Sensemaking Sources

  1. Spiritual Warfare – The Network of Stolen Consciousness

  2. CIA – Hypnosis in Interrogation

  3. Deprogramming Wiki

  4. Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Information Service

  5. Mind Control; Simple to Complex

  6. NSA’s Subliminal Posthypnotic Scripts

  7. Mind Tech Mind Control Database

  8. Targeting: Tactics: The Hidden Evil

  9. Review: The Alchemy of Wolves and Sheep: A relational approach to internalized perpetration in complex trauma survivors

  10. Empty Memories

some PDF readings:

  1. The Dissociation of a Personality

  2.  Monarch the New Phoenix Project

  3. The_Big_Book_Of_NLP_Techniques_-_Shlomo_Vaknin

  4. Runyon, Carroll – Magick and Hypnosis

  5. Hypnosis–Dick-Sutphen–The-Battle-For-Your-Mind–Mass-Mind-Control-Techniques

  6. ChainlessSlaves

  7. Norton, Josh – MIB and Magickal Phenomena

  8. Mind Control Using Holography and Disassociation

  9. Physical Control of Mind

  10. Patterns In Hypnosis [Complete]

  11. The Search For The Manchurian Candidate – Cia And Mind Control

  12. Operation Mind Control

  13. NLP: Programming Frogs Into Princes

  14. Trance-Formations Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Structure of Hypnosis

  15. Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer

  16. Bodytalk—The Meaning of Human Gestures

  17. Chasing Phantoms

  18. ThanksForTheMemorieswithPicturesLargeFont