Reality Hacking

under construction



The Art of Memetics

meme mimicry

What’s Memetics, Game Theory, Free Will, and Transfinite Math Got to Do with It?”

Thought Contagion: How Belief Spreads Through Society

Memetic Engineering: PsyOps and Viruses for the Wetware

Memetic Hazards in Video Games

Memetic Engineering and Public Acceptance

Infobody Subpropaganda


Cognitive Infiltration/Psychological Manipulation

Hypno Politics, Hyper State Control, Law Entrainment and the Symbolic Order

Changing – the largest site on the web about how we change what others think feel and do

 “Media Wars Wiki

Doublespeak et al

The Double Tongue , the Double Vision, and the Double Doubles

Tongues of Fire, Whirlwinds of Noise

The Wolf Man’s Magic Word

Eve Who


PDF File: Transhuman Space – Toxic Memes

Theory of Everything – Numbers

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