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A new development on the strange “PCCTS” Sons of the Fallen Website has emerged. recently linked to a webpage called through the picture below. This blog is hosted by the person… Continue reading

Jahbuhlonian Website Update 7/31/14 , information has been updated, the page now displays the image below as well as containing a hidden image within the source code! UPDATE as of 7/31/14: Title: snumaheromon @ Page… Continue reading

Themes of “True Sons of the Fallen”

I made these posts here: awhile ago, but I thought it might be nice to have it on my blog as well. It fits with the whole “tropes, esoteric, numbers, gematria”… Continue reading

Whatever you make of this

These pictures were made from the first source picture found on the PCCT or Jahbulonian site. The result is simple photoshop tinkering. That’s all, take it, leave it.

More pictures from the odd sites

here is the current discussion

Jahbulonian Devilry

Transverse inverse discourse universe. You needn’t study for play. Flipping tripping turning and spinning. Force and it’s pantheon of polarities. By knowing the antithesis you might hope to learn of the unity. Some… Continue reading

The Altar of Saturn

The Riddle Begins

As I suspected, the odd site I’ve been writing about released their riddle today, the end of the countdown clock, January 4th. For those not following me, “the game begins”. If this is… Continue reading

Cicada 3301

Cicada 3301 For those interested in “That Strange Site”, January 4th is apparently supposed to be the date of the next Cicada riddle, at least that is the suspicion amongst those who have… Continue reading

The “PCCTs”

Warning: please use some kind of no script blocker while browsing this site as there is strong evidence of malware on it. Alternatively, you may want to run it in a virtualized browser… Continue reading