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Because everybody needs to trip now and then? I do not necessarily feel all of the information in the sites below is credible. However, it is, in my opinion, worth considering. I do not necessarily agree with the entire content of any links listed below, but I feel the information within should reach the public eye for open forum and debate.

Research Tools

Know Your Meme – All about memes, more generally the ones that are viral on the internet

Wolfram Alpha – This is the definitive tool for anything and everything computational. If it is related to math somehow, this engine can figure it out. Genius platform that I recommend everyone try out and also watch the TedTalk about it from the developer as it is enlightening.

Web Tools – Related to programming stuff, some nifty little tools for website scripts.

UpperCaseIt – Will do all sorts of transformations to any text you define. Good for playing with and to see relationships between seemingly disparate information. Great for cryptograms of any kind.

Half Past Human – Recordings from the web bot project.

On Politics

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations – An article that exposes manipulations of the intel community on the web. Recommended read!

Wikileaks – It’s WikiLeaks. The one and only. They made a (crappy) movie about it recently. Need I say more?

Spying on Americans and the Fourth Amendment. An Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein, Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee – Good read

On the Mystery

O.T.O Library I really didn’t know what this was at first, and maybe that’s the point. However, I now realize it is the secret society dedicated to the mysticism of Aleister Crowley who was – unarguably – creepy, but is kind of an important pillar of contemporary occultism and whose ideas are linked with Hermetic, alchemical, and Qabbalistic traditions (not that those things weren’t linked anyway).

Forbidden Symbols – A site all about the symbols used in all sorts of different occult activity and what those symbols represent.

Symbols and Their Meaning – More about symbols and where you’ll see them appearing in everyday life.

Western Esoteric Texts – Here is a database of Esoteric texts available in full form online. Don’t worry, there is nothing illegal about this, these texts are public domain, so the only reason to pay for them is to cover the cost of paper and ink.

Dimensional Chemist’s Esoteric Library – [broken] Here is another esoteric text library, and I think I might even like this one better. If you really want to learn about the esoteric tradition, very little beats these sources, about as “first-hand” as it gets. Thanks to the internet, the public actually has access to this sort of thing, which unfortunately very few people ever go looking for.

Alchemical Texts – If you couldn’t gather already, this site is focused primarily upon Alchemy, and contains a plethora of information on the subject and study, in addition to pictures and other pertinent resources.

Bibliotecaplaydes – I do not know how to pronounce this word nor exactly how to describe this site. What I can say is that if you are interested in a certain subject in any school of mystical thought, you will almost certainly find an article about it on here. This site is an unbelievable research asset.

Theosophical Encylopedia – Dictionary of all terms that relate to theosophy, whether occult or traditional.

Gematrix – This nifty site will take any word or numerical string and assign its Gematria value in English, Hewbrew, or Simple. This is a curious rabbit hole all of its own, so take it or leave it with a grain of salt, but it is certainly fascinating and can often open up the mind to seeing information in a new way. It also has a Gematria calculator for Latin, Greek, and other forms of Gematria.

Kachina WordPress – This is an interesting wordpress blog and I wouldn’t be posting it if I didn’t think it was seriously worth taking a look at. “Science and Religion Reconciled” – it’s an impressive attempt – decide for yourself.

Azurite 888 Voyager – A wordpress blog with all sort of content related to the mysteries.

IlluminatiMATRIX – I don’t know if you believe there’s such thing as an Illuminati, but I think we can all agree upon a shadowy group of elite people who own almost everything in the world so whatever you want to call that, this blogger seems to know a lot about it.

Dragon Sovereignty Supposedly, a homepage for the Order of the Dragon or Royal Dragon court, a secretive secret society that claims the superiority of the dragon bloodline.

On the Weather/Space

RSOE EDIS – Emergency and Disaster Information Service – Shows a live feed of information for disasters and other emergencies occurring worldwide.

Latest Worldwide Meteor / Fireballs – This blog has live streaming mapping of the latest meteors and fireballs worldwide. It’s kind of neat and useful if you are looking into that sort of thing.

All Sky Cam – A network of observatories worldwide are linked to this site, which updates with footage from the sky every couple of minutes. I have heard some interesting reports that have come from images seen here, and seen some pretty cool stuff myself. Useful for dalliance or dedicated inquiry.

Guardian’s Natural Disaster Page – The Guardian, a UK-based news source most recently infamous for covering the Edward Snowden disclosures, has a portion of their website with information about the latest weather-related incidents worldwide, including pictures and timelines.

Extinction Protocol – Although it is an independent word press blog, EP has become one of my favorite sources of weather related news, and is updated consistently. EP is not dedicated to covering only weather related stories – it covers natural disasters in general and earth changes, including flu outbreaks, etc, but I’ve found a lot of interesting stuff here that doesn’t seem to be consolidated as well anywhere else.

Spam3D – I know the name SPAM isn’t very convincing, but this site is actually a research project dedicated to graphing meteor impacts and the atmospheric changes that accompany them.

On the ‘Conspiratorial’

Godlikeproductions – By many assertions this forum is run by “shills”, but it’s pretty interesting. Also, it is riddled with malware, so please turn your browser’s noscript protection on or run your browser in a virtualized process. Apparently the site was bought out by a man named Jason Lucas, who is a malware/adware/spyware programmer. I don’t think this is so far-fetched as GLP is really just crawling with that stuff. Apparently Tavistock and Jason Lucas are both unmentionable on GLP and the words result in instant bans. Also, many users on this site are literally insane.

Above Top Secret – Also one of the famous conspiracy sites that is probably little more then a disinformation outlet, as everything that is actually a secret gets deleted by the moderators. I never was crazy about this site anyway – as I’ve heard it put elsewhere “it’s just too darn pretty”

Lunatic Outpost – Why anybody would visit a site with a name like lunatic outpost IDK, but this site is allegedly the third in the trio of ‘Disinfo’ conspiracy websites. I do not know much about this conspiracy site, but I know it is one.

Illumination: The Secret Religion ; M and M Rising Fascinating website with some information about “Illuminati” that I’ve never quite seen anywhere else.

Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula PDF file, infamous for exposing aspects of the MK ULTRA/Monarch program. Take of it what you will.

Before It’s News – As far as alternative news goes, this website really isn’t afraid to say anything at all. The result is a mosaic of stories that are mostly ludicrous and occasionally containing a kernel of truth. I would always do follow-up investigation on these stories, as they are mostly hearsay or some random person’s youtube video. However, I like this site because it can produce some cool leads if you’re willing to dig for a bit.

Conspiracy HQ – Website dedicated to all things conspiratorial. It’s almost a little too flashy to be credible, but much of the info appears legit at first glance.

100777 – A site dedicated to truthseekers. That’s what it says.

Illuminati News – a compiled source of information about all things Illuminati. Worth a look, for sure.

MK-Ultra Testimony and Docs – A blog all about mind control, MK Ultra, project monarch, bluebeam, etc

Quo Fata Ferunt translated, it is a forum about many conspiratorial things and has been implicated in a number of cryptic Easter eggs. Possible associations with the Bavarian Illuminati. – This site is for videos that “show the truth” about secret info, think UFO/Doom or anything else remotely conspiratorial.

Kritterbox – Another forum dedicated to alternative news – this one hits a sweet spot because it is not “big” enough to be corrupted as the first 3 and not so small that it is worthless.

Disinfo – I don’t have a review to post on this site right now, as I haven’t used it enough. Will update when I know more.

Downright BIZARRE

973 – This site seems heavily connected to some kind of esoteric theme – I will leave you to look at it.

wwwwwwww.jodi – supposedly an art project, but absolutely insane…

TRINPsite – Still not sure exactly what this is

Laetus In Praesens – very very sensitive information presented in a complex format a layman is unlikely to understand; it’s also not easy to unearth. Seems that the intended subject of the site is the best method for creating a one world government.

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