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The Shadow Game is a story about reality benders at the end of time. The singularity threatens to annihilate existence, a forbidden technology tears portals in time and space, inviting ancient godlike avatars into the world of men.

Reality benders are the survivors of ‘biogenesis’, a process which – if successful – activates ‘junk DNA’ and signals cellular processes to overwrite the existing phenotype. They are an experiment kept hidden by the most influential families on Earth, whom, not wanting to risk their own progeny, have been testing the often deadly ‘Catalytic’ on clones or genetic anomalies who fit the projected genotype.

The gamut is finally thrown in a ‘game’ played amongst the Families, after the world’s thirteenth anomaly goes rogue with their sponsor, exposing the ‘Ordos Minarvae’ and opening the first of the Eleven Gates that, collectively, will spell the end of time.

‘The Transcended’ can perceive electromagnetism and reassign chemical and/or magnetic relationships between particles in the material world , and can project themselves into real or virtual dimensions of space and time, thus altering fundamental causality, shifting timelines, or even editing universal constants. The existence of Transcended marks the end of time , imposing an impossible strain on the laws of corporality. Yet it is believed he who opens the Eleventh Gate will be crowned the King of Time….

Some work to overthrow entrenched systems of governance, others to forever enshrine the boot of Hierarchy onto the collective ass of ‘the many’. Some are ancient orders existed since time immemorable, working behind the scenes to ensure prophecy comes to pass. Some are not from Earth, but emerge from the rifts of Chaos and occupy the form of Old Gods, energetic dynamos that loom among desolate cityscapes, drawing consciousness into frozen dreamworlds.

The Shadow Game is played within the minds of celestial composers, a war for the throne of totality which warps the waking world , blurring lines until they swirl into whirlwinds – madness infects creation, universal obliteration threatens powerful ambition, and deceit is the mystified product of a new magick as the contortions of the human spirit defy the machinations of godlike pretenders.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio

When I first started writing this blog, I thought I knew what I wanted it to be about. Originally my intention was to blog about current affairs and alternative news. But what I’ve realized as this work has grown and evolved over time is that it has become something different. This is a blog for chronicling things you probably won’t find anywhere else. Grey holes and cryptic easter eggs from the internet, the kind of information that is unlikely to deliver much from a google search.

It is here that I have decided to collect information that is strange, a museum of sites that evoke feelings of the paranormal, to chronicle the data from mysterious sites that – whether they are elaborate and well thought out jokes or true enigmas – are certain to provoke some serious thought.

This is a site that asks you to rethink what it is that you believe to be real. That is to pose the question:  Why do you believe what you believe? Is your “reasoning” reason, or is it just a cultural mandate? Have you ever thought about your ideas and why you cling to them? Have you ever slaughtered all your sacred cows and seen which statues come to life?

I do not advocate blind acceptance, not even the blind acceptance of gravity. There is much to be gained by entertaining new ideas and identifying concepts that society seems to revere despite contrary evidence. I have a philosophy I call Grey, that the truth is neither Black Nor White but Partakes of Black and Partakes of White.

All the Stories Are True (including the Story about All the Stories being False)

Certain things I am relatively certain of:

1.) Globalization has led to power being concentrated among an increasingly small group of individuals in a way that has never been possible up until this point in human history

2.) Human beings with power tend to hold onto power unless acted upon by an outside force

3.) When we see what is true and what is real, we can shape the world with the freedom we gain

4.) Reality is a work-in-progress

5.) The Truth Between Black & White – the set of all sets that don’t contain themselves.

2 thoughts on “About the Site

  1. “”1.) Globalization has led to power being concentrated among an increasingly small group of individuals in a way that has never been possible up until this point in human history””

    I realized just how utterly though this statement is, years ago, when I overheard while in a small town café or diner, the owner talking with a friend, he or she was saying that she would LOVE to open a second café on the other side of the city, then maybe several more if that one was successful.
    freestone,s theory: it is hardwired in our species to Expand our territory and influences!
    and…as in a forest of trees, some trees outgrow the others and shade the losers, they become emergent trees. sometimes shade loving species can find a niche under them. thus in human endeavors, a business buys out competition and makes Deals with smaller companies that are in the Shade, and thus grows larger.
    the democratic ideals is like fertilizer to these individuals! the freedom to Become your dreams, to grow.
    the railroad barons, the phone company monopoly….etc..
    and if Socialism or communism is the Way, *they* become the emergent tree!

    probably the only way these huge trees can be removed is to clear cut the forest!
    aka….asteroid, war, pandemic, Yellowstone erupting!

    and the Ideal, if this Program is let to Run to Completion?
    —one man owns every penny and every object, in the entire world!!



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