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Anomalies United Ending THE SHADOW GAME

I was told by the little birds that the shadows are moving lately. They inch from side to side, pressing forward. They devour the energy of others, because they have no energy of… Continue reading

As The Wheel Turns

You will be part of it.
You already are.

The Duty of the Strong

The King is the one who serves The King. A true leader does not run from sacrifice. He leads because he understands that it is the duty of the strong to protect the weak.

How to Change Minds and Manipulate People

Once an idea has been born into the world, there is no turning around and bringing it back. For better or worse, we use all of our inventions. There are few prospects more appealing then weapons which elicit compliance without provoking violence and fostering dissent. The only postmodern war of a global era could be the war for the control of human consciousness itself.

The Illuminati

illumination doesn’t necessarily imply love by its root. It implies clarity, and clarity can in practice be very cruel. Love is always a choice .

Cyber Komptrollers [AKA Masq]

“Information Warfare” is probably a term that you have heard before – it refers to the engagement of military and clandestine intelligence agencies in manipulating the ‘datasphere’. As we turn our attention to… Continue reading

Dimensional Control

there are two dimensions to seeing this form of control. it is the reason people can’t seem to untangle ‘black magic’ from ‘psy ops’ despite understanding our tendency for myth-making. it’s because the… Continue reading

Typology of Stages of a Cover Up

How to Control a Population I

From “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, credit to William Cooper ” when you assume the appearance of power, people soon will give it to you. “ Diversion If you—->(Keep the public ignorant) you… Continue reading

Laetus in Praesens – Strange Site

I found this odd database by accident that really raised a red flag for some reason: Laetus in Praesens – Happy in the Present. It sounds so nice in translation but there is… Continue reading