The Rabbit Holes

Perhaps you are an unfortunate internet user who has unwittingly tripped into the void, tapped a Rabbit Hole of the deep internet. Perhaps you are looking for some laughs. Perhaps you were hoping… Continue reading

My thoughts on POTUS

  It’s tempting and easy to forget about grey, to forget that few real numbers are rational and few real matters are easily settled by yes or no questions. Let me tell you… Continue reading

Documentation of Strange Occurance

Ventura County, heading northbound on the I101 past Calabasas approximately 6-7pm November 25th is when I notice the ‘SO’. It is low, low enough that its relative location changes subtly as I drive… Continue reading

“the prohesey[sic]”

(some kids wrote) “after several/ months and/ several days/ two sacrifices/ will be made/ to open a portal/ that is nor/ near nor far and/ one chosen one/ must come/ forth the chaos/… Continue reading



Does like attract like? Is it confirmation bias, the feeling of tension in the atmosphere – electric, almost, this tangible purr and humming of chaos. Is it the fate of the totally dissatisfied… Continue reading