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The Blue Monarch Forum

I have created a forum…it exists, an odd place for the oddlings.


>ends>the>world|The period which comes after pi.

Perhaps you could draw it in less dimensions then 4+, but only by referencing a depiction, even an illusion, of a hyperdimensional image. That is why the human brain is neato, we can contrive a way to get around sensory limitations, the same limitation that causes optical illusions may cause optical disillusionment.

It May Be A Small World but the Oceans Are Deep

Did you know disney has an alternate reality game for their new movie, tomorrowland? on the surface when an ARG is a viral marketing promotion, it is easy to dismiss as uninteresting to… Continue reading

Plasma Scorpion Amoeba

It’s not a joke, and it really is strange. A little funny yes, but quite baffling.

Moon and Antipode

Looks like sword or yin/yang?

Laetus in Praesens – Strange Site

I found this odd database by accident that really raised a red flag for some reason: Laetus in Praesens – Happy in the Present. It sounds so nice in translation but there is… Continue reading Claims to Own PCCTS ARG

A new development on the strange “PCCTS” Sons of the Fallen Website has emerged. recently linked to a webpage called through the picture below. This blog is hosted by the person… Continue reading

Jahbuhlonian Website Update 7/31/14 , information has been updated, the page now displays the image below as well as containing a hidden image within the source code! UPDATE as of 7/31/14: Title: snumaheromon @ Page… Continue reading

Diary Found On Airplane – Archived ODDITY

The Following Text Is Given As Is – originally, it was posted on a forum, but the post was deleted. Whether it’s fact or fiction remains unknown, but it is certainly a startling… Continue reading

Themes of “True Sons of the Fallen”

I made these posts here: awhile ago, but I thought it might be nice to have it on my blog as well. It fits with the whole “tropes, esoteric, numbers, gematria”… Continue reading