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Norton, Josh – MIB and Magickal Phenomena


A World Within a World – X-7 Reporting 

Consider this extraordinary and powerful thought – that Time and space are not fulfilled til human consciousness has expanded into ethereral space. No wonder that Heaven worlds are watching Planet Earth with such intense interest, for it is the training ground of the 10th Hierarchy, the divine archetype, and mankind has now reached the tremendous threshold when he can take the refining step into cosmic consciousness, not merely for his own redemption but for the fulfilment of the Universe! This planet is a precious seed-point from which a transformed universe can issue forth when the attribute of God, the Hu-man Being, the shining one, through his own initiative and decision lifts his vibration to merge with the Ocean of Life. This is the great step in evolution when Mankind by conscious choice in inner activity opens soul to the creative activity of the all-present spirit.


The keys to the Outer Gateways, the modes of unsealing the Cells of Set or the Tunnels of Tutulu repose in the Sovereign Sanctuary of the O.T.O., their use varying according to the levels of consciousness involved. The only way of acquiring these keys is, in a sense, by becoming them. This is to say, their acquisition depends upon the ability of the initiate to mould his astral consciousness in forms — frequently zoötypical — of the magical zone he intends to penetrate. Zos (Austin Spare) used mainly feline forms, Crowley on the other hand often utilised bird shapes such as the hawk and the ibis. The distinction is significant. The temples of the Egyptian cat goddess Bast were dedicated to the Moon and to the Meon (the Stars). The temples of the Horus hawk or falcon, to the Sun; those of the ibis-headed Thoth to Mercury. The magical formulae corresponding to these levels are, respectively, of the VIII°– the IX°+ , and of the VHI°+ , 14 but this analysis reveals but a single interpretation of such formulae. The solar attribution, via Horus, might for example with equal validity be referred to Mars, thereby changing to XI°– the formula for Horus.

Omega Foundation Sirius Computing [BROKEN] – This is an incredible site, with some of the most salient information on the occult out there…

The Horus Maat Lodge – A lot of detailed data about the Silver Star or AA, kind of uncommon info

Virtual Libraries

Grimoar – enormous and rare library, very rare titles within

Occult Library #1 @ PreterhumanThousands of full length books and texts about Magick, Alchemy, Hermeticism, Chaos Magick, Enochian Magick, the Qabbalah, and much, much more….

Sacred-Magick – another really huge virtual library of free PDFs; this whole site is themed around magick (duh) and covers just about every branch of the esoteric/occult that you could think of. Astrology, astral projection, black magick, demonology, necromancy, sumarian/babylonian, egyptian magick, mythology, lucid dreaming……etc….take your pick

Issuu – Another huge library of esoteric books, all for free; credit goes to this post on GLP for alerting it to my bookmarks

Sacred Texts – a complete library of sacred texts from every religion and mystery tradition of the world

Chaos Matrix – a library of free pdf books that pertain specifically to chaos magick. Pretty sweet.

Seldom BBS – Huge library of files, they do require a plaintext reader though. Very interesting info I haven’t seen in other databases regarding magick and the occult.


Mystical Internet – a strange and interesting gematria calculator, including calculators for Hebrew, Greek, Enochian, ‘Naeq’, and the fascinating GON – Gematria of nothing


Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary – as it sounds, a complete glossary of every theosophical term you could ever venture to know

Thelemapedia – It’s a free encyclopedia of thelema. So, fully endorsed by the O.T.O (make of that as you will). It’s got some pretty good articles though if you’re looking to learn about Crowley’s most popular subjects and deities – Aiwass, Hadit, Nuit and so on…

Miscellaneous Resources

Gnostic Warrior – the gnostic gospel is an invaluable part of understanding the esoteric and mystery tradition, not to mention the illuminati (if they exist). This is a good resource on all kinds of subjects in the gnostic vein, and they are quite readable articles.

Tek-Gnostics – ‘Tales of Wonder from the collective conscious’, a site with a plethora of esoteric data. If you click around the page enough, you’ll find that it’s a rabbit hole of links that lead deeper and deeper into some strange places

 Eden-Saga – I highly recommend nosing around this site, even if only to click randomly on the dizzying array of esoteric images. Each image leads to an article about esoteric myths and facts, information that you’d be unlikely to chance upon yourself – this is pretty fascinating stuff

“The Vortex” subreddit – A very strange subreddit with a strong focus on the esoteric. It seems that only one poster posts here, the same person (‘SINGULARIS’) that occupies no less than 10 moderator positions all by himself.  He advertised it on the ‘magick’ subreddit, with the following statement:

Think of it as a primordial stream of group chaos magick. Think of it as the lucid waters of the Moon, a seed planted in the night of our digital Monad. A gateway into a Moonchild egregore.

The Vortex is designed to collect all of the positive energy we wish to project that doesn’t seem to fit in the concise parameters of other subreddits. It is sort of a wishing well, a fountain of creation and positive momentum that follows the whispers of Sophia into the night that I hope we can make manifest collectively.

Power Before Wisdom – this guy has a whole blog about how to “learn magick (REAL magick) the dangerous way”. Apparently he’s got a lot of readers so that must count for something, dah?

Raven’s Tarot Site – An overview of tarot from a Qabalistic and Hermetic perspective

Arcane Archive

Ancient Mystery Schools – Crystalinks

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