realized, demonstrating the powerful wave field manipulation abilities of the artificial microstructures

Multidimensional manipulation of wave fields based on artificial microstructures.[pdf]
the artificial microstructure could be your computer for example, but apparently other things too I wouldn’t have thought of given the diagram the authors provided
“Energy Tailorable metasurface” “nonlinear hologram” “acoustic topological insulators” ect.

“A memristor is a non-linear two-terminal electrical component relating electric charge and magnetic flux linkage. It was described and named in 1971 by Leon Chua, completing a theoretical quartet of fundamental electrical components which comprises also the resistor, capacitor and inductor”

the left side as you see has the triangle with scalar geometry and the right side includes longitudinal waves.
It’s all you need to create the matrix. theoretically of course lol. but I moved onto chaos/hyperchaos since it was apparently related to a concept called a memristor which I’m …

looking more closely I can see that the system actually represents matrixes of engineering circuitry that could be switched sort of like an analog synthesizer maybe, maybe very similar.

I just stumbled on a pdf about chaotic systems, hyperchaotic systems, and the “master-slave” input chain equation that can simply be used for systems with parameters you don’t understand. I didn’t really get it, but I got enough to say it syncs with a slave system and can change it with or without accurate parameters.

you can sync with a system whether or not you know the parameters. memristors are analogous enough to neural circuitry or digital emulations for this to be significant as the author writes a master slave function equation and then adds

the memristor in nonlinear dynamics is a signals system which is probably up to date for the present era. it’s just the qualities that govern the relationships between states. a memristor could use its temporal coding to reach far greater levels of specificity. essential this is a quantum system that can create a new state by superimposing the interference value of both upon each other.

it’s not a secret for anyone involved, the true benefit of a memresitor is that it elucidates not only complex systems but also influential power and social structure, informatics, but also literally the brain as such. the model memresitor being something of a neuron, this was clearly one way to describe the brain and change neural signals both in the structure of dendric neural networks and the coding of information between synapses.

“neuromorphic systems” (neural systems) ostensibly to replicate them, equally true of modulating them though, and the experiments have been done in the skull as often as in the digital cauldron. Either way, an emulated super cyber brain might be even more God Tier than manipulating an uneventful brain us ordinary humans ponder such attention-gated luxuries with.

If it[reality] ever was going to be a simulation, it would be now that you would be able to make me a believer. the world is actually a very dissociated specimen compared to when the heading of knowledge was the objective of an ordinary thinker, who did not have to over specify ideas to the ethos of surmounting the attentional divide that makes infinite information almost uniformly worthless. picking apart one particular subject until its cryogenically dissolved like the remote control cold ark in the space station. But I’m really sick of the fake world, and I hope the future includes more organic life than the past two years have.

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