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Apparatus of a Falling Star

When you are ready to become the dreamer…
When you are ready to relinquish your sleeper …
Carve us out of our selves.


Her Mother was a Monster, Her Father was a Lion

In the sun, she wields a bow, and her marksmanship channels the arrow.
In the moonlight, she wields the sword, a sword made of glowing heat, a sword with no metal, but only light.
She only wields weapons while wearing a blindfold.

KD Chronicles

Perhaps you already know what I’m referring to by now. It’s the so-called ‘God-gene’ possessed by reality benders. In the elder days, they didn’t need to decrypt a person’s genetic code to find those who possessed it. You see, those who had it were considered incarnate divine presences – and that wasn’t our ‘primitive ancestors’ mistaking parlor magic tricks for true power. It would be impossible to mistake a fully manifested Shining One for anything but a superhuman at the least. But the trait has been dormant in humanity for a long, long, long…time.

The Tower of Angel

When I was a little girl, I knew of a tower that used to rise into the clouds and where everybody lived together in harmony and paradise. But the tower burned, and fell…and dragons were born from its ashes.

The Spine of the Nile

Leviathan would never be allowed near a temple, and Chaos was even less predictable.


As one second changes to another, every living system in the world is constantly in the process of transduction – changing one form of energy into another, passing it through the cells, through… Continue reading

The Summit of All Aspects Projects

Inspired by The Sum of Aspect Project thread from GLP, in which I participated for the vast majority of those 200 pages.  V (Vash) and Henry (HC ranom) fleshed out certain ideological features… Continue reading


W h e n st thou tw–in flames     in / . / . / twa/in div/ided  spl/ting /    /     / hast lit thine /    /    /… Continue reading

The End of the World That Slept Through Itself

1/13/13   12:30AM Restlessness takes a little while to fully settle in. At first it whips in, barely dense enough to chill the air, a minor haze, and you sweep it off with… Continue reading

Straight Lines (beyond b&w)

Straight Lines   Here it was, and here it goes again. I sift by; I stand and peer over the patio fence overlooking the hills and smoke a cigarette and listen to the… Continue reading