The Council

In these matters they were well-informed. The council, after all – they were always well informed. They knew of the sins raping the people whose blood none shared. More importantly of the universe… Continue reading

The nature of reality

It’s what you get when you weren’t going for anything

The “PCCTs”

Warning: please use some kind of no script blocker while browsing this site as there is strong evidence of malware on it. Alternatively, you may want to run it in a virtualized browser… Continue reading


Don’t Forget– Wall Street is Counting on You– the “Average American Consumer” — to Spend Yo Dollas! This Holiday Season Here in America! (The world’s Eden, Inc.) ((this is what Christmas is about,… Continue reading

I’m just sayin, the Top 20 Today is like doughnuts….

And I’m not old at 21, but I feel like I wanna growl ‘whippersnapper’ at any passing car blasting that same ol Rihanna song that was overplayed a week after release…., Because my… Continue reading

Images of the Odd Site

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Welcome to the cYbEr wAr

I was banned from the forum known as godlikeproductions today after posting my thoughts on this undeniably strange website that has some very interesting ideas at its core. I’ve been studying the thought… Continue reading

Knot Me

This is civilization. Civilization…Civilization. This is civilization. A civil…ized? Nation. Where are you all going? So quickly In your cars to jobs, corporate or part time, the fast or slow pace of sick… Continue reading

ExIt thE mAtrIx

the following is not my own words. This post was made anonymously by a user of GLP forums here. To OP: sorry but this really struck a chord and the anon UN ‘winner… Continue reading

Strange sky object returns

On December 11th 2013 I saw the SO for the 3rd time. The other two events were in November on the 25th and 27th I am sorry that these videos were not taken… Continue reading