you’re free from nothing!

In the halls of the creepers, in the isle of the unnamed stones. grimm from graves tell tales en absentia polarity is the pivot of plot conflict without which all is naught agony enables ecstasy, and only by fetters do wings know the free 1’s what’s the x in why or the point in the […]

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Stop Waiting for ‘The’ end

We are already warring. Censorship is not in the works. It is passed. Google controls the information online. It is filtered, censored, removed and deleted from caches. Go outside. Look up. Watch the moon. Watch the stars. Every couple of days you will see something unbelievable. Something earth shattering. When you see this get media. […]

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The Master 3301

This is a new oddity: themaster3301 /Poet “Cruelty has a human heart, And Jealousy a human face; Terror the human form divine, And Secresy the human dress. UGF0aWVuY2UgaXMgYSB2aXJ0dWUuIC90MW1lMy5odG1s The human dress is forged iron, The human form a fiery forge, The human face a furnace sealed, The human heart its hungry gorge.” The numerical code […]

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Jahbulonian Devilry

Transverse inverse discourse universe. You needn’t study for play. Flipping tripping turning and spinning. Force and it’s pantheon of polarities. By knowing the antithesis you might hope to learn of the unity. Some of us continue to flow with force until we know the mechanics of pressure. The heat of mystery. More energizing then torsion. […]

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The Riddle Begins

As I suspected, the odd site I’ve been writing about released their riddle today, the end of the countdown clock, January 4th. For those not following me, “the game begins”. If this is not the infamous Cicada group, they are excellent imitators. These are the new clues. Also note a somewhat hidden link in the […]

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