Zeitgeist of Collective Consciousness

“Gli enigmi sono tre, la morte è una!” (The riddles are three, and death is one!)

Elements in play:

Reality Warper | The Svengali | Art Initiates Life | Involuntary Dance | No Eye in Magic | Background Magic FieldTechnopath | Transflormation | Lamarck Was Right | Equivalent Exchange | The Power of Blood | Situational SwordCan’t Get Away With Nuthin’Renegade Russian | Hollywood Satanism | Conspiracy Placement | Norse by Norsewest | Designated Acceptable Targets | How to Stop the Deus ex Machina | Immoral Reality Show | Down the Rabbit Hole | Dyson Sphere | Reporting Names | Layered World | Northern Lights


Zeitgeist: The spirit of the times

to cause ripples on the aether , affecting all…for one…for all

Luckily, you don’t need data analytic/mining software to figure out the zeitgeist although it helps. Things are now interconnected enough that all you need to do to know the spirit is to access it. Here are some helpful, perhaps invaluable, tools:

tvtropes.org a site that once understood will inspire mastery of all stories of all time (omnilex)

gematrix – correlating words and numbers, gematrix is a matrix of hyperdimensional knowledge. if you want evidence go and try it. 

http://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/ raw transcripts of everything being released on tv and in movies, generally updates very close to release and sometimes prior


Perhaps time really does have a spirit. If so, how would this spirit be expressed?

The architects of critical mass | Tropes and Their Numbers | The Council | The Summit of All Aspects Project | How to Summon a Primal

  • Decima Technologies, a shadowy private intelligence organization based in China which first tries to control The Machine, and, when that fails, brings into being a rival AI called Samaritan.
  • Northern Lights, the government program that deals with Relevant threats identified by The Machine, and is ruthless in suppressing all knowledge of The Machine. It often acts through personnel from other government agencies, including figures from Reese’s time with the CIA.

 – http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Series/PersonOfInterest



this is a current accurate description and history of the zeitgeist. it is long but worth watching or at least listening to. The author of the video is extremely knowledgable about myth , symbolism, and gnosticism; he tells this story incredibly well.

for more information about the high esoterica featured in FFXIV, see the work of Ethys Asher

Final Fantasy XIV English – 1098/183
Open Your Eyes | I Am Here You Know | The Star Sapphire | Go Light the World | Crystal Implant | My Name Unknown | Order out of Chaos | The Sword and the Egg | My Name is Alexander

Heavensward English – 720 –
Illuminati | Golden Ratio | The Architect | The Holy Code | Hidden Master | Masonic Lodge | Zeitgeist | Discovery | The Truth

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