231134421 videos

The “231134421′ videos have picked up steam on youtube and conspiracy forums like GLP, Lunatic Outpost, and Above Top Secret. Numerous people have theorized as to the meaning and/or origin of these videos, but their purpose remains unclear.

One thing to note is that both were created using a video template called “Business Force”

Part 1; 231134421; ‘pool of death’

part II; 231134421; Be Ready

I did the bar codes. Starting around 9:18 in the video.

The top left code says “Don’t Fear the Reaper.”


The bottom left code is a link [link to qrs.ly]

The top right code is a link to http://www.memphisspirit.com

The middle right code is a link [link to qrs.ly]

The bottom right code is a link [link to qrs.ly]

The barcode shown in the video itself is just a link to theendisnow.com



At least the latter is theorized to be linked to theendisnow.com

As a coordinate, 23 11’34.42 1 appears in South America near the tropic of cancer. Whether this information is significant is currently unknown.