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The Worst Election Ever 2016: What Have We Learned?

Last December, a close friend asked me who would win the election. I was in a stupor at that time – practically in wonderland, maybe a bit insane. I said, Trump would win. I have no idea what possessed me to say this – I did not particularly like Trump, and to my rational senses I didn’t honestly feel he was electable. But at that time, I was completely and utterly certain he would win.


>ends>the>world|The period which comes after pi.

Perhaps you could draw it in less dimensions then 4+, but only by referencing a depiction, even an illusion, of a hyperdimensional image. That is why the human brain is neato, we can contrive a way to get around sensory limitations, the same limitation that causes optical illusions may cause optical disillusionment.

On the Nature of Delusions

If psychology’s own framework of understanding is contradicting the observable evidence and simultaneously failing to explain the phenomena it seeks to treat, clearly we have a very big problem as a culture differentiating what is real from what is not

A Good Look at a Blue Moon

As my part two of the Blue Moon archive I will be posting some gorgeous and fascinating photos of tonight’s Blue Moon and her strange cloud accompaniment Sorry for the bad structure –… Continue reading

Nothing is Hidden, Nothing is Concealed

Hmm… a dark horse, a volatile setting where the climate spawns storms… Athena emerged from Zeus’s forehead with the wisdom of the owl Jupiter, reigning over torrential skies I can relate to the… Continue reading

The Entropy Triad

The Tempest Shroud[ed Chariot of the Shining Ones]

I recently made this music video and a series of unfortunate of events nearly destroyed it I managed to get it online, although the quality is mediocre at least it exists there is… Continue reading

Plasma Scorpion Amoeba

It’s not a joke, and it really is strange. A little funny yes, but quite baffling.

Moon and Antipode

Looks like sword or yin/yang?

It’s a Bear Bearing an Ark!

From the sky and with some fun tweaks , I got a budding rose, an ark born by what clearly appears to be a fuzzy bear, and later intricate fractal harmonic code that… Continue reading