Living Plasma in the Sky?

I wanted to have an easier way to link back to some of the content I did specifically about the strange sky things I saw since it occurs to me that it’s almost impossible to find them now unless you know they are there. These are all as pertaining to the electromagnetic phenomena I’ve noticed in the sky ever since around late 2012 to early 2013.

I have been going out of my way to document this phenomena with pictures and videos as much as possible and archiving my findings here. I do not trust middleman organizations for ‘ufo phenomena’ which mostly spread disinformation. I’d prefer to simply provide my own pictures and videos and let the reader figure out which model of physics he wants to work it within and how.

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Yes as per the celestial patterns. Once their was an alignment of earth and Venus, I believe it was October or November on some day, when it happened I was getting seriously huge rolls of stuff from Venus, detailed stone structures and intricate three dimensional rune carvings as if from a waking dream, not like I was imagining these images but like they were literally being etched or transcribed with shining resonance into my inner eye, just constantly these very detailed and high energy messages were being relayed to me, I don’t remember it speaking but it had enormous archetypal charge too loud to ignore. The impression of the planetary nature of the energy I suppose, much more dense, less that it was contacting me and that I was on some level contacting it without intending.

Other experiences with closer strange sky energies have given me similar direct transmission experiences where images are very clearly being expressed to me without any words but with depictions of scenes and strange imagery and an energetic component which is sensory like a pressure on a subtle field . Merkaba plasma bodies in the sky do this very well. They are clearly extra dimensional things when they appear. Whereas Lu for example appears within my experience as an aspect of my consciousness, he comes to my level to talk to me, the merkaba bodies do not descend to my dimensional level at all, they speak a different order of language

Venus was showing me the eye and the pyramid over and over in elaborately different ways. I remember, not the way that you’d generally see on an image, but I seeing it in three dimensions when I closed my eyes in strong light and rotating to show each side upon which were carved runes and markings that are hard to describe but were quite intricate. Or it would emerge in blue and red from an empty space and begin to trace itself into a spire. Or a very complex labyrinth formed around me and within it I watched the pattern shape the central space with increasing definition becoming quite fascinating in complexity. These were not the sort of images I would have had nearly the time to capture on paper and leagues beyond my hands dexterity anyway but I do wish I’d logged them in writing when it occurred.

I posted the elsewhere as well, but this was back the events leading up to me becoming a poster here in November and December of 2012

I actually stopped seeing these electromagnetic/lightform anomalies in the sky because I eventually started to become confused and scared of them. I saw them fairly regularly for about a two month period – occasionally if they were close enough they would be rapidly shifting through all colors of the electromagnetic spectrum and they could change shape and axis and orbit in impossible ways. I noticed that they responded to my thoughts – if I asked them to come closer to me, they would come closer. If I asked them to go left, or right, or spin in a figure 8, they would do it. I even would pull out the phone on my camera and record them as they responded to my thoughts. I did this almost every night, and I would hope they would be waiting in the sky when I went on my breaks and lunches at work, and for maybe a week, it seemed they’d show up there as if responding to my plea. Hah – I’d spent the entirety of my thirty minute lunches sitting in the parking lot, enamored with the sky plasma tetrahedron thing, fascinated

Honestly, I often find myself wishing that I hadn’t willed them gone with my fear. I regret it now. But I suppose it is natural as a human to react with fear to a phenomena like that, especially because back then I was not interested or informed about anything of that nature – having that experience opened my eyes up to a different dimension of reality, me and my mother both actually – it visited us together a few times. Before that, I had started to become more inquisitive about unseen realms, more open minded, but having these encounters was of another order entirely.

I have incredible photos from that, some videos too, but they do not fully capture the incredible shifting form it took in reality – maybe because it was so densely energetic that the camera was not equipped to capture it without some distortion. however, even in the footage I have the charge of the energy shows up imprinted in the picture. after me and my mom saw a really close and incredible one, her car’s electrical system went a little schizo – my hands actually felt like they had been charged with energy, and handling my phone was causing these bizarre glitches and malfunctions until eventually the charge tapered off.

when we saw one very close to my house at the time, it caused a blackout in our power for a little while shortly after it disappeared – while the power was out, this creepy low flying silver jet flew right over our house, but it had huge circular rings around the propeller which were glowing stark silver, it was big and strangely shaped. that was not a ufo, but I have no idea what kind of aircraft it was – never seen it before, or since

I don’t know what happened, because I thought they were beautiful and incredibly cool and fascinating and I witnessed them with other people, and caught them on camera so I knew I wasn’t merely hallucinating. But something happened to me – I got scared. they started coming closer – at one point even I saw them literally hovering next to the freeway, inverted rapidly moving flickering triangles – sometimes they’d hover above cars on the freeway ….

Once, on a drive to my night shift at my part time job, I saw one of these things hovering low over the freeway, it was maybe twenty feet high or so, and my heart nearly stopped, and I wondered how the cars going alongside me on the highway weren’t all in a confused frenzy because of it. it hovered slightly up past my car, and I had this sudden choking fear , and it moved slowly till it was directly above this car in a lane to my left driving a few feet in front of in front of me – and the car was gone – it was gone – so was the thing in the sky…I think I was in shock, but time seemed to have entered this haze, and when it disappeared I was caught between these twilight realities wondering and unable to wrap my head around what exactly had just occurred

I got scared after I started seeing them closer and closer. They were magnificent up in the sky, but when they were hovering directly above me, I was suddenly frightened like a deer in the headlights, like I was going to be eaten

… it looked kind of like an eye in the sky, a tetrahedron, but its shape did not seem to be bound by solid matter….if I had to guess, it was plasmoid

Shortly after I stopped seeing them, I was drawn to becoming a fulltime poster here. I have been posting here ever since, give or take a half month here and there

 Quoting: Kaylus Ark

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4 thoughts on “Living Plasma in the Sky?

  1. New to this website. Very fascinating , found it through godlike Something very odd .thread.

    I appreciate all your effort and honesty in your writing.
    Look forward to continued reading.


  2. They wake me (the plasma balls) CRAZY!!!!!!
    Seriously, I’ve not ever read anyone else talking about them. I knew there was more of us.
    Imagine waking up to see these plasma balls tentacles floating over your bed. I’ve had some experiences. Goodness where would I start lol
    The fact I got here freaks me out. Many things I have read here. Have answered confirmed many questions. You know I am being honest.
    I know you are.


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