Glossary of MC Terminology

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Embedded commands. Emotional/mental states linked “anchored” to triggers.

Access deep structure.


1) choose a message

2) ask a question that leads to an answer of the message you want embedded

3) embed the question within a verb


The process of going into a state of increased suggestibility.

1) secure/maintain subject’s attention

2) access/develop unconscious process

3) pace/distract conscious process

In order to be led through trancework rapport and trust are essential.

Inductions facilitate this process of building trust and rapport.

Hypnosis is used to steer a subject’s mind in the direction that has been dictated for them

Matching, mirroring, pacing, and leading are all used to build hypnotic RAPPORT with the subject.


Programmer uses leading/language to engineer emotion state.

Once state is elicited, it is anchored with a physical cue (ie, touching shoulder)


Stimulus linked to a physical or emotional state in subject, afterwards continued to trigger that physical or emotional state

Skilled programmers will anchor an emotion to more then one sense – ie an emotion may be anchored to a specific audio, visual and touch based stimulus.

How is this done?

1. The subject visuals an emotional state from the past, or is placed by the programmer in this emotional state.

2. When the state is reaching its peak, the ANCHOR is placed in.

the ANCHOR needs to be



Easy to repeat exactly in the form first elicited


3 levels of trance states are used in programming

Light trance: does not feel like trance, subject is aware of noises in environment.

Regressions/progressions can be done , but information is often unclear.

95% can achieve

Medium: dim awareness of noises, but subject is not distracted by them.

70% can achieve

Deep/somnambulistic: deep trance level and subjects who attain this state may not retain memories of what happened during it

~5% can attain



assists a subject into a hypnotic trance.

            Torture, depersonalization, fear and acute anxiety stimulate the body to hyperventilate.


            Can occur in numerous types, including


subject states,

localized paralysis,


and hallucinations.

 Hypnosis can reproduce ALL of these dissociative states.


Mention something in different ways early on so that later when it is mentioned again the target is activated by the earlier “seed”.

“priming the pump”

With seeding, there is always follow up.

Pre-trance discussion is used to seed inside and outside

General questions addressing Feelings, Sensations, Thoughts and Perceptions in the induction will provide valuable info for future trancework .


Mental “programs”

Links that control various mental processes automatically so that the mind can relegate these processes to be undergone automatically while the mind is preoccupied with conscious thought.

Without K-Lines ordinary unimportant tasks would constantly have to be relearned.

“Emotions trigger the mind to Search out K_Lines to accomplish a task quickly.”

Programmers access untrained K-Lines, bringing them to the forefront of the conscious mind.

Programmers then use these K-lines to control / access conscious processes and through hypnosis they may alter these K-lines by circumventing the mind’s normal unconscious restraints.

Dorment K-lines can be accessed/activated by the programmer through behavior modification.


Combines the abstract/concrete in a way that enables people to go from the known/sensed to the unknown/symbolic, bridging the gap between tangible and ineffable.