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Anomalies United Ending THE SHADOW GAME

I was told by the little birds that the shadows are moving lately. They inch from side to side, pressing forward. They devour the energy of others, because they have no energy of… Continue reading

The Blue Monarch Forum

I have created a forum…it exists, an odd place for the oddlings.

>ends>the>world|The period which comes after pi.

Perhaps you could draw it in less dimensions then 4+, but only by referencing a depiction, even an illusion, of a hyperdimensional image. That is why the human brain is neato, we can contrive a way to get around sensory limitations, the same limitation that causes optical illusions may cause optical disillusionment.

It May Be A Small World but the Oceans Are Deep

Did you know disney has an alternate reality game for their new movie, tomorrowland? on the surface when an ARG is a viral marketing promotion, it is easy to dismiss as uninteresting to… Continue reading

Plasma Scorpion Amoeba

It’s not a joke, and it really is strange. A little funny yes, but quite baffling.

Moon and Antipode

Looks like sword or yin/yang?

Laetus in Praesens – Strange Site

I found this odd database by accident that really raised a red flag for some reason: Laetus in Praesens – Happy in the Present. It sounds so nice in translation but there is… Continue reading Claims to Own PCCTS ARG

A new development on the strange “PCCTS” Sons of the Fallen Website has emerged. recently linked to a webpage called through the picture below. This blog is hosted by the person… Continue reading

Jahbuhlonian Website Update 7/31/14 , information has been updated, the page now displays the image below as well as containing a hidden image within the source code! UPDATE as of 7/31/14: Title: snumaheromon @ Page… Continue reading

Diary Found On Airplane – Archived ODDITY

The Following Text Is Given As Is – originally, it was posted on a forum, but the post was deleted. Whether it’s fact or fiction remains unknown, but it is certainly a startling… Continue reading