I have had a few accounts on GLP, some of which I deleted myself, others which were locked by the mods. Because any hope of disowning my work is pretty much a pipe dream, I figured I might as well take ownership for all of the notable stuff in one place. Here are some of the past threads I take credit for, by no means all my threads – far from it, but some of the more interesting ones. Not that I figure anybody really cares, but poor Caylus Ark did, or does. Most of these threads, with exception to ‘The Shadow Game’, were hers.

Maybe It’s Magi[k]c

Archtypos Memeticon – An Egregore Survival Guide

The Mind Hackers Often Call Themselves Watchers

It’s Not Hidden, We Just Can’t Read It – Civil Engineering

Who Can Wield The Lightning Blade?

The Shadow Game

<endstheworldThe period which comes after pi.

The Shadow Game was a ‘Liathwulf’ creation. The handle I currently run under, as of writing this, is ‘Kayliath Ark’. But it has undergone a change from ‘Kayli Lark’. The name has undergone many iterations. It’s an organic life form. Not really, but you catch my drift.